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  1. 🍄 Our MARIO BROS. NES Squad Challenge is live! We're playing GAME B
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  2. Happy Friday! I will be offline for a few weeks taking care of non-gaming stuff. I will be online sporadically. I plan on returning in early August after which I will prepare for the 'Season 3' Premiere of my show. So mark down August 10 at 9pm ET for the return of Retro With Marco! In the meantime, please check out the return of Settle It On The Screen this coming Wednesday, July 21 at 10:30pm ET. That show will also stream on Tuesday, August 3 at 10:30pm ET: https://twitch.tv/settleitonthescreen Stay real, stay retro and, above all else, please stay safe!
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  3. A quick rant... I get that not everyone studied philosophy in college, but for goodness sakes, can we at least add Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure to high school curriculum? Today was one of those days that made me regret the email handle I chose for myself coming out of college that I continue to use today -- socrates63. I went to the University District in Seattle this morning to drop off my Kindle e-reader to trade in for a gift card and 20% coupon for a future Kindle purchase from Amazon. I was asked for my email address, and I said saw-kra-teez-63. It was apparent he was lost, so I spelled it out for him... three times... and he still couldn't get it right. Was he nervous because of my imposing Adonis physique? Finally, another guy jumped in to help. I knew I should have gone with "sixpak," my high school nickname 🤦‍♂️ At least no one said out loud SO-CRATES. I would have died if someone did. But while I was in the area, I walked over to Pink Gorilla and Al's Music, and pick up some goodies. I've always wanted to see The Black Hole, so I ordered a DVD copy when I got home. I don't collect Jaguar games, but when I find reasonably priced CIB copies, I don't mind adding them. I now have three 🙂 (Tempest is the other one I have).
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