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    So I'm just curious does everyone here enjoy hot sauces? If so what is your go to hot sauce that you need to always have a bottle of? Mine has to be valentina (black label) but lately I've really enjoyed El Yucateco's green habanero sauce. Now when it comes to other hot sauces. How hot do you like them? Long story short I think I have been eating too much hot sauce lately and I cant feel any heat from the normal hot sauces or even the "XXX" hot sauces. So I have been watching "Hot Ones" on youtube (great show if you havent seen it) And I just bought a couple of the really insane hot sauces that I saw on the show off amazon. DA' Bomb came first in the mail and I had to get some friends over. DA' Bomb has a scoville level of 135,600. In comparison a regular bottle of Tabasco is 700 scoville units. So we grilled up some chicken and tried it out. This is definitely not your normal hot sauce! My tongue was on fire! It was hot but still I wasnt screaming and running around like all my friends were. So I felt I needed more. So today in the mail I got Blair's Mega Death Sauce with Liquid Rage. This one comes in at 500,000 Scoville units and maybe this one will give me the sting I need. Probably gonna get everyone together again this weekend to try it out. I'm gonna have some milk on the side ready to be used! So again this is one of my things i love and I'm just curious about everyone here. Do you like hot sauce? Do you not? If so how hot have you gone before?
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    Can't say I do. I've never been much of a fan of adding hot sauces to my food. But I don't like food to hot or spicy either.
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    105,500. This is an awesome game! It's one of those "I just have to see what's next" type of games. Different weapons, different enemies. Just pure old-school fun.
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    Welcome to the second "annex" entry of the Gaming Notebook. In this entry, I'll discuss the PenguiNet game Rikki & Vikki for the Atari 7800. Rikki & Vikki was a surprise release on Steam (12/2018) and the 7800 in February 2019 from PenguiNet. Some of you may be familiar with PenguiNet for their amazing work on Zaku for the Lynx; arguably one of the best original titles on the platform. Zaku really pushed the Lynx and stands as a tremendously fun, graphically stunning and amazing sounding game. For Rikki & Vikki, PenguiNet continues in that tradition, delivering an original gaming experience on a classic console that largely exceeds Atari published efforts in key areas of gameplay, graphics and sound. Make no mistake - this is not a homebrew. This is a professionally developed game with a high level of production value and a stellar physical product. Now for some impressions & observations! Gameplay: Rikki & Vikki is a sort of puzzle platformer. The goal of the game is to save your two children - Mary & Sam - from Misery the Inconvenient. Misery has kidnapped your children and taken them to the six cavern Miseryland Themepark - "a downward spiral of inconvenience." On each level, use Rikki or Vikki to collect all of the keys within the time allotted to progress to the next level. Collecting keys isn't always easy. You have to move cubes, navigate enemies, spikes and other hazards to get to the keys. Some puzzles are more obvious than others and don't be surprised if you run out of time before solving a puzzle. Rikki & Vikki requires a 7800 compatible controller with independent fire buttons. This means that you can't use a standard 2600 controller or a Genesis gamepad for the game. The left button is used to "interact" with the cubes and the right button is used to jump. When you grab a cube you can throw it at an enemy or stick it to the floor or wall in order to gain access to an otherwise unreachable area of the play field. Falling into a void will cause you to re-emerge from the top - this is sometimes necessary to solve a puzzle. Each area of the Park - called "caverns" - consists of several levels and culminates in a boss battle. Gameplay modes come in three flavors: co-op with Rikki & Vikki, solo Rikki, and solo Vikki. I have not yet played co-op mode and from what I can tell, the solo experiences are the same whether playing as Rikki or Vikki. This is a hard game. You will die. You will run out of time. You will make stupid mistakes. You will get stuck. While you can continue, doing so forces a restart at the beginning of the cavern. Fortunately, after a few continues, a character named "Dut", a large penguin and "salesman" of you unlimited continues in exchange for your points. You will no longer get points in game - so no high score - but you will get to keep problem solving. This makes it a little less arduous to develop your skills and improve your puzzle solving strategies. Graphics: Rikki & Vikki boast what are possibly the best graphics on the 7800. The character animations, level-design, character and enemy sprites all look amazing. Add to that, the game runs in the 7800's 320 mode - a higher resolution mode that few games have taken advantage of. I struggle to think of a single game published for the 7800 that looks better. It looks first-party NES/SMS good folks. The animations are not just good, they're thoughtful and add depth to the game. The levels look great with coherent themes throughout. Its clear the people at PenguiNet are getting all they can out of the 7800. Sound: Like the graphics, PenguiNet went all in with the sound here. Apparently, they developed a custom chip for sound that allowed for NES level music. The TIA is still there and - at least on my 7800 - the harsh crashes are a bit louder than the music. However, that's my LHE mod and not the game. The music here is absolutely fantastic. Packaging: The packaging on this game is beautiful folks. Everything from the cart, to the box to the manual screams professional. The game comes on a custom transparent orange cart shell with a wrap around full color label. It fit my 7800 perfectly. The box is likewise full color and is in the same size and style as original run 7800 games - just missing "Atari." The instructions are full color and come as a "Miser Land Official Tour Guide" fold out with gameplay and character info. The package even comes with a warranty card, two passes to Misery Land and a PenguiNet sticker. Top notch all the way! Final Thoughts: This is 7800 gaming at its best. It has game design, graphics, sound and amazing packaging. If you own a 7800, I urge you to support the developer and grab a copy today. For $59.99 plus shipping, the package is well worth the price of entry. Even if you don't own a 7800 or don't have the $$, the game is also available on Steam for $9.99. For that price, you could hardly find a more fun and complete game play experience. Have you played Rikki & Vikki? What are your thoughts on the game? How does it stack up to other games on the 7800? PenguiNet Rikki & Vikki Trailer:
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    No hot sauce for me thanks !!! anything hotter than a bar-b-Que potato chip is WAY to spicy for me ! Every once in a while I will do a tiny dip of salsa if available eating tortilla chips from a mexican resturant. mild is ok and will try a bigger scoop if not to spicy.
