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    Old VCRs and copy protection.

    I know there are many people still around here that remember the good old VCRs and remember people taping shows from cable or copying tapes by attaching 2 VCRs together. Such fun days those were. From what I remember, there was a copy protection on some video cassettes that put bars above the frame that were high intensity black and white and sometimes changed from dark to white. Messing with VCR recording and screwed with the playback. Some brands of VCR still were able to copy without any issues. Anyone here ever play with This stuff.
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    Thrift Store Finds

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    Old VCRs and copy protection.

    Indeed, I had a little black box with composite cable in and out, in from playback VCR and out to recording VCR (audio cable passed directly between machines) known as a Macro-eliminator it was pretty much plug and play and did exactly as described. i would rent all the latest hit movies and copy away. 😎Good times. It was just like the one pictured below.
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