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    Well, unfortunately, I could not dress up last night. But, I watched "Stranger Things" yesterday on Netflix with my girlfriend, who just moved in with me. She move in yesterday of all days. It was fun. Also, I played "Dragon's Lair" on my Jaguar CD, just as I said I would. Although I did not get very far in it, I enjoyed it. I have not played the game in a while. I have finished the game before and rescued Princess Daphne, but it has been years since then. I am pleased that my Jaguar CD works so well. I think that "Dragon's Lair" would be a great game to play for the Halloween season. It is about a haunted castle, after all. Thanks for letting me share.
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    eBay Finds

    I bought a sega game gear box and inserts off ebay. It wasnt in the best shape (I knew that when I bought it) so I messaged the guy asking if he could take some precautions in the shipping department and package it nicely. here is what I got. He used a cut box and wrapped it around the game gear box. I will say that it doesnt loom too much worse than what it looked like on ebay but I mean come on. This is just horrible packaging and why I normally try to stay away from buying from unknown people.
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    Is there a way of backing up the data files that contain the posts, members, and forum data? Go into the server, delete and re-install everything? The forum will probably be down for awhile. But it should clear the virus. If it is within the account folder itself. Some of this Redirect Virus can be planted on the server and infect more than just one website.
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    🎃 Hope everybody had a fun & safe Halloween! Had a ton of fun w/ Splatterhouse on TG16! I'll post a new Squad Challenge tonight!
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    Halloween report from sunny but cold Happy Valley, Oregon: My wife and I had 110 candies to hand out, and that lasted about an hour before we ran out. Our candy of choice this year was SpongeBob Krabby Patties, which were a big hit with the kids. They are little burgers where each individual item (bun, meat, cheese, pickles, etc) is a separate gummy candy. I "may" have sampled a few for myself. They are very tasty. Once that was done, we decided to watch a movie we'd never seen before. "Halloweentown", which is highly rated by Disney nerds and also has the benefit (for us) of being filmed in St. Helens, OR -- about 30 miles from us. The movie was made in 1998, and St Helens still does "Halloweentown" celebrations and decorations each year. Well, the movie was pretty so-so. Debbie Reynolds is always good, and the child actors were also very good. It's the story that's a real let-down here -- very predictable. I think this is a fine movie for little kids, but adults are going to get a little bored. All in all, a great night.
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    StormSurge's Extra Life Giveaway

    I'm currently in 6th place for my hospital, $95 behind 5th place and $345 behind 3rd.
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    We never have trick or treaters here. Probably watch Eraserhead and listen to Tom Waits. Maybe play some Resident Evil 2.
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    Autobiography of a Schnook

    Been a while since I posted about a new episode. There've been three since my last update here! In this chapter: Oh, jeez…another one of those Facebook things again?! Thoughts on two decades of marriage Blank (perhaps the most unusual Music For Schnooks installment yet) https://schnookpodcast.com/audio/Schnook_Chapter014.mp3
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    My wife and I aren't really into Halloween too much holiday wise. As a result, we shut off all he outside lights we can and order pizza so we can stay in bedroom to watch TV and 'hide'.
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    Battlezone - Game Boy

    Battlezone (from Super Breakout/Battlezone) Game Boy Difficulty: None High Score: 617,000 October 24, 2019
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    eBay Finds

    Composite modded 2600jr with some games.
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