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    Squad Challenge - Dr. Mario (NES)

    My copy arrived a few days ago and I'm really liking it.
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    Dr. Mario Nintendo Entertainment System Difficulty: Default High Score: 164,400 May 13, 2020
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    My New High Score: 2,504
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    Finally broke 2000: 2378 Something I hadn't noticed before before is how the change in direction of the ball works. I had always assumed when the ball moved faster horizontally, it was because I had hit it on the very edge of the paddle. Instead, it happens automatically after you hit the ball the first 8 times with a new paddle, and resumes normal movement after another 8 hits. The arcade game seems to work the same way. Kind of disappointing, honestly. The player really doesn't have that much control over the ball. Still, I remember playing a DOS clone of Breakout where you had no control of the ball's direction at all, so it's better than that, at least!
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    One thing I found that helps me is to not focus on the bricks, but to watch the bottom half of the screen. 🙂
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    Welcome to "The Squad" @Gianna 🙂 I generally hit the launch button right away out of frustration from losing a ball. I did have to leave the game once between balls and the screen went in color-shift mode but hitting the launch button picked the game up from where I left off. It's easy to burn through 5 balls in this game ... even though they are square.
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    Keep on trying @Gianna! Practice really helps on this game. When you lose a ball, take a moment to catch your breath. Breath in and out a few times before pushing that button. That's what I do.
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    Awesome! Yea, you really have to kind of be in a trance when watching where the ball is going. Thanks for the compliments. This is a fun game.
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    Here is my score so far. I played using paddle controllers. It seems like I go a while on the first ball, and then once I lose a ball I go through them really quickly! You guys have really good scores!
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    The game does have an inherent issue with that variation. The captive balls are brown and flicker, which allows them to sometimes pass through a brick and even your paddle. Here's 2 videos I just put up. The first shows one of the captive balls going right through a brick multiple times. I was only able to knock it out using the blue ball. The other shows a captive ball going right through the paddle.
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    @atarilbc Would you like me to look in my stash for an extra set of paddles this weekend?
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    I kept playing last night and all I got for my efforts was a busted paddle set. The brittle plastic gave way on both paddles. 😭😭😭🤷‍♂️
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