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    The scores in the one are insane!!! man, I am not sure if its encouraging or discouraging! LOL Just playing. Man you folks are great. Keep em coming.
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    High Score: 375,800
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    210,300. Something @Atari Creep said is in video resonated with me and I had an "aha moment."
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    🍄 I think the Mario character looks better in the 2600 version than in the NES. He's bigger, he has more detail. It's a less iconic sprite but he's big and has a larger Bonk-esq head.
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    Good to be back in the IO. Now if only my thumb would heal I can get down to jamming on some games!
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    Please do share what that was because I want a score closer to yours! LOL
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    Memorable T.V. show themes we love

    Hey I've got another call coming in
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    Yep, it's like, WTF?! You have no time to react!
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    I did a little more research and here is what I found: A May 22, 1984 article by David E. Sanger of the New York Times entitled "Atari Video Game Unit Introduced" (P.3 Section D) states: I guess that’s the answer, no matter what happened with Warner and the Tramiels, Atari was killing off the 5200. It’s crazy to think a game system could come and go in 18 months!
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    Do you have any pets?

    Look at his ear blowing in the wind 😭🥰
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    Before the Tramiels showed up, does anybody know what Warner Communications Atari was going to do with the 5200 in 1984 after the 7800 would've come out? Were they going to keep developing games? They were going to release a 7800 cartridge adapter so 5200 players could upgrade. It's crazy to think that the 5200 died 18 months after it came out. I'm wondering what other plans they had?
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    Squad Challenge - Mario Bros. (Atari 2600)

    89,400. I'm going to aim for breaking 100k.
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    Arcade USA

    Re-visiting an old favorite I had for my Bally Astrocade! Muncher!
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    Have you guys seen Ninja Odyssey for Intellivision? I had no idea Intellivision could look this good! Ninja Odyssey is a new platformer for your Intellivision. Levels and gameplay are just like Wonderboy, but it looks incredible for an Intellivision game. This game works on any original Intellivision system and doesn't require any additional hardware. This almost looks like a 7800 or NES game. Well done!
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    The technology within the 5200 dates back to the Atari 400 (which had 4 controller ports in 1979). So while the 5200 only lasted 18 months, it's underlying technology lasted 6 years+. The same tech lived on in the XEGS and Atari 8-bit computer lines.
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    I think that the A5200 could have been a better design, but a lot of games still play well on there. I like Super Breakout and Space Dungeon, for instance. Especially Space Dungeon, since the right joystick fires when you move it in the firing direction. It's like Robotron: 2084, in that respect. So, some games still play OK on there. Gyruss, however, could play better. The fire button operates too slow on that game. But, I have heard about someone making new controllers for the A5200 that work better. More responsive. I saw it on YouTube once. I don't have the link to that video at this moment, but there are experiments being conducted right now, leading to a better controller. But, Gianna, you're right. Eighteen months is too short a time for any game system. The A2600 lasted almost fifteen years, for crying out loud! :O)
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    The Creeps 2020 Walk to END Alzheimers Tee is now available to purchase. ALL proceeds go to the Alzheimers Association. You can also get the design on stickers, mugs, face masks and much more. Thanks to you all for your continued support and helping to make this bigger and bigger every year. *This site is an OFFICIAL sponsor and without Atari.IO my campaigns would not be as successful as they are. Unfortunately because the name "Atari" is in the title of the site I am unable to place you folks on the shirt. It got removed because of a trademark thing. I want to be very clear!!!! Atari IO is such an important member to my campaign and it hurts to not be able to thank acknowledge that on things like this. This community has my utmost respect and love. THANK YOU ALL!!! GET YOUR SHIRT TODAY>>> https://www.teepublic.com/user/atari-creep <<< GET YOUR SHIRT TODAY
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    Typical for Atari to get overlooked for their innovations in favor of other companies. Don't forget that video games began with the NES after all.
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    I especially like when it spawns RIGHT NEXT TO YOUR FACE at the start of the level.
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    Do you have any pets?

    I have two black labs, Winston & Wanda. I’m down to one cat, Poe, & a turtle. 😀 This is Winston. He turned 11 yesterday. We had a nice romp on the beach to celebrate.
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    That was a good list! I appreciate the fact the author took all generations into account & didn’t ignore the past or present, which is a nice change of pace.
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    The Greatest American Hero... I still remember the episode shown in the intro where he just appears in the car. See, if you haven't seen it, the lead character is a history teacher who is given a super suit by aliens. But he loses the instructions, so he never knows exactly how it works. One of the running gags was that he figured out how to fly, but not how to land. So every landing was a crash landing. Anyway, in that episode, he discovered that he could become invisible with the suit, but he didn't know how to turn it on or off. So the whole episode has him randomly popping in and out. With, of course, him trying to sneak around while invisible and hoping he doesn't suddenly become visible...
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    Whoops! I forgot that I posted previously about Country Club. Sorry about that. :O)
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    When I was growing up, there was a supermarket in the 1970s and 1980s called Country Club. It was a nice store that had everything a supermarket would have. My family would shop there because it was the closest supermarket in our part of Saint Paul, Minnesota. They later went belly-up and became no more. We also had Red Owl, Knowlan's, SuperValu, Applebaum's, Cub, Rainbow Foods, Lund's, Byerly's, Kowalski's Market, et cetera. We always as kids exclusively went to Country Club. It was near the arcades at Rack and Cue Billiards and the Minnehaha Lanes. The Minnehaha Lanes were a bowling alley that had a small arcade, and I loved the arcades. Too bad that they demolished it. Ah, those were the good old days. :O) There was even a video store that pioneered renting A2600 games to people in that mall. It no longer exists either. It's too bad. That video store was ahead of its time then.
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    I've lived in Texas my whole life. My childhood was in "East Texas"... if you look at a map of Texas, I was about half way between Dallas and Shreveport, LA. Anyway... The grocery stores I remember... In our little town, there was an independent grocery store called Food Fair. My best friend's first job was there. Also, during the grand opening, my dad won a door prize of a new Atari 2600 and some games. We already had a 2600 so he just let me pick one of the games to keep. I chose Yars Revenge. In the next closest town, I remember two different ones we went to... Piggly Wiggly and Safeway. I remember my mom and grandmother having those green stamps... C&H I think they were... they would collect them in little books and turn them in at the Piggly Wiggly for... something... discounts? Free stuff? I don't know what they were for. lol And at Safeway, I remember playing some of my first arcade games. They had Pac Man and Popeye.
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    The Prisoner
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    They had a 5200 Jr model in development as well but that never panned out. The Atari Museum has a prototype. You can read about it here: The Atari 5100 (Little PAM).
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    From what I recall, the 5200 was done. No more games. The release of a new console was their sole focus. The Colecovision trounced the 5200 in sales. I think CV outsold 5200 2 to 1. The focus was on fixing all the 5200 design mistakes and releasing something simpler, with newer tech and backwards compatibility with the 2600.
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    Well, it didn't make much of a difference for Mattel. It was circumvented rather quickly.
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    Why didn't Atari think of that 🤔
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    They do work on the Inty 2. The Inty 2 had a key to block third-party developers. That was discovered a while back so it has been circumvented.
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