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    Dragster for 2600. It's quick to play, hard to master, and I think the competition would be stiff.
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    Maybe next year we should do a Christmas game on the 2600 for December? There are ROM files available for several games that we could try that month: Mean Santa, Bad Elf, Santa's Workshop and Toyshop Trouble come to mind.
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    LOL..as long as it's games I physically own I'm down for any thing. Hmm...I just picked up some Star Wars games for the 2600 this Christmas. You might think about considering Pinball Arcade or the Pinball Hall of Fame series (both made by the same people). Once a month they pick a table for players to play for free. Hmm...include Atari Flavors of Dig Dug, Galaga, Commando, Kangaroo, Vanguard...there's tons there.
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    I received F-ZERO for Christmas one year when I first got my Super Nintendo. I wasn't expecting it and it was an absolute thrill to play. The graphics seemed so amazing, and I really loved jumping off of the ramps. F-ZERO is also one of those Nintendo franchises that deserves to sit alongside Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Pokemon, Mario Kart, etc. but for the longest time had been "forgotten" to an extent. I always find myself playing F-ZERO around this time of year, and would like to continue revisiting F-ZERO in with a special holiday Squad Challenge every year, racing a different track from the game. The "Mute City" tracks are so emblematic of the game and easy to access as they are the first track to race in all three leagues. I hope you'll all join us the next time we revisit F-ZERO in a future Squad Challenge.
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    Old VCRs and copy protection.

    Believe it or not, VHS did see a short-lived HD addition to the format...but it was very costly. LD was the better of the analog video formats...it just was a more expensive way of obtaining movies and playing them. I had three movies decades ago on LD before I gave up on the format. Those were Independence Day in a nice, double album-like cover. Gorgeous artwork. Heavy Metal was in a chrome cover with a plan, ordinary, clear plastic sleeve. And I had one more movie I can't remember the name of now. But I do have to hand it to laserdisc for bringing over what people liked about vinyl audio LPs over to LD. There simply isn't another physical format that allows you to enjoy the packaging as well as the movie contained on the disc. The only thing VHS allowed for was recording your favorite shows from their TV broadcasts...something the other formats didn't do for consumers. There were LD recorders but those were mostly used by stations and such. If you use VHS on a standard definition TV they really are not all that bad. Laserdiscs are great for those widescreen presentations but, again, play best on cathode-ray TVs...and there are a few of those that were widescreen models. I know for a fact Sanyo made one with a crap load of connectors on it that eventually became popular choices. Believe it or not, VHS was also used for multi-track audio recording. I knew someone in my home state that owned a 16-track recorder that used standard VHS tapes to record on. Weird gadget but the sound was impressive. Space? Yea, VHS takes up more space than DVD/BD for sure. But take up far less space than those CEDs RCA came out with. I don't how many CED movies my family owned but it was in the 1,000s total as I inherited those when they switched to VHS. Hauling just the movies caused my friend's truck to sag on the backend and we had to make two trips simply because his truck couldn't tolerate the weight of those things. Those things weigh a ton and just 10 movies alone can cause a weak shelf to bow. We never stored those movies on shelving...they were best kept on closet floors. A large tote full of VHS movies is light compared to those things. But I still like the CED format. Some rare movies not found on today's formats resides on that old format. Unlike you, RickR, hi-def stuff is nice but I'm a bit old fashioned when it comes to movies and TV shows. I don't mind having to flip a disc over or dealing with tape-eating machines. I'm use to it. Besides, even the earliest DVDs only put out 480. As long as I have a decent stereo TV I will continue to enjoy VHS and LD. They are nice to have. LDs I only have about 10 movies, some my family and I could never find on VHS. It's the only format I've been able to find The Glenn Miller Story, one of my favorites. And no commercials!
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    2' 27" 75 played on my SNES.
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    I'm trying. So far I am not good at this game at all! LOL
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    2'07"59 I'm using the purple vehicle and saving my boosts for when I get to the rough. Avoid the jumps!
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    F-ZERO was the only reason why I asked for a SNES when it released stateside. That was one of the launch titles. I didn't care what game it came with...I HAD to have F-ZERO. Wipeout came out on the PS1 and, as much fun as it was, I didn't like it as much as I did F-ZERO. Actually, all of the F-ZERO installments on systems after the SNES were better than Wipeout in my opinion. F-ZERO is one of those games where everything just works. It has a nice balance of easy to pick up and play and track challenges. Each course has its own learning curve that depends on the vehicle one is using. It has managed to retain replay value that most games of this nature don't have. Those that own a Super NES but don't yet own F-ZERO...shame on you! LOL. Zelda on the SNES is very good, too and my favorite of the Zelda series.
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    2'32"85 LOL Emulating USB controller. Strong Language
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    First time for me too. I didn't play last time. LOL And when you see my submissions you will know why. LOL
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    Shaved 2 seconds off my first attempt.
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    Well...I meant FINALLY after being able to get my SNES up and running and getting F-Zero for it Second time for you guys, first time for me
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    Crystal Castles on the XEGS sounds fun. It would be nice to see more Atari computer games in the challenges.
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    I never have but would love to!
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    2'18"54 It's been a year since I played this. I forgot how good the controls are!
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    Has anyone tried "Crystal Castles" for the XE? It is fairly close to the arcade version in level layout. It is a classic game and one of my favorites in the arcade world. Maybe.
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    Actually the 2nd time that I know of we are playing this game! I'm gong to give it a go. I need practice though.
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