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    36,400. This is the first time I've gotten to Venom.
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    I was fortunate enough to have a Genny and SNES. I liked the few SNES games I had but I found more games I liked on the Genesis. I also remember the debate in high school about which system had the better sound. Most agreed with the SNES but then Streets of Rage 2 came out and the soundtrack to that game simply rocked. As for Star Fox on the Super NES...I agree that it felt like a Star Raiders game. I beat the game a few times. Star Fox is one of the shinning moments on the Super. @MaliciousCarp Hehe I was wondering if someone was going to pull that joke.
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    Hyperkin - Retron 77. HD Atari 2600?

    Competitors could get away with 2600 clones when the 2600 was the #1 video game system on store shelves, but now Zombie Atari is going to sue Hyperkin. Okay. Maybe Atari should release an actual Atari-compatible system with HDMI output for under $50 and this wouldn't be an issue.
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    I don't have the SNES StarFox but certainly do have the 2600 Star Fox. I know what one doesn't count for this high score compo. 🙂
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    Arcade USA

    Tetronimo's are a fallin' in glorious full color with this new Walmart Basic Fun Tetris MiniCade! https://youtu.be/aRbA6bIrrfM
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    Let's get started with a score! This was my first attempt and I'm pretty happy with how it went, I got all the way to Venom but that last boss handed it to me. My High Score: 47,100 Your score is displayed at the end of each round. You'll want to take a photo of your score before you begin the next leg of your journey because a final score is not displayed at the end of the game when you lose your last life.
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    Hyperkin - Retron 77. HD Atari 2600?

    It looks like Zombie Atari is at it again. Here's an article detailing the current litigation between Atari and Hyperkin over the Retron77. A version of the article also appears at Bloomberg Law buy behind a pay wall. Who knows what this could mean for the Retron77, Trooper and Ranger. If you haven't jumped in, now might be the time. https://www.lexology.com/library/detail.aspx?g=5878121d-c788-459c-83e6-8050964532f0
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    👉 Be sure to take a photo of your Star Fox score before you begin the next leg of your journey! A final score is not displayed at the end of the game when you lose your last life.
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    Yeah, so called "Atari" today are nothing more than litigation hungry holders of trademark / IP who just want to try and grab every bit profit they can. Also, they want to keep reselling the same crap over and over to the Atari faithful. The AtariVCS has yet to have a single unit reach an actual backers hands, the only people who have claimed to receive any units seem to be "friends" or family (IE: people connected) to the AtariVCS team, I remain very skeptical an actual backer will ever receive a unit, even if they DO it is nothing worth the price and certainly brings nothing new to the table but of course people want one because it has a woodgrain finish and an Atari logo on it. They have proven to be very heavy handed against anyone using the Atari name even though such projects are what keep interest and the legacy in mind and alive. They wont release a 2600 compatible with HDMI for $50 or under because they are not capable of doing so, so instead they want to sue a company that has done exactly that 🙄 They consider themselves as gatekeepers of the Atari brand but sadly it seems every move and decision they make just deteriorate the Atari brand and legacy more and more, SHAME. You damn well know even if they worked with HYPERKIN to produce the Retron77 they would have been $150 USD right from the get go.
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    Justin's 8-Bit Game Setup

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    For me, Star Fox was Star Raiders 10 years later and with animal characters: Cockpit View Hyperspace Galactic Map
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    For anyone running into trouble with Retron systems, remember it's okay to play Star Fox on an SNES Mini console, Nintendo Switch Online, any viable form of emulation, etc. All of those scores are able to be submitted to the Squad Challenge.
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    Arcade USA

    Time for the letter M with the Namco Museum Collection on the PS1! https://youtu.be/jFfAH0rDtVA
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    I love Star Fox but I don't have it and emulation doesn't do the game justice. I'll sit this one out. 😞
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