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    📞 One Friday night as a young man I prank called Jack Tramiel. Had him on the phone for 3 mins. Not my proudest moment, but I should tell that story sometime.
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    I think I am obsessed with mini M&M's 🤪
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    Yes, this is on my main daily driver desktop, Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview because I live on the edge baby! 😎😛😆😆😆I AM JUST THAT HARD CORE ! I take risks, I am a rebel, you can't tell me what to do !
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    Trying out my just arrived Blaze Evercade. Look for hardware and cart impressions on blog in the next few days. Pumped!
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    🏆 BIG THANKS to @RickR who generously donated a pile of unused Combat cartridges to the site for use on future projects.
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    I was reading the about me section of a profile and thought “wow they are similar to me,” and then immediately realized it was my own profile 😅😳
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    Barnyard Blaster on 7800 Ave - New Episode
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    🚀 Astrosmash / Astroblast Double Feature is UP!!
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    🕹️ We're a champion of original Atari games because we genuinely like these games. We love these games for what they are the way we love Drive-In B-movies
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    To atone for my prior status, here's a picture of the REAL BTTF DeLorean. Just for you @Justin
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    Mail call: Titanfall 2 on PS4 courtesy of @Atari Creep! Check out that sweet "Creep it Real" sticker. Going to try it out over the long weekend. Thanks Chris!
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    To all fathers today, Happy Father's Day. I hope that you are enjoying it. :O)
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    🤯 PS5 looks like a 2050 maxi pad dispenser. Disappointing!
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    I'm so glad I have gotten a lot more active. I enjoy it and feel better, and now I hate missing a day of not going for a walk or bike ride!
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    🖖 Science fiction has always been the frontier for legitimate future predictions. Technology is what changes us more than anything else. Imagining what could be created, and what the effects are on culture and behavior, thats where genuine insight is found.
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    Over the past few months I've been working out and being more active. I feel better and more energetic during the day, and now look forward to exercising 😄
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    That special dilemma of buying old stuff that's never been opened. Should I open them up and display the ships on my shelf? Or leave them in the box where they can't be examined and enjoyed up close?
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    🎧 Currently listening to Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls (New Lockdown Version)
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    Playing MAME on desktop and thinking "WHY THE HELL DON'T I DO THIS MORE OFTEN?" 😀😎
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    Happy Father's Day to all!

    Happy Father's Day to all!
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    Thought you guys might be interested in this article: https://www.msn.com/en-us/entertainment/gaming/guinness-reverses-decision-to-strip-billy-mitchell-s-pac-man-and-donkey-kong-records/ar-BB15IxvC?ocid=msnews
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    The Evercade Premium Pack came with 36 games included on 3 carts. All I can do is play Boogerman!
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    😲 Can you believe it is nearly July?! It feels like it was just March 2 weeks ago. Has time been going by fast for everyone as well?
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    Like the Shmoo avatar, by the way! It reminds me of the 'Lil Abner comics. He used to be on those Saturday morning Hanna-Barbera cartoons, too. I remember them when I was a kid. :O)
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    Hey everybody. What's up?

    Hey everybody. What's up?
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    Intellivision Master started Astrosmash record run yesterday morning at 8am ET. After 13 hours of gameplay, he not only beat the scoring record, he finished with a Peak Score of just over 5 million!
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    A recent WR slipped through the news cycle with nary a mention: Back on May 23, Danielle Robbins scored 24,119,640 on Flicky at Galloping Ghost Arcade. The record run was streamed and recorded on the arcade's Twitch channel. Danielle's score is believed to be the highest score for both Arcade and MAME. (The MAME record is 13 million.) You can check out the record run here:
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    What happens if you enter the year "2020" on the DeLorean time machine...
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    NEW V61 Review!

    NEW V61 Review!
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