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    Closing in on 30,000 points. Current score: 26,700
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    📺 Formally setting up my Sony Trinitron TV stand w/ my 8-Bit systems at the new house. I'll post pics when it's done.
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    Just broke 20,000 points
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    Coming soon to YouTube, Twitch and social!
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    They were made to be opened and enjoyed, not dust collectors sitting on a shelf. They need air and exercise, too. I've got a loose copy but would not mind a minty fresh one to sit next to the 5200 version I have. I love those silver Atari boxes.
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    For fun, here is a Moon Patrol garage kit I built. Got this from @nosweargamer who I think got it from @Willie! who got it from a dude names Arkay.
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    Latest acquisition: A boxed Colecovision! It works just fine after a little cleanup, although one of the controllers has a non-functioning keypad.
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    ColEm Emulator Updates

    Hello, All! I've published the free ColEm 5.2 for Windows and Linux, with the source code for those interested in porting ColEm to other platforms: http://fms.komkon.org/ColEm/ -- homepage http://fms.komkon.org/ColEm/ColEm52-Windows-bin.zip -- free Windows version http://fms.komkon.org/ColEm/ColEm52-Ubuntu-x86-bin.tgz -- free Linux version http://fms.komkon.org/ColEm/ColEm52-Source.zip -- portable source code This release reorganizes the built-in menu (F5 or CTRL+F5 in Adam mode), adding new options for hardware configuration, disk, and tape drives. The Windows version fixes window resizing and positioning, and adds saving last selected physical gamepad. Finally, the Windows version includes the new "File | Clear Settings and Quit" menu option for resetting entire configuration. See below for all the changes. ALL CHANGES: * Reorganized built-in configuration menu. * Added built-in menu options for saving printer and MIDI outputs. * Added built-in menu for hardware model and options. * Added built-in menu for Adam disks and tapes. * Fixed built-in menu palette selection. * Added "File | Clear Settings and Quit" option to ColEm-Windows. * Fixed small windows behavior in ColEm-Windows. * Fixed window position behavior in ColEm-Windows. * Saving physical joystick/gamepad selection in ColEm-Windows. * The LoadFile() function will now try loading .STA files. ColEm Deluxe, the complete ColEm app for Android, is on $2.99 sale at Google Play this week: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fms.colem.deluxe
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    Awesome Atari book! I just finished reading HC4! 🙂 I liked the screenshots and analysis sections, and the coverage of the new Atari consoles games like Strip Off from Tactical Neuronics. I also liked hearing favorably about programmers and productions that aren't always noticed or promoted on AtariAge - my friend from the scene bitd Greg Zumwalt is featured in this book with pictures and a backdrop story for Candyman I enjoyed. I've started Reading BREAKOUT how Atari computers defined a generation and it's an awesome book too with great screenshots and insightful stories 🙂 Racing the Beam is available free online as a PDF, and I downloaded it after losing my copy, but there's nothing like reading a real book and rereading the PDF just did not compare - I'll be reading this hardcover next.
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    Welcome! You'll find this is a great supportive community. Thanks for joining in.
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    ColecoVision vs. Atari Commercials

    Here's a YouTube video of CBS commercial breaks from November 19, 1983 featuring some of the GREAT commercials from the ColecoVision vs. Atari vs. Commodore era (what I believe SHOULD be referred to as "the 3rd Generation" video game consoles) "Sorry Atari" ColecoVision vs. Atari 2600 (at 5:51): https://youtu.be/a4qSAnQdXYc?t=351 "It Doesn't Work on ColecoVision!" Atari's Response, Atari 5200 vs. ColecoVision (at 10:52): https://youtu.be/a4qSAnQdXYc?t=652 Commodore responding to Coleco and Atari (at 14:22): https://youtu.be/a4qSAnQdXYc?t=862
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    ColecoVision vs. Atari Commercials

    It's always fun watching these! 🙂
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    Me too! Also me too! Idk why it took me 5 years to get to this game. Moon Patrol is nicely done on the 2600, it feels similar to a ColecoVision game to me.
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    My goal tonight is to try to reach 20,000 points on this game. Moon Patrol is one of my favorites...I've got to master this lol. I didn't grow up on this one...that's my handicap.
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    14700 using a 2600jr and OG joystick. So ungood at this game. Always have been, too much going on for my punch drunk brain. So fun though.
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