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    So I'm just curious does everyone here enjoy hot sauces? If so what is your go to hot sauce that you need to always have a bottle of? Mine has to be valentina (black label) but lately I've really enjoyed El Yucateco's green habanero sauce. Now when it comes to other hot sauces. How hot do you like them? Long story short I think I have been eating too much hot sauce lately and I cant feel any heat from the normal hot sauces or even the "XXX" hot sauces. So I have been watching "Hot Ones" on youtube (great show if you havent seen it) And I just bought a couple of the really insane hot sauces that I saw on the show off amazon. DA' Bomb came first in the mail and I had to get some friends over. DA' Bomb has a scoville level of 135,600. In comparison a regular bottle of Tabasco is 700 scoville units. So we grilled up some chicken and tried it out. This is definitely not your normal hot sauce! My tongue was on fire! It was hot but still I wasnt screaming and running around like all my friends were. So I felt I needed more. So today in the mail I got Blair's Mega Death Sauce with Liquid Rage. This one comes in at 500,000 Scoville units and maybe this one will give me the sting I need. Probably gonna get everyone together again this weekend to try it out. I'm gonna have some milk on the side ready to be used! So again this is one of my things i love and I'm just curious about everyone here. Do you like hot sauce? Do you not? If so how hot have you gone before?
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    What you eat in Vegas Stays in Vegas.
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    You think the caution label scares you? There used to be a shop at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas that sold all kinds of hot sauces. For certain sauces, you'd actually have to sign a release for the State of Nevada before they'd allow you to purchase!
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    Thrift Store Finds

    N64 is a great console for it's time and still holds up well today. The last cartridge-based console. I personally never played Super Smash Bros. yet but do remember losing most of my early 20's playing Rush 2, F-Zero X, and most titles by Rare. I eventually grabbed Super Mario 64 which is really good but, alas, all that got traded off years ago. I now have another N64 with expansion pak and two games...both of which I never had before. Dr Mario 64 and Star Wars Rogue Squadron. Both are fun games but I do miss those N64 racing games.
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    Pie Factory Podcast

    Already downloaded!
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    That was a good restaurant! Whenever I end up in Chicago again, we should eat there!
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