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    😛 Well I will post one more, I tried but I guess not many will put themselves out there or laugh at themselves (THANKS to few who participated), that's cool, I tried and in that same spirit this next post shows I am totally willing to be laughed at. I will leave it at that, this thread can just die off or whatever. ---- BUT FIRST A MESSAGE ----- NO RAT(S) WERE HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THIS 30+ YEAR OLD IMAGE, THOUGH THEY MAY HAVE ENDURED SOME MOISTURE 😉 😜 ME back in my teens, yep that is real, my pet RAT JD, if I say he did not bite me on occasion I would be lying, if I said I did not deserve it.....I would also be lying....SIDE NOTE, an old iPhone 4 makes an awesome fast scanner for old photos 😛😆 Last word, besides silly shenanigans like this they my rats (JD and MARTY, MARTY WAS ALL WHITE) were played with a lot, feed pizza or whatever I was snacking on etc. They were fun. 😎 they fact I could even DO this was due to their, perhaps misplaced TRUST.
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    Putt 18 Miniature Golf for Atari 7800

    A bit of good news so far is that we announced on here and I announced on my Facebook group before anyone else. This could be a shock to them that we are moving to porting games to the 7800.
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    Live on IG tonight. I sat on the controller just before streaming. Busted it but was still able to rock n roll a little. 7400
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