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    408,475 Wave 19 The improvement jump with this controller is INSANE.
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    292,650 Wave 12 Played on an AV Modded 7800 using @RetroGameBoyz Robotron controller. FYI - This is the best game of Robotron 2084 that I've ever played on the 7800. It's wholly attributed to the controller. Check out my impressions in my blog post.
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    I'm going to try both emulation and OG hardware with my new Robotron controller by @RetroGameBoyz just for fun. Sure there will be a huge difference.
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    HAHAH How did I know this was coming??? Awesome.
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    That's my plan...emulation. I'll probably give it a shot later this week. Great game.
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    Wow, I'd love to try this on a 7800 emulator but I'm not sure I could pull it off.
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