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    Depends on the sauce, really. There's a thai restaurant near where I work (in fact, I had dinner with TrekMD there once ) -- I'll use any and all hot sauces they have there. But I'm not one of those hot sauce people who has to look for the hottest of the hot. I like a little pick-me-up.
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    Thrift Store Finds

    So, Dad and I were out in town running an errand, when we spotted a thrift store we'd never seen before. (I'm assuming it must be fairly new.) Went in, didn't find much at first. I was looking for video games, only found a couple PS2 titles, some old PC games, and one single PSP game. Also found a USB floppy disk drive from Sony, which I snapped up. Anyway, we were about to leave, and I'd brought everything to the counter, when I suddenly remembered I hadn't checked the toy section. I go over to the toy shelf, spotted FIVE Easy Bake Ovens (jeez), and was about to go back to the counter, when I looked down at the floor. There it was... A NINTENDO 64. I couldn't believe my eyes! I grabbed it up, ran to the two cashiers, who was ringing up my other stuff, and said, "This, too! I gotta have it!" The younger cashier and I talked about Goldeneye and Mario Kart. The N64 cost a grand total of $4, included the power brick, AND IT WORKS. Now I just need a controller.
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    264200 Turbo Duo real controller, real hardware
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    Video 61

    First Look at NovaWolf

    hi everyone, newest video on the 45 degree controller option peter installed in novawolf, its a brilliant option peter, great job. this should be our last option installed, now its purely doing beta testing. This video shows the latest build of V61's new game for the Atari 8-bit, "Novawolf," with a new option: 45-degree turns, which can be set on the menu before you start playing the game. Before, you could only perform 90-degrees. As like before, this is an unfinished prototype. Game parameters may change. Thanks for watching! Lance www.atarisales.com
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    Video 61

    First Look at NovaWolf

    and thanks for the compliment. lance www.atarisales.com
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    Thrift Store Finds

    I was tagged by a friend of mine that lives in Dallas. He first found out about it from a completely different FB group he is a member of that features pics people take of crazy stuff they find or see in Thrift stores. Anyway, once that original group posted that it was a salvation army in Tulsa (where the ITC exists..), he tagged me and other collects in this area about it. Since the nearest SA was literally only 1.5 miles from my work office, I went there after work and sure enough there they both were. 20min later one of them was loaded up in my little work S10 and headed home with me. The story of the one you see posted doesn't quite end there. It met with a horrible accident when the wife came home. I spent the rest of Friday night and all day Saturday getting some lumber and channeling my inner carpenter skills to fix it hehe!
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    I've seen this brand and sauce at my grocery store, but the "CAUTION" on the label scares me away. Next time it's on sale, I'll give it a shot.
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    Thrift Store Finds

    This was mentioned by someone on the AtariAge FB group, but someone also tagged me to tell me about it as well. It has been a long time since I bought anything from a thrift store, but one of these from the local Salvation Army... Now resides here... ... at the Ivory Tower Collections game room.
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    Stopped by a new thrift store in town, walked out with a $4 N64!
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    Pie Factory Podcast

    Episode 99! This time Jim and Sean talk about a couple of not-too-common arcade games that have a surprising number of things in common and some pretty interesting back stories. http://fab4it.com/piefactory/audio/PFP_Episode099C.mp3
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    Man with TV on head terrorizes neighborhood by leaving old CRTs on their front porches: https://6abc.com/5462579/?utm_campaign=trueAnthem%3A+Trending+Content&utm_content=5d51b04f65fc1d0001356cd0&utm_medium=trueAnthem&utm_source=facebook
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    When it's one of those quick ones, I just keep the phone on camera mode and as soon as I die I grab it and hope the shot comes out okay. lol Anyway, gave it another try and got past the third boss... but then died soonish on the next level... 156700 now...
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    No hot sauce for me thanks !!! anything hotter than a bar-b-Que potato chip is WAY to spicy for me ! Every once in a while I will do a tiny dip of salsa if available eating tortilla chips from a mexican resturant. mild is ok and will try a bigger scoop if not to spicy.
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    Show Off Your Successful Trades!

    Got this in the mail today! Thanks to rockyraccoon. This thing works great and I cant wait to play some of the greats on this thing. First things first though I need to hunt down a battery cover
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    Lynx Lounge

    I have never been great at Turbo Sub but I've always found it fun. Gauntlet is decent but as you say, it's not really Gauntlet. It was interesting to get the background in your video. I never knew it was just rebadged Epyx developed Gauntlet clone. Super Asteroids/Missile Command is a terrific late release for the Lynx. I love how they updated the games. Of the two, I find that Missile Command has a bit more depth. One of my top games on these system. @btbfilms76, thanks as always for another entertaining installment!
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