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    118,825 points 1/11/21 I had to take a picture of my YouTube livestream lol. It wouldn't download the video said the file was too big. If this doesn't get accepted oh well no big deal. The No Swear Gamer and The Atari Creep can vouge for me that I did this. They both watch my channel.
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    Evercade Retro Handheld

    Welcome to the club @nosweargamer! That's a steal for a premium pack. I ended up grabbing one last Summer and have all carts currently available. The Lynx collections alone are worth the price of entry for those that do not have a Lynx.
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    Evercade Retro Handheld

    So I decided to make the Evercade my first new system purchase in nearly 10 years. The big reason was the price mixed in with all the cool compilations. $99.99 for a system with 3 cartridges containing 36 games is pretty hard to beat. I didn't mention this anywhere else, but I got an even better deal. I found a guy on eBay selling a new premium pack on ebay for asking for $85. He said he already had one and was given a second as a gift, hence why he was selling it. I was hesitant, I prefer buying new systems from retailers, but I sent him an offer for $75 and he took it! Today I finally opened up the box. You can see all the contents here: I plan to do more Evercade reviews in the future, and even have more games on the way.
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    1,455,582. I rolled the score again, but I didn't do a video this time. Nerd's honor. Is that ok?
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    Welcome to the Forums @AtariSphinx it's great to have you join us! How did you hear of Atari I/O? I think you'll find this is a nice community with some terrific people, I hope you enjoy your time here!
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    Harry’s Game Room Redux

    New decor courtesy of @socrates63. The man knows me well! These are from Retro Gamer’s Loft, and they’re awesome! There’s another DK3 one not pictured.
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    Going to let Mothra take a shot at a score
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    Evercade Retro Handheld

    The Evercade is a new, cartridge-based retro gaming handheld from Blaze (UK). Apparently, the emulators are on the carts and not the machine itself. Each cart has from 2 to 20 games. The idea here is that the carts provide curated collections add an element of collectability to an emulation handheld. Personally, I'm somewhat interested. I like the look of it. Early reviews are generally positive and it has HDMI out. Also, I agree with the premise that it's easy for good games to get lost in a sea of rom files on sd cards and hard drives, so curated collections are welcome. So far these collections are a bit underwhelming but two Lynx carts are planned, one of which includes a Songbird release. A few collections also contain modern homebrew for retro consoles. Prices range from $80 - $100 for the console. Carts are $20 each. The $100 bundle comes with 3 carts including collections from Atari, Data East and Interplay. That seems to be the best value. Is anyone here jumping in on the Evercade? Other thoughts?
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    I also found if I hit the top most step closest to the plunger (doing everything else as @RickR stated) but go from the right side of the spinner can fairly reliably get into the extra ball lane. Definitely many ways to do this but that worked best for me. Hope that helps someone crank up their score.
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    781,597 Spending time practicing getting that free ball definitely helped me learn to control the ball better
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    Video Pinball (3 A/A): 607,668 Saw how much fun everyone was having with this one and decided to join the forum! Never really played this game before and couldn't see why it would be any fun but after spending last two days I really like it now. Took awhile to get the hang of it but once you do you can break that 6 figure score barrier easily.
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    Evercade Retro Handheld

    For anyone with an Evercade... We are pleased to announce that new Firmware is now available for the Evercade. This update covers the following changes and improvements: Button mapping options in specific games (See the list at the end of this post). Brave Battle Saga on Piko Collection 1 – Crash condition is fixed. Little Medusa on Mega Cat Collection 1 – Crash condition is fixed. Menu “Bloop” sound can now be turned off. FW version added in the Main Menu. More robust save states function for when the unit is turned off. Note: This update includes all 1.1a button mapping fixes. New Firmware 1.2.0
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    My grandfather in the nursing home with COPD got coronavirus days before the vaccine. This may be the end. A priest was there earlier today. I trust God knows what he’s doing, whether he lives or dies it is His plan.
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