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    Congratulations Scott Stilphen! Congratulations @Scott Stilphen! Your Mario Bros. score took top placement in our Final Standings! I hope everybody enjoyed experiencing Mario Bros. on the Atari 2600. This version of the game plays slightly different from other versions mostly due to the 2600's limitations, but I think the game looks really good and is fun to play once you work out the different dynamic if you're used to the other versions. Racking up points can become a bit of a puzzle to put all of the pieces together to make your strategy work, and I think that's a lot of fun. This is a second win in a row for Scott, congratulations to Scott for taking the top spot at the very end with a 1st Place score of 1,002,400 points! I took 2nd with 1,000,200 points, and @atarilbc had consistently good showings in this challenge and ended up placing 3rd with 986,200 points. @RickR, @greenween, @kamakazi20012, @Gianna, @Atari Creep, @RadioPoultry and @TrekMD all had great showings, and in general most all of our scores really improved from what they had been at the beginning of the challenge. Congratulations to everybody on an exciting run, and to everyone who joined in this Squad Challenge and shared a score! I'd like to encourage Scitt to post his new high score on the Scoreboard, and let's make sure this Challenge continues on! NOTE: Our next High Score Squad Challenge will be an Atari 7800 challenge. Be there!
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    Look at those scores! Good job everyone!
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    Here is my score πŸ™‚ 223,400
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    Loving my Mini PCE

    Been playing my mini for about 3 weeks now. I bought my little bro and myself a Japanese version - the grey Core Grafix version, and a 8bitdo wireless controller to boot. During quarantine this was the perfect little package to receive and Ive really been loving it. I know I do a whole bunch of shows on Atari stuff but I actually had one growing up... I felt like the only kid on the block that had one , thats because I was lol. Yours truly helped out with this great episode, turns out we live close to each other and he’s dying to play Raiden for the Jag. Check out this great series - and get a mini... Better yet, play on real hardware.
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    Q: How has Classic Gaming changed over the years since you’ve been involved? When I first got into classic gaming it was about collecting and playing these great games. For me that's Square One and that's where I still stand today. Everything I do with the site, and in my personal "classic gaming adventures" is rooted in this idea of the original source, these games we've always had fun with and the experience of playing them with family and friends. When I began this Atari classic gaming journey, the (consumer) internet was brand new and I wouldn't have access to the web for a few more years, so it was just me doing something that I liked to do. I didn't know anyone else was out there doing this. It was a little like being in LOST or The Walking Dead and being alone somewhere setting up a radio transmission to see if anyone else was out there, and finding someone else responding on the radio. By the end of the '90s and early 2000s there was a robust community of classic Atari gamers sprouting up online. It felt indie / hobbyist. There were just a handful of Atari sites out there, and I'm proud to have been one of them. The gaming expos popped up and we started to gather together. Since then it's grown exponentially. The home-brew scene exploded. The advent of YouTube brought about a ton of personalities and more people sharing their love of classic games in new ways. But a lot has changed too. When you'd say "classic gaming" we used to think "CGE" and these days a lot of people think "AVGN". I always enjoyed the original experience of collecting and playing these games and sharing our passion in a small community. As things have changed over the years I've tried to focus Atari I/O on that original experience.
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    Atari 5200 Guy


