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    What would your Top 5 and Bottom 5 be? "VHS List" Must Watch Episodes: Yesterday's Enterprise (should've been the Generations movie) The Inner Light Best of Both Worlds (Parts 1 and 2) Chain of Command All Good Things Honorary Mention: Darmok "Skip List" Bottom 5 Episodes: Cost of Living Angel One Sub Rosa Code of Honor (Any "Risa" episode)
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    I just thought of an episode that deserves to be up there: The Measure of a Man.
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    Nice list, @Justin Yesterday's Enterprise is excellent and a great choice for the top spot! Best of Both Worlds would be on my list too. I've always enjoyed Déjà Q, the Pegasus and Conspiracy.
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    I have to say that I agree with those lists.
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    Yes I agree! I really wanted to include that in my Top 5. I wish it could've been a Top 20! Another excellent episode is Tapestry, where Q puts Picard in a situation to make different decisions as a young man, only to find they result in Picard leading a boring, bland life.
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    There's a lot of "Skip List" in the TNG library for me. The entirety of season 1 IMO. Luckily, the show got much better in season 2 and on! I've got no complaints with your lists. I really like the episode "Darmok" and would promote that one to full "Must Watch" status. "Chain of Command" was a 2 part-er, wasn't it? So take those two off, add Darmok and "Parallels". I guess it's hard to pare it down to only 5! There's a lot that TNG did really well. But there are some aspects of the show that I disliked. The Romulans, for example. Why do they have the forehead piece? Shouldn't they look like Vulcans? What's a Vulcan without an eyebrow raise? And those giant shoulder pads and unflattering hair-do's -- WTFeklar! Remember the Romulan Commander from TOS "The Enterprise Incident"? That's the look they should have gone with. "Star Trek: Picard" fixed the Romulans for the better IMO.
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    All this month I plan to review Atari 2600 Paddle Games on my YouTube Channel. My hope to to review at least ten of them! It all starts with Night Driver!
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    Hyperkin - Retron 77. HD Atari 2600?

    If Atari were smart, and that is a BIG if, they would have made a RISC system like the Atari Jaguar and its predecessors. I wish that they would have someone smart who really knows gaming take over. They guys emulate old stuff. Emulate! They are over-doing old things on the cheap, and that is the problem. Whatever happened to innovation? What happened to real hardware? As I have stated before, emulation is great. But, in the 21st Century, there is too much emulation now. Everything is emulated! Why not try to reverse-engineer some of this older stuff and do it right? They could emulate and use real hardware at the same time, but I believe emulation should be done sparingly. As a last resort. That's if it can't be done on real hardware. It's to the point where the hardware is too cheaply made to the point where it can be chintzy. So, BTB, if you are watching this post, I happen to agree with you about the differences between emulation and real hardware. But, I know these guys can do it right. If they can afford putting up Atari-branded hotels, they can afford a few million euros (after all, they are in France) and create a great system. Hacks! Nothing but hacks hiding behind what used to be a great and dominating name in the video game industry. Balderdash!
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