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    For being chalk that is some really good artwork. And to survive for as long as they have has to say something. If they could talk there's no telling what stories they could tell you.
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    This is 7800 console model that's been modified with Eckhard Stolberg's Atari 7800 Developers code. With the added PC parallel port cable, you can dump 2600 and 7800 carts, as well as develop 2600 and 7800 games. For 2600 games, you can upload files maybe 10 times faster than a Supercharger! See the link to Eckhard's page above for the software and instructions on how to use it. The system has also been modified to use a VCS/2600-style power supply in addition to the original 7800 power supply. This package includes: • Atari 7800 ProSystem with developer package • AC Adapter • (2) Atari Proline controllers (untested) • 38 game cartridges (listed below) Atari VCS/2600 carts Armor Ambush Asteroids Astroblast Atlantis Basketball Boxing Breakout Carnival Chopper Command Combat Commando Raid Cosmic Ark Dark Cavern Demon Attack Donkey Kong Dragonfire Fire Fighter Football Freeway Grand Prix Laser Blast Lock ‘N’ Chase Megamania Pac-Man Pitfall! Riddle of the Sphinx Sneak’n Peek Space Attack Space Invaders Space Jockey Star Voyager Starmaster Super Challenge Baseball Super Challenge Football Towering Inferno Trick Shot Word Zapper Atari 7800 carts Ms. Pac-Man All the cartridges have been tested and are fully functional as well. Price $100 plus $35 shipping (continental U.S.). http://www.ataricompendium.com/game_library/classifieds/7800/7800_d1.jpg http://www.ataricompendium.com/game_library/classifieds/7800/7800_d2.jpg http://www.ataricompendium.com/game_library/classifieds/7800/7800_d3.jpg
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    Modern Gaming Rant

    Hey Guys, One of the first XBOX One games I ever got was called Battleborn made by the creators of Borderlands known as Gearbox. It was published by 2K. The game relies on a server-side portion of the game for both Solo and Multiplayer modes. Without that the game will not work again. Well, just tonight, my wife read something on MSN's website. 2K is shutting down the game and removing it from its servers by 2021 and has already removed all digital copies of the game from Steam, PlayStation, and XBOX online stores. While I own a physical copy of the game once the game has been removed from 2K's servers the game will never be playable again, not even in solo mode. So I basically will have a game that I won't be able to play ever again. It saddens me that video games have come down to things like this and is the sole reason why I am against digital only versions of games. They do have some of their perks but when a game reaches the end of its life they disappear. How are we to save games for future generations to enjoy if this is how current modern games are being treated? I wonder if someone could approach 2K and offer to move the game somewhere else if only to preserve it? I do own a 1U server that would be perfect for preserving the game. If nothing else maybe someone could ask 2K to give an alternative like at least allowing those owning the game to download what is needed to keep the solo portion of the game operational. Rant over...but I really wish these game developers and publishers would do more to preserve their heritage. Battleborn might not have been met with the same positive experience as Borderlands has but it's still hard work that people put into it that needs to be protected and preserved.
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    Modern Gaming Rant

    This does suck about modern games. They are dependent on servers to work. So, now this is happening with a mainstream system like the Xbox. It happened with OUYA and we'll have to see who is next. There will be no "retro" gaming for future generations with this model.
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