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    15400 Real hardware and game. Got to third boss.
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    Yea I used to eat that stuff alot. I got tired of it though. I change up sauces alot. I like to try all different kinds. There are some sauces that are a little weak on the heat but have amazing flavors
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    I gotta say I love the creative labeling with bombs, skulls, and flames.
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    I know a lot of people like you that love the hot sauces. But sadly, I'm what you'd call a wuss-mouth. The hottest I'll go is the old standard Rooster Sriracha. At my age, the hot stuff almost always causes pain a few hours after consumption
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    Here we go. I got a used GPU from ebay that's a few steps above my old one. It was inexpensive, about $35 shipped. Pretty good bang for the buck for an old cheapo such as myself. UserBenchmarks: Game 51%, Desk 93%, Work 58% CPU: Intel Core i7-7700K - 93% GPU: AMD R9 285 - 45.7% SSD: Intel 600p Series NVMe PCIe M.2 512GB - 125.8% HDD: WD Green 1TB (2009) - 50.4% RAM: Kingston HyperX DDR4 2400 C12 4x8GB - 75.9% MBD: Asus STRIX H270F GAMING
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    Did a trade for a Camo-Blue Neo Geo Pocket Color with some Japanese Slot Machine Game and Pac-Man for a TRS-80 Color Computer 2 with 16k Ram. Trade went smooth on my end. Unit got sent out, and I got my package safe, sound and working! Would recommend. Quick, easy trade-- communicative.
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    104500 live on Instagram tonight.
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    I finally have some free time tonight. I'm going to give this a try on real hardware. I've never played it before either. Looks like fun.
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    128,900 played using Mednaffe with a Logitech USB gamepad. Having PC troubles so I couldn't get to this via emu all week. Had time to restore today. Like @Atari Creep, this was my first time playing this game. My first impressions are that it looks really great for the time and is a fun adventure platformer. I would have been pumped to have it as a pack-in. I think the Creep mentioned that it has a shooter vibe and I think that's a right on observation. The powerups and body double, coupled with bullet hell inspired enemies make it feel a bit like a SCHMUP. In terms of a single-life high score run, the enemy regen allows you to rack up points without the need to progress. Theoretically, you could stay on the first screen and just kill the same three ninja dudes for a few hours. This would be boring as hell but one could do it if points are all that you're after. For myself, I couldn't take it and had to move on. Assuming it's the same in real hardware?
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    Activision patches

    Yeah man, that complete set is really cool. PS - I still haven't found my Laser Blast patch
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    Activision patches

    Better late than Never, but here is my Full Set of Patches
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    43300 VERY interesting game this time! Emulating (OpenEMU) with a USB gamepad. STRONG LANGUAGE
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    Congratulations atarilbc! Congratulations @atarilbc on a most excellent high score! Did you guys enjoy Robotron on the 7800? I'd like to offer @RetroGameBoyz a very special welcome to the forums! The new dual-pad Atari 2600/7800 controller is a great new addition to the platform! You guys posted some seriously impressive scores on a very challenging game. All of you give yourself a pat on the back, I hope you all had fun with this one! Congrats to everyone who played! I'd like to encourage atarilbc to post his new high score on the Scoreboard, and maybe this Challenge can continue on! Our next High Score Squad Challenge will be for the TurboGrafx-16! ROBOTRON: 2084 FINAL STANDINGS 1 ATARILBC 408,475 2 CHAS10E 278,350 3 RICKR 231,675 4 GREENWEEN 160,025 5 KAMAKAZI20012 138,200 6 ATARI CREEP 134,800 7 CONTROL ISSUES 68,050
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