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    I had a Virtual Boy once and actually enjoyed it. Mario Tennis and Galactic Pinball were my favorites. I had Wario Woods or World (??), too. I think I found Red Alert on clearance. Actually, I remember getting all of it on clearance for $30 from Toys R Us I believe in Arkansas when I visited my mother decades ago. I wish I still had one. I loved it.
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    eBay Finds

    First congrats Lee, Famicom is a beauty, one console I have never had the pleasure of owning. As for you question, you are good to go bud, as with all Japanese consoles the current is close enough in that any differences would be so minor they can handle the tolerance. It is only UK / Euro / PAL electronics you need worry of as they are on an entirely different voltage that would require converting etc, honestly why I never bothered with them.
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    3625 The first time I ever played this game I was able to complete the first couple bonus rounds, but I haven't since then. Gotten close though!
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    Virtual boy in Luigi's mansion 3

    So I have been playing Luigi's mansion and one of the first gadgets you get in the game is called a "virtual boo". Basically it's a virtual boy that let's you talk to professor E. Gadd and look up the map and what not. They even made jokes about it when he first gives it to you. This is going to revolutionize virtual reality. These things are gonna fly off the shelves. with the sleek black and red coloring who wont love it. 20191103_110040.mp4
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    1987...just two years away from when Alleyway was released! Nice score, AC!
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    GRay Defender

    Gray Defender

    My thoughts on the Intellivision Amico:
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