    No...this is not a spam message. Borderlands The Handsome Collection is available for FREE until June 4th. What is Borderlands? Borderlands is a 1st person shooter with RPG elements mixed in. If you like Doom you will like Borderlands. And Borderlands - The Handsome Collection comes with Borderlands 2 and Borderlands - The Pre-quel PLUS all bonus content for both games including additional challenges and player characters. A $60 game collection for free. What's Required? As far as computers go you will need a PC setup for gaming. If you can play Fortnite without issues then you should be able to play Borderlands. Game controller recommended but not required. To get the game for free you will need an Epic Games' account and you will need to download the front end app to your computer. It's free. Why Borderlands? Borderlands is one of those games that forever changed FPS style games. It remains loved by fans around the world who still play it daily. Unforgettable characters, awesome loot, enjoyable stories are what keeps this game alive and you can play solo or online with friends! Where Can I Get It? You can grab it here: https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/bundles/borderlands-the-handsome-collection I've been talking about this game on here for a while now. Now...there's no excuse! This is my favorite modern game. XBOX introduced me to it when they gave away Borderlands on the 360, I picked up the Borderlands boxed set for the 360 later. When we got an XBOX One I grabbed Borderlands GOTY Edition and the Handsome Collection for that machine. Our brother grabbed for us Borderlands 3. Steam had a sale on Borderlands 2 from their service so I nabbed it also for PC. And now I grabbed this one because of all the additional content. So, yea, I love this game this much and for it to be free for my friends to at least try out I couldn't keep it to myself. I had to share this.
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    I love this game and I'm terrible at it! LOL I shall try!
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    πŸ’Ž Desert Falcon High Score Squad Challenge is up!
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    Those are some amazing scores. I didn't have enough time to try to slipice trick to get the score up, up, up! πŸ™‚ I'll be trying that anyway!
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    You guys said perfectly. It's all about nostalgia for me. I grew up with gaming & it's never left me. I stupidly gave away all of my 2600 stuff around 1985 and spent the mid-90s buying it all back. Funcoland helped me pick up all the NES games that I wanted but never had. I've since pared down my collection, as space has dictated I can't keep everything I'd like, but that's okay. I keep the stuff that's important to me & thanks to emulation and other means, I'm still able to play the games I love or never had a chance to play, even though I don't physically have them anymore. I enjoy watching some video content on classic games, but that's not retro gaming to me. That's just another angle of a hobby/passion that I've had for the past 40 years.
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    People ask me, "How did you get into classic gaming?" I tell them, "Well, I played these games back then... and never stopped. Eventually they became "classic"". lol But seriously... A lot of classic gaming for me is reliving nostalgia for the games I played and getting the chance to experience the games I didn't play back then. Of course, when I was younger, there was no "classic gaming"... For a while, I played older games because we couldn't afford to get newer consoles or games. I got an NES when I was in middle school around 87 or so. The 2600 that I'd had before that was lost in a house fire. I got a TurboGrafx when I was in high school (89? 90?) and sold my NES and games in a garage sale. I had the intention of selling the system, accessories, a couple years worth of Nintendo Power and games for around $150 or so... everything was in great shape. Wanted to use the money for a new TurboGrafx game. But my step-mom thought I was asking too much and sold it for $40. That was when I decided I would never sell another system. And thus, when I started having and playing "old" systems. I feel like, for a while, there wasn't "classic gaming". It was just looked down on as playing "old" games. Didn't seem like the hobby that it has become. There were some people who were still into the older games, but not many. They were kinda "fringe" I think. I remember back a little after high school going to a store called The Atari Shop in my little town. Ran by some crazy Atari enthusiast, this place had stacks and stacks of 2600 games and consoles. There was a little of everything there. I remember seeing new Jaguar systems and games there and playing a bit of Alien vs Predator. But what I really remember more than anything was the owner playing Barnyard Blaster on an Atari XEGS and saying it was so much better than Duck Hunt. I didn't play it, but thought he was a bit nutty. (I bought my copy of Adventure from there for a dollar or something.) I kept just getting the new systems for a while and didn't really look into getting those old systems until around the early 2000s. That was when I discovered Ebay and started finding more stuff in local shops and pawn shops. I think things were still pretty cheap for older stuff then, for example, my then-wife bought my Jaguar on Ebay around then. System, two controllers, and about six games or so. I don't think she paid more than around $50 for it. Of course Jaguar stuff has gone up so much since then... It seems, to me, that classic gaming as a hobby has really exploded since the 2000s. A lot of people say that it's because it's when people who played NES as a kid started getting old enough to have jobs and buy old games. And that stuff is kind of cycling through the systems like that. NES games will go up, and then drop off... then SNES will go up, and then drop off, and then Playstation games... as each generation has the people who played it as kids get to a certain age where they want to relive those days and have the jobs that give them the expendable income where they can pay for it. Of course, some things don't really drop back down in price.. and some things have been expensive even before the rest went up. TurboGrafx and Saturn used to be pretty cheap, but then ballooned in price. I think they'll be riding a high price wave for a while yet before they start coming back down. It's been about six years since I bought a game for either system. A little later in the 2000s is when I think emulation started really becoming more viable as a way to play old games, too. I remember playing NES emulators around 2001. They seemed okay, but a little clunky. But they've progressed quite a ways. And then, along a similar front, Everdrives and similar devices started coming into their own. I would have expected this to lessen demand for the actual games and systems, but it doesn't seem to have affected them much. Maybe some people are saying, "Why buy when I can just download this" but that may be offset by people saying, "Man, I can't believe I don't have this game/system... I need to go buy this!" And now they're coming out with all these mini systems (some better than others). So we'll see how that affects things. It seems to me that in the 2010s is when YouTube and streaming platforms like Twitch have really grown in prominence in the retro/classic gaming scene. There's a pretty active "Retro" category on Twitch with many streamers and viewers. A lot of it is speed runners, which get a pretty good amount of viewers, but there's also some that just like to play old games and interact with the viewers (I'm in this camp lol). I feel a lot of people are living vicariously through these streamers and YouTubers. Seeing games that they never played or can't afford to play or whatever. Some might be inspired to seek out games they've seen for the first time or whatever. I had someone in my chat one time tell me that I had inspired them to start looking for a Sega Saturn after playing through the Saturn version of Tomb Raider. Regardless of whether it has any effect on game prices or demand, I think the rise of these platforms have really contributed to the retro and classic gaming scene.
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    Add me to the 1 million club, just in time :) I point-pressed Slipice as well. You can kill up to 255 Slipice per level. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4z5ZwaySWYA It's possible to roll the score counter w/o point-pressing. The strategy is observing the fireballs on each level. The first 5 fireballs of a level are random; after that, the pattern continues to loop those 5. The next level will randomly have a new pattern of 5, and so on.
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    7800 Avenue

