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    Welcome to "The Squad" @Gianna 🙂 I generally hit the launch button right away out of frustration from losing a ball. I did have to leave the game once between balls and the screen went in color-shift mode but hitting the launch button picked the game up from where I left off. It's easy to burn through 5 balls in this game ... even though they are square.
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    Keep on trying @Gianna! Practice really helps on this game. When you lose a ball, take a moment to catch your breath. Breath in and out a few times before pushing that button. That's what I do.
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    Awesome! Yea, you really have to kind of be in a trance when watching where the ball is going. Thanks for the compliments. This is a fun game.
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    Vue Smiling?

    That's awesome about the Suburu. And...your car is a red Frogger lol I'm not afraid to kick a tire, ask for a test drive, look under the hood, check the oil. I use every angle I can. "How much?" "$1,000." "Hmm. I can't go that high. I need enough left to pay for insurance, tags, and inspection. Plus the transfer of ownership fee. And I'm sure no one has changed the plugs, plug wires, oil, oil filter, and I don't know how good these tires are. I can do $500". Then go from there. I found a replacement cluster on eBay for $25.
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    Here is my score so far. I played using paddle controllers. It seems like I go a while on the first ball, and then once I lose a ball I go through them really quickly! You guys have really good scores!
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    Even through a national pandemic, Atari survives. Bringing the fun and joy of new memories into homes across our great land for almost 50 years. Yars’ Revenge is one of my favorite games on the current Flashback consoles we found today at Sam’s Club. Who remembers The Walking Dead episode with Eugene playing Yars’ Revenge after the zombie apocalypse telling of the Yars’ attempt to exact revenge on the evil Qotile for the destruction of Razak IV?
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