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    Dug this up just now and thought this might make for something different. Post a photo / picture / image that you are in showing something silly, fun, retro etc. I'll kick off with this one - Here's me at 16 getting a promo Polaroid picture before seeing JAWS. Honestly, I love this shot and there is as far as I am concerned only one embarrassing thing about it, IT WAS FOR JAWS 3 ! 😂🙄
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    Here's one of young me taking a "selfie" with a stuffed tiger at one of the Carnegie museums in Pittsburgh.
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    Here's the ROM file if anyone is looking for it. It's an interesting platformer. For me, the controls are just a little clunky and the hit detection a bit unforgiving. It's definitely not as refined as Super Mario Bros. but has a colorful and fun look. I'm not ready to post but I'm going to keep trying though! Good luck everyone! Alex Kidd in Miracle World (USA, Europe).sms
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    hi everyone, now here is where the 7800 really shines. the programmer knew his/her stuff, and most likely the choplifter is a double sprite. music good to. now the xe version, i will include the original 16k apple port also. it will show you why this one is so bad and choppy. the apple port is a port of apple basic with machine code, its why its pink. the 1988 atari version just updated the lousy apple port. its obvious its not a complete rewrite in atari machine code. 16k apple port. choplifter was released originally as a 16k game on cart., 48k disk. by broderbund. thanks, lance www.atarisales.com
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