    Great episode! I watched this earlier with @Justin ^ πŸ™‚ I haven't played Desert Falcon yet, but it looks fun! I'm not really into the colors, they're really dark, but I look forward to trying this game. I like the Tim & Eric thing you did with the phone and the "ZX Spectrum!" I hope the big move goes well! 🏠
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    I tried using a single-button controller, and it may not be ideal, but it was playable enough. 62,244 It's been years since I played Desert Falcon, but I don't think I ever got this far before! I got to the third level.
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    Arcade USA

    The torture continues with Coleco's 10 in 1 Racing Handheld πŸ˜›
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    Justin, I think you'll agree that anybody who can roll the score on this one can pretty much marathon it :) And considering you were the first here to do it, I gladly yield my place to you.
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    I have this one, but it looks like the game needs two buttons, and my 7800 controllers need some repair, so I may use an emulator.
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    I don't have this one. 😞
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    @btbfilms76 has a special episode of 7800 Avenue premiering today coinciding with our Desert Falcon Squad Challenge! BTB fires up the Atari 7800 and pairs Desert Falcon with the @Video 61 Gripstick Joystick, which you can watch here:
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    Where have you traveled?

    Absolutely! I've been there a few times. Great store! πŸ™‚
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    Where have you traveled?

    Oh that's awesome. I'm going to have to check that out! Thank you! πŸ˜„
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    Where have you traveled?

    Wow...where have I traveled...interesting thing is that when my wife and I lived in New Jersey and lived within a 1-hour drive of Newark International Airport, we didn't really travel many places! But...destinations: Dauber as a little kid: a few road trips to Florida (from the Chicago suburbs)...the sights were fun, but the drive was excruciating. When you're between the ages of 5 and 17, it's no fun taking road trips with your parents! (or MY parents, I should say!) When I was a little kid, like 3 or 4 years old (either 1977 or 1978), we were in Daytona Beach and a day at the Magic Kingdom and another at Sea World about seven years later, we made another trip down. Parents booked a room in Daytona Beach that turned out to be crap, and we drove all up and down Daytona Beach and Ormond Beach for a couple of hours looking for a place that wasn't trash. Ended up not finding one and spent a night in a Days Inn in Ormond Beach that had a greasy floor, roach in the bathroom, sand in the bathroom sink, etc. and wound up finding a nice Holiday Inn in Orlando, which is fine because we were also going to WDW and Sea World. Before Orlando we spent a day in St. Augustine, and on the way back home we stopped at the Babyland General Hospital in Cleveland, GA because my mother was into doll collecting and wanted to check out the place where Cabbage Patch Kids come from. NOT the ideal stop for a ten-year-old boy such as myself! a few more road trips, but to Clearwater Beach, FL. I got sick of dealing with my parents, so by the time I was 17 I put my foot down and said I was staying home. πŸ˜† Dauber as a single adult: Just a weekend trip to Virginia, MN, to go to a friend's wedding. It was an interesting ten-hour drive. I got to drive through Twig, MN -- literally blink and you'll miss it! Stopped in Duluth on the way home to do some record shopping at the Electric Fetus. Dauber as a married adult: My wife and I have been to Vegas many times. It's weird because every time we entertain the thought of going there, we get frightfully lucky and find a cheap flight, the hotel (Flamingo) has obscenely low rates, etc. Last time we were there I went to the Pinball Hall of Fame. Definitely worth visiting -- and this is coming from a guy who isn't a big pinball fan! (I went because aurcade.com showed that they had Q*Bert's Qubes. Unfortunately, it wasn't out on the floor that day!) I love Vegas, but it's one of those places where when I'm there, I'm ready to come back home after three days. During one of our Vegas trips we took a bus tour over to Grand Canyon. If you've never been there, trust me: the greatest picture in the universe cannot do it justice. Just breathtaking! We took five road trips back and forth to New Jersey to visit my wife's mother, bringing the dog along. When I got my current job, we stopped doing that because I didn't want to blow that paid time off driving. (Now, my mother-in-law comes to us in the summer!) Summer of 2010...I got laid off, and I was at the company long enough that my severance actually funded my entire summer! It was AWESOME! In addition to the road trip with the dog, we took a road trip (without the dog!) to South Dakota and checked out Wall Drug Store, Mount Rushmore, and the Badlands. So, so cool. Went to the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, OH a couple of times. That's...just about the only thing Cleveland has that's worth visiting, and even then, just one visit will do, unless there's a temporary exhibit you really, really want to see. At least once a year my wife and I do a weekend getaway in New Buffalo, MI. Very small town, but great for a weekend getaway, and a lot of "Harbor country" is an easy drive from there. Easy drive TO New Buffalo, too; an hour and a half from Chicago on a bad day. Went to Door County, Wisconsin last summer. HIGHLY recommend it. We stayed in Sister Bay. We saw a tourism documentary about Door County on the local PBS station and decided to check it out. We effing LOVED IT. We were planning to do it again this summer, but things are shaky with the COVID-19 situation. They actually asked people to not come out to Door County because they don't have a big enough hospital to accommodate a lot of people, should people be affected by the pandemic. We're going to New Buffalo instead -- which is fine because the place where we stay doesn't have any enclosed public areas. Bermuda -- we took a honeymoon cruise there the spring after we were married. Such a cool place. It's good for those who are afraid of change: it's British enough to be a foreign country to Americans, but USA-compliant enough for us Yankees. πŸ™‚ If you like alcoholic drinks, you GOTTA go to the Swizzle Inn and have their claim to fame: the rum swizzle. If you order one, they plunk the pitcher on your table and you're practically overcome by fumes. 