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    My First Cab!!

    Well, sort of. This thing is super cool! Get the rest and I can have my own arcade Galaxian has always been my favorite of the two (Galaxian/Galaga). Thanks to my wife for an awesome birthday gift.
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    Rafał Jankowski has announced he will be releasing a new multicart for the Atari Lynx called the AgaCart. The AgaCart will use an SD cart for storing ROM files. You choose the games using buttons on the back of the cartridge. The Cart supports 256k and 512k games in .lyx format, 128k files need to be converted to 256k. The maximum number of files is 199. Rafał Jankowski has released already a 48-in-1 Lynx multicart in the past, so he has experience with this type of project and this is essentially an updated version of his previous multicart. For those interested, the AgaCart can already be ordered by contacting Rafał at the Polish Atari Forums. He plans to start a thread for taking orders on Atari Age as well. If you're curious about the technical details, check out the thread at the Polish Atari Forum.
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    Listing removed.
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    My beloved Portland Trail Blazers are in the Western Conference Finals! Unbelievable.
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    Long time no post... Maybe tonight I'll try to hook up my Flashback and see if I can get something.
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    Arcade USA

    Using the Force in this episode of AtariCade 2600!
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    My First Cab!!

    Happy Birthday kamikaze!!
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    My First Cab!!

    That's mint! Love it. Thanks for sharing.
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    My First Cab!!

    Happy birthday to you! Enjoy that game, it looks like a LOT of fun.
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    Galaxian My Arcade Micro Player Retro Arcade Difficulty: Default High Score: 6,650 May 11, 2019
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    Arcade USA

    Trying my hand at playing a neat puzzle game on the Milton Bradley MicroVision!
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    Storm's Stuff Giveaway 2 - Electric Boogaloo

    Hmm 🤔 @Marco1019 has been active with us in Wednesday Night Atari Chat lately, he's new here but signed up well before the cut-off. Same for @Mr Toon @Br1ans Man Cave and @atarifan95, maybe they'd like to jump in! Can't forget @atarilbc! @GRay Defender has a YouTube channel I really enjoy! He's a longtime member of the forums, I wonder if he'd like to participate in the Giveaway? @Atarileaf and @Gemini Gamer are both in Canada, but maybe they want to build up their collections and join in? @kamakazi20012, do you think @BlackCatz40 would want to participate? @btbfilms76 is directing and acting in a play right now and has been pretty swamped, I will get ahold of him and make sure he sees this.
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    STILL AVAILABLE! 360 games Big Bumpin' Kinect Adventures (Kinect) Pocketbike Racer Your Shape Fitness Evolved (Kinect) Intellivision games NASL Soccer Assorted manuals ( Anticipation is also included. They were underneath other manuals.) Anticipation (NES) PS3 Manual CLAIMED!!! CONSOLES NES Wii Xbox 360 Gamecube Tandyvision Ms. Pac Man Plug & Play Knockoff Mattel Electronic Football (fairly recent release) Arcade Controller Lightswitch Genesis games (** includes manual) Family Feud** PGA Tour III Altered Beast** Super High Impact Football Tecmo Super Bowl PGA European Tour Gamecube games Mario Kart Double Dash Star Wars Rebel Strike Luigi's Mansion Mario Golf Toadstool Tour 360 games Sneak King Jeopardy! Halo: CE Anniversary How To Be A Millionaire (Kinect) Kinectimals (Kinect) Cars Lego Indiana Jones Bioshock Family Feud Wheel of Fortune Skyrim Grand Theft Auto V Fallout 3 Phineas & Ferb Quest for Cool Stuff Bioshock Infinite Puss In Boots (Kinect) Halo 3 Max Payne 3 NES games (the Tengen game is Gauntlet) (** includes manual) Xevious** Cobra Triangle Mario Bros. Gyromite** Dr. Mario Gauntlet Bomberman** Commando** Elevator Action** TMNT 3: The Manhattan Project Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt Golgo 13 3-D Worldrunner The Simpsons: Bart vs. The World Friday the 13th** Double Dare Metal Gear Joust River City Ransom Win, Lose or Draw** Adventures of Bayou Billy Jack Nicklaus' Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf Spy Hunter Hoops Wheel of Fortune Super Mario Bros. 2600 games Jungle Hunt Ghostbusters GI Joe Blackjack Decathalon Moon Patrol Tutankham Mega Force Miniature Golf Championship Soccer Skiing Chopper Command Laser Blast Mario Bros. Othello Turmoil Stampede Zaxxon Trick Shot Alien (CIB) Kool Aid Man (no label) Pigs In Space (end label off) Dolphin Super Football Donkey Kong Jr. Gopher Riddle of the Sphinx Sneak N Peak Dragster Mouse Trap Battlezone Carnival Towering Inferno RS Soccer RS Tennis (no picture label) International Soccer Human Cannonball Word Zapper Sky Diver Sky Jinks Indy 500 Tennis Barnstorming Starmaster Boxing Kangaroo Air Sea Battle (end label off) Slot Racers Space War Astroblast RS Volleyball Combat Space Invaders Video Chess RS Boxing Street Racer RS Football Star Raiders SQ: Earthworld SQ: Fireworld Intellivision games Astrosmash Dungeons & Dragons Mission X Atlantis Horse Racing Dreamcast peripherals Generator Demo Disc Web Browser Disc Assorted manuals 1942 Bad Dudes (NES) Bad Street Brawler (NES) Ninja Gaiden (NES) Amagon (NES) Bandai Golf (NES) Skate or Die (NES) Wrath of the Black Manta (NES) 1942 (NES) Phantasy Star II Map **DISCLAIMER** As far as I know, everything works. There are two Skyrim 360 games, but one MAY not work. Long story, so they'll come together. The Wii is soft-modded & may have some emulators on there. Some of the 360 games are Kinect-only Some labels and/or end labels are missing The no label Mattel 2600 game is Kool-Aid Man
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