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    Video 61

    Putt 18 Miniature Golf for Atari 7800

    hi Every one, we are pleased to announce Putt18 for the Atari 7800 pro system. the game will be $39.95. when inquiring about the game, please state the country you live in for shipping purposes. we are only taking orders via our e-mail address, video61@atarisales.com video61atarisales@gmail.com and paypal payment only, Putt18 is not listed on our web site yet, a web page for Putt18 is coming. but the game is ready for sale now. thanks, lance www.atarisales.com
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    The Atari 7800 Homebrew Podcast

    What? Time for another episode ALREADY?! Well, Bob DeCrescenzo has DONE IT AGAIN. This time, with some help from Kurt Woloch. In this episode we explore the latest addition to the 7800 homebrew library, the only home conversion of an arcade classic. https://homebrew78.fab4it.com/media/hbh_episode_0501.mp3
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