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    While doing some grocery shopping in our Wal-Mart that is currently in the midst of a remodel I stumbled across this: I also think the electronics section is doing away with the My Arcade and Tiny Arcade stuff...those were on clearance as well. I didn't get those though but for $4 I couldn't pass up Spy Hunter. Spy Hunter was not one of my favorites. I like the game, it's a fun game, and I have it for the NES, but there were other games I liked better if that makes sense. With that being said this one is faithful to the arcade but the controls are a bit unresponsive. It's hard to figure out how to get the car to accelerate. I couldn't figure it out. Maybe more time spent with it and I'll discover it. Otherwise the game looks really good with a bright, clear picture and the music in the game never gets boring. My first Arcade Classics mini arcade from Basic Fun. So far...I like the My Arcade Micro Players a bit better. Still...this one is cool and the artwork is really nice.
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    Dig Dug on Jakks Pacific

    Playing Dig-Dug on this Jakks Pacific plug and play from 2007. Great arcade port but the screen scrolls and the audio glitches but it's in a fun way. I'll record game footage so you can hear these unusual sounds. Plus it's just one of my favorite games. I only wish it had a cut scene like Pac-Man. 💥
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    Arcade USA

    Thanks everyone for stopping by the impromptu livestream this evening 🙂 https://youtu.be/6shzHImBGUU
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    Arcade USA

    Its Namco's Mappy! in a teeny weeny arcade cab from Super Impulse toys! https://youtu.be/PLfbSV3gXz4
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    Parlez-vous Français?

    I took Spanish in high school, and it has been useful. But I must admit, I was just being lazy. I grew up in a home that spoke Italian, so Spanish was a breeze. You're right about the tape drives for the 8-bits being flaky due to old worn belts. Stay away from the old 410. But if you find an XE version (I think the number is 1010?), you may have better luck. Not as many belts in that one. I have one that works perfectly.
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    I wanted to ask if anyone here has experience doing Super Nintendo emulation on a Windows PC. I have the cartridge, and there is a SNES in my attic, but it's probably faster for me to set up an emulator.
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    Okay guys this is the score to beat. I beat Star Fox tonight and I did it on one life. I haven't played Star Fox in a few years, I don't consider myself a "Star Fox master" but I was in the mood to play this game and it's been a lot of fun. I've really enjoyed the past few Squad Challenges we've done. I hope you have too! My Final Score: 55,700 At the end it also gave me an average score of 92%
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    Question: How do you see your score when the game ends? And does using a continue reset your score?
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