🀣 New Orleans -- my wife and I have been there twice so far, but we've yet to visit anywhere but the French Quarter. Such a good time. Quite humid, but there's enough to keep you occupied so you aren't terribly bothered. I consider New Orleans the #1 WORST place to visit if you're trying to lose weight -- the food there is just effing amazing and plentiful! (#2 - Chicago; #3 - Austin) San Francisco - my favorite place ever to visit. I could go on for so long about it. For details, listen to chapter 9 of Autobiography of a Schnook on your favorite podcast supplier. πŸ™‚ A few years ago we took a trip to Los Angeles. It was my first time there. I was expecting it to be kind of creepy and not really a fun place to be, but I really really wanted to go just to say I've gone. Oh my GOD, did I have an amazing time. I was shocked at how NOT creepy Hollywood is -- I always heard bad things about it! I think they really cleaned it up in the last ten years. The weather was perfect. The scenery was amazing. We saw Brian Wilson do Pet Sounds at the Hollywood Bowl, which was easily one of the most amazing musical experiences of my life. (When concerts start up again, I'm going to constantly check the Bowl's schedule just to see if I can come up with some kind of excuse to go there again. It's my favorite performance venue. I so wanna go back!) We also spent a day in Disneyland during that trip; neither my wife nor I like Disney, but I have to admit i had a great time! Portland, OR - very cool place. I don't know what more to say. Well...except they have what I consider to be the greatest book store in the world, Powell's City of Books. Toronto, ON -- my wife and I went there a couple of times for a few days. I felt very at home there. Quite a friendly place, easy to navigate, abuts the Great Lakes, good food, and pretty safe. (Kinda like Chicago, I guess!) Can't wait to go again! Washington, DC -- history was always a terrible subject for me, but I maintain that if I had learned US history by spending time in D.C. as a kid, I would have had a much better time with it. So much there. Smithsonian, National Archive, FDR Memorial, the list goes on. Highly, highly recommend visiting. Austin, TX - just a cool place. (Figuratively speaking, that is; it can get pretty hot and humid!) Good music scene and dangerously good food! Nashville, TN -- gonna admit, I didn't like it. At all. Went there for a concert at the Ryman (which actually is a really beautiful place), but...I couldn't wait to leave. Then again, we spent the whole time on Broadway downtown; I'm not averse to going back to see other parts of the town. San Diego, CA -- been there three times, and each time I was there I WAS SICK. Just ONCE I'd like to visit healthy!! We were supposed to go in April, but you can guess how that worked out. We rescheduled for late July, and so far things are looking good for that. Wow...just realized that was a LOT of travels. My wife and I aren't rich by any stretch of the imagination, but I think one thing that contributes to our frequent travels is that she's a teacher, and NEEDS to get away for spring break every year! We live in Chicago now (which I'm going to say now is my favorite place on the planet), and we have easy access to two international airports, and by gum, we use 'em. We luck out a lot with frequent flyer miles, credit card rewards, etc., that keeps our travels affordable. We're saving up for an eventual trip to London and to Hawaii. Maybe by the time we're 90 we'll be able to afford it!
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    I think we all have similar experiences. For me, I started by trying to preserve what I had as a younger person. I still had my 2600 and games, but I was more concerned with my Atari 8-bit collection. Most of the games I had were on disk, and I knew they wouldn't last forever. So I started buying cartridge versions of games, and really got into emulation as a way to preserve what I thought would eventually no longer be viable. Once middle age set in, and my kids were a little older, I found out I had a little extra income that I could play with, and I decided to try out all the systems I drooled over as a kid, but could never afford. 5200, Colecovision, C64, Vectrex, etc. And also, buying whatever 2600 games I could find that I never had before. My kids were really into Nintendo in this period, so we also started buying those systems and games. NES, SNES, Genesis, etc. My kids loved that stuff, and I found that I did too. Over time, the hobby has gotten much bigger and much more expensive. At this time, I like to fix old systems that are broken, or update them to work on modern TV's. Buying is no longer so important to me. I have tons of games that I will play and enjoy for a long time.
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    I didn't realize you can kick the slipice while they are melting! It appears you get more points for that than when you bump them from underneath, and it generates coins wafers afterwards as well!
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    Watch William Rosa's 2+ million game: https://www.twingalaxies.com/showthread.php/178334
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    My project today was to repair a six switch 2600, which had a broken joystick port (pin 5 missing) and player 1 difficulty switch. So, I "borrowed" those parts from a broken 4-port board. It all works perfectly now, and the next step will be to add a composite mod. Tools used were a push-button suction desoldering iron and a normal soldering iron.
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    Uploading video to YouTube now. I will post once uploaded.
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    7800 Avenue

    Awesome episode @btbfilms76 I watched it with my bae. Desert Falcon is one of my favorite Atari 7800 games, I love the unique blend of the Zaxxon gameplay style with the Egyptian motifs. That was a nice deep dive you did into @Video 61's Grip-Stick joystick, they did a great job bringing a highly responsive joystick to the Atari 7800. Also love how you speak of Atari 7800 games like a fine wine, "these two are a nice pairing" ... "it's got a nice 1987 vintage to it" etc. Only you could pull that off. Can't wait to see more BTB, good luck with your move!!
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    7800 Avenue

    Double review on some excellent V61 products I got recently. Sealed Desert Falcon and the Gripstick controller, perfect combo.
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    Typical for Atari to get overlooked for their innovations in favor of other companies. Don't forget that video games began with the NES after all.
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    How Often Do You Play Board Games?

    How often do you play Board Games? I love Board Games and feel like they were a big part of our lives growing up and were around on the same Saturday evenings as Atari 2600 was. The Coronavirus quarantine is going on right now (note to friends reading this in the future) and this feels like a great week for doing family fun stuff in the house. That got me thinking about Board Games, and then @Atari Creep did a Board Game livestream playing Battleship with his family. That got me thinking that I'd love to do a Board Game Squad Challenge in the forums! It would be fun to try sometime. For example, we'd play Battleship either using our own boards at home, or using printable PDF printouts of Battleship boards that I could post in the Squad Challenge and we could print them out, cut out the little ships, and play them like Bingo cards. We'd play "long distance" in the same spirit that people used to play Chess by mail, sending each other moves in the mail and maybe only making a move or two a week. We could play a game of Battleship in the forums as a 15-day Squad Challenge. I've also begun collecting Board Games, particularly vintage games that I find, or the new "Retro" series Board Games that they have at Target. Here's a few Board Games from what I've collected so far: So how often do you play Board Games? Do you have some original games that you've always had growing up or have you bought new ones? What do you enjoy most? Do you play more often with family or friends?
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    How Often Do You Play Board Games?

    took this pic awhile ago ...figgered it'd make good wall paper every once inawhile they will fall off the little ledger I have there I look for 'em at thrifts open 'em up the instructions usually have a parts list so I'll take the time too see if it's complete I try and find stuff from the earliest patent of the game (like first editions I guess) ... IMHO ... if it looks old its pretty cool ... my family doesn't alway agree ... I still haven't played my 1934 Monopoly yet ;"( for family gatherings I usually take 4 or 5 games with me. they also have favorites of their own. some winners I brought were "The Amazing Race", "Score Four", "Trouble", "Dynamite Shack" ... they always have a "scabble-off" "Settlers of Catan" ( or just Catan ) is wildly popular the card games like D&D ain't my thing I would like to learn how to play "Go" I have one with the stones & all .... one of these days I guess
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