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    I got a pretty nice original NES today from a friend!
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    Well guys, I have some good news. I was able to find a replacement for my Intellