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  1. MaximumRD

    SHADOWMAN games

    😎I've never finished it but I played the original SHADOWMAN first on the N64 followed by the DREAMCAST then years later the PC version (from STEAM or GOG I cannot recall) of course, each version had some minor improved visuals but here I am again this time playing the recently released REMASTERED version on PC. It runs great and though still incredibly dated it's the best it's ever looked. I like the atmosphere and it's somewhat a guilty pleasure game for me like NIGHTMARE CREATURES etc. Here's a couple grabs I took just now. ANY FANS? 😎
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  2. So what do you do when your TI-99/4A system is expanded as far as possible? Simple, start another system! I'm not sure where I'll take this one next, but so far... .. currently my beige "portable system" has a TIPI/32K with RPi ZERO W and a speech synthesizer. Hopefully someday the F-18A MK2 will finally hit the market. This entry will be updated if/when anything changes!
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  3. Whoa! It's been a while since I last blogged! Sorry about that, readers! Today is a special day indeed. It's the one-year anniversary of when I first got my Atari 2600s! I thought I'd post a little something here about my systems in particular. I already made a very long status update about this (which I'll archive here at the end of the blog so it doesn't disappear forever), but here in this blog entry I'd like to touch on the history of these systems from what I have heard through the years from my "ancestors". There were two "dream systems" that I had always wanted, a Game Boy of
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