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    Old School Gamer Magazine Issue 8

    I have an article coming up in one of the next issues. In the meantime, check out this issue and consider subscribing! Issue #16 Is Now Online - Coin Up! By Bill Donohue Welcome to the Thunderdome! Two men enter; one man leaves. IT’S DYIN’ TIME!!!... Oops! Sorry... I was reliving the late 80’s... Not an easy task if you were as crazy as I was back then. What we have here is the Late 80’s issue of OSG, loaded with incredible stories about Double Dragons, Robot Monsters, the End Of Days, Defenders, Game-Changing Consoles, insane Asylums, and a hedgehog named Lizzy. So grab a cold one and dive into gaming history! Hey, If you’ve got something to say about our labor of love here, feel free to shoot me an email. I’d love to hear from y’all! My email is billd.oldschoolgamer@gmail.com. Issue #16 - Click Here To Read Online
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    I am working on providing some Labels for the Cartridges released by Video 61 for anyone who has a printer and wished to reprint the labels for them. These are alternative designs and not the actual ones currently in use. The games sold by Atari Sales are only sold with the Silver Solid Background with the colored rainbow strip above the image. If there is a decision to be made to change our cartridge label style, it will be for future game titles only. I could post all the images here, or put them all into a zip file when ready. The Styles I am have are Blue XEGS style. Colored Activision Style. Full Image Style, Silver Striped XL Style. Yellow Tengen Style, and Silver 5200 Style. Does anyone here really like a style that they really like?
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    Yeap I also noticed that the forums come up clean now in Chrome on all my PCs so that is good to see gone and not have to go through the extra steps to access the forums! Thanks!!!
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    Atari games for trade or sale

    I have some kind of unique 2600 games for trade (or sale). I'm offering them here before I go to ebay in a few days. Everything is tested and works. Pitfall 2 (some label wear) Word Zapper with a manual Omega Race with the Booster Grip controller attachment (some label wear) Star Raiders with the numeric pad (very bad label, no overlay) PM me if you have any interest.
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    89,400. I'm going to aim for breaking 100k.
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    That's true. It has all of the innards of that particular computer.
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    The technology within the 5200 dates back to the Atari 400 (which had 4 controller ports in 1979). So while the 5200 only lasted 18 months, it's underlying technology lasted 6 years+. The same tech lived on in the XEGS and Atari 8-bit computer lines.
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    I think that the A5200 could have been a better design, but a lot of games still play well on there. I like Super Breakout and Space Dungeon, for instance. Especially Space Dungeon, since the right joystick fires when you move it in the firing direction. It's like Robotron: 2084, in that respect. So, some games still play OK on there. Gyruss, however, could play better. The fire button operates too slow on that game. But, I have heard about someone making new controllers for the A5200 that work better. More responsive. I saw it on YouTube once. I don't have the link to that video at this moment, but there are experiments being conducted right now, leading to a better controller. But, Gianna, you're right. Eighteen months is too short a time for any game system. The A2600 lasted almost fifteen years, for crying out loud! :O)
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