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    Hi Again!

    Well, for starters, I have been hanging around here since about 2014, I believe. So, it has been a while. Almost 1,300 posts later, I am still here. I am an avid collector of Atari games, VHS tapes and DVDs, a Mac-head since 1993, an animation buff, and avid learner of anything. Glad to have been here for the last six years or so. Thanks for having me. 🙂
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    High score: 2192
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    Hi Again!

    Thanks, Gianna. It has really been a long time. :O)
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    My New High Score: 2,504
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    Finally broke 2000: 2378 Something I hadn't noticed before before is how the change in direction of the ball works. I had always assumed when the ball moved faster horizontally, it was because I had hit it on the very edge of the paddle. Instead, it happens automatically after you hit the ball the first 8 times with a new paddle, and resumes normal movement after another 8 hits. The arcade game seems to work the same way. Kind of disappointing, honestly. The player really doesn't have that much control over the ball. Still, I remember playing a DOS clone of Breakout where you had no control of the ball's direction at all, so it's better than that, at least!
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    Hi Again!

    2014! That is a long time! I'm glad you are still here 😊
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