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    Fire Call!

    Very nice video. PS - your desk is NOT messy!
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    Please Allow Me to Ramble

    I can't believe I didn't respond to you both. Thank you @RickR & @kamakazi20012 for your kinds words. I appreciate it! And @RickR, I don't think I had a difficult childhood at all! Yeah, my parents divorced & my mother had poor choices in men going forward, but I had two Christmases, two birthdays & my father pretty much gave me anything I could have hoped for. Yes, I wish that the time was reversed (meaning I went to school with my Dad & weekends with my Mom), if only to have more time with all the cool stuff I had at my Dad's. But if that was the case, maybe I wouldn't have had all those cool things and my summers wouldn't have been as awesome as they were.
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