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    Jmjustin6's game room

    Got the lightbulbs for the top part of the kiosk in the mail today. Tested it and works great. So inside and upstairs it went (not fun job). But hey it looks great and I'm super happy right now! Sadly the TV I found at goodwill has a AV menu that can only be accessed with the remote. So I cant play anything at the moment until I get another TV or a universal remote but from what I've read online about this TV I might actually need to original remote.
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    15600 NSFW Lots of poo poo words, lot more than usual anyway. lol
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    Just to get something posted. 8200
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    Arcade USA

    Dodging Barrels to save the girl in this episode of AtariCade 7800!
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    I haven't played this in many years. Just found a copy on ebay for $16. Looking forward to this one!
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    Greetings! Hello! Salutations!

    Welcome Dan! Glad to help you find this cool & freindly site!
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    F-Zero was my first SNES game ever. Then this one. I have to admit that Gradius III is fun but my least favorite in the series due to a slowdown issue in later levels. I lack this game and controllers unfortunately and emulation does not do this game justice. This one HAS to be played on real hardware to truly appreciate it. Konami out did themselves on this one. It's a shame they didn't use the 16-bit technology to bring Life Force and the original Gradius over to the SNES.
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    Global Atari Real Estate

    If anyone cares, I was Atari/Warner's Manager of Global Real Estate. I have all the lease abstracts from everywhere in the world Atari had real estate and detailed stories about famous and not-so-famous buildings. Ultimately, when Trammel bought part of the business and the properties and turned the company into a cottage, family-owned business, I was the one that sold, leased, sub-leased and otherwise disposed of all 8,000,000 s.f. of Atari's property. Very little of it was taken by Trammel, so I signed a two-year contract with Warner to dispose of the global portfolio. I have news articles, floor plans and rental numbers for anyone interested. I am now an old man the all this stuff goes to the dumpster when I die unless someone wants it and will take care of it. Could that be you? Let me know. Atari.pdf
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    Happy Asteroid Day!

    The 2600's Asteroids came to my area long before the arcade game did. After the "Atari Craze" took off my area got an arcade called King Koin. Nope...that's not a misspelling. The 2600 version was my number 2 favorite and remains a favorite to this day. It's a shame the 5200 never got it even when it was present in the 5200 catalog and later removed. 2600 Asteroids is one of those games just like Space Invaders...once you start playing it's hard to put the controller down.
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    Greetings! Hello! Salutations!

    I used to be living in MA! I live in Alabama nowadays--- I was born in MA, about an hour from Boston in a place called Westford. But I guess you can't really take the MA outta the a-word.
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    Oh boy, this is a tough one!!! lol Thank god it's not a single life challenge.
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    📰 Google paid $58.1 million for the Atari building at 1272 Borregas Ave. This building was home to 2600 games development and all the zany things that went on there. The Mercury News has a nice article on this which quotes Atari I/O: https://www.mercurynews.com/2019/07/01/google-grabs-an-early-atari-building-in-north-sunnyvale-deals-widen/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
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    Greetings! Hello! Salutations!

    Welcome to the Atari I/O Forums @RockyRaccoon! I'm glad you found your way here, and a special thank you to the @nosweargamer for getting the word out about the forums! I hope you enjoy your time here and if you have any questions just ask. It's a friendly community and everybody here is very welcoming and helpful.
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    Jmjustin6's game room

    Again didnt really know where to post this but this is part of my friends collection room. He Is huge into collecting matchbox cars. He actually got these store display cases himself back int he day atheist stores. He got in cool with the managers and they let him have these display cases
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