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    Small Size, Big Heart

    The A2600 was a definite deviation from the norm in the way we looked at television. It was like you had each game as like an interactive TV channel. Channel Three came alive, with graphics and gaming! Of course, the Fairchild Channel F was the first system to offer interchangeable game cartridges (I believe that was the first), but the A2600 was the system that caused the idea to take off. It was to be reckoned with, for sure, and put Atari in the true mainstream. Definitely a fun system to this very day, 43 years later. I was almost two years old when it came out. My family got their first Atari system in 1982. We spent hours playing Frogger, Outlaw, Night Driver, et cetera! It never stopped. It was and is fun at its finest.
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    Auntie Em! Auntie Em!

    Thank you, that was a cool read! It's nice to see it getting a proper renovation and will survive for future generations to get to see. I love that you live in a very special place.
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    Auntie Em! Auntie Em!

    @Justin: Here's a fairly recent article on the Round House: https://fishersisland.net/fishers-islands-round-house-stands-out-even-in-the-land-of-unusual-houses/
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    I've got a very old single core laptop that runs Windows 7 just fine, but Win10 won't install due to a missing driver for some motherboard component. It's a really nice PC because the form factor is tiny and it has a really great keyboard. But it's getting pretty slow, and I think it's mostly that single core CPU. I've pretty much retired that one to the attic. It has no value, so no use trying to sell it. Anything dual core will do Win10 just fine and adding memory does help it run faster IMO. I've got a Core 2 Duo laptop that's very old but works great. SSD and 4GB of memory have kept it going, and I use that one a lot.
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