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    I love taking something old and giving it new life. That said when it is a creation from someone else past it can be a bit touchy. Anxiety on red alert. This kit was someones work of art, their creative outlet in the time in witch it was created. No matter, some things need to be restored and given new life. I am more than happy to do so. In fact it's an honor. Someone its giving you something VER PERSONAL regardless if they feel so or not. Regardless of the extent I do or do not put my spin on a restoration I try to retain something, even a small part of what was there to start with. Thanks to @btbfilms76 for entrusting me with small slices of your childhood, even if you do not take it as serious as I do.
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    Kid A

    Kid A's game room.

    So after 1 year and 4 months later (and me forgetting about this thread 😖), here's the current setup in the gameroom!
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    Congratulations btbfilms76! Congratulations @btbfilms76 on your high score! I hope you guys enjoyed checking out Ninja Spirit on TurboGrafx-16! How does this ninja game compare with Shinobi on Sega MasterSystem? @Atari Creep and @atarilbc likened Ninja Spirit to a shmup, I've never thought of it that way but that's a great point. There's a ton of action and a ton moving around the screen at the same time, especially once you get some powerups and body doubles. You guys posted some seriously impressive scores on a very challenging Single Life Run. @btbfilms76 topped out at 264,200, I came in 2nd with 244,800, @Control Issues had 156,700, @atarilbc with 128,900, @RickR with 105,500, and @Atari Creep rounds things out with 104,500. Congrats to everyone who played! I'd like to encourage @btbfilms76 to post his new high score on the Scoreboard, and maybe this Challenge can continue on! Our next High Score Squad Challenge will be for the Atari 7800! NINJA SPIRIT SINGLE LIFE RUN FINAL STANDINGS 1 BTBFILMS76 264,200 2 JUSTIN 244,800 3 CONTROL ISSUES 156,700 4 ATARILBC 128,900 5 RICKR 105,500 6 ATARI CREEP 104,500
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    I'm glad you liked it @RickR! It's a fantastic game, and another example of the kind of fun games they had on TurboGrafx that were unfortunately overlooked at the time. So glad you were able to join in on this and try this game out!
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    Hey guys, glad to see so much participation in a TurboGrafx challenge! This is a really great game and I was hoping you guys would like it. I spent hours playing and this is the best I could do. I've been meaning to do a livestream but it didn't work out. I may go back and play this game live on Instagram and YouTube later in the week. My High Score: 244,800 Played the real game on real hardware using real Duo Pad controllers
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    Show Off Your Successful Trades!

    Got this in the mail today! Thanks to rockyraccoon. This thing works great and I cant wait to play some of the greats on this thing. First things first though I need to hunt down a battery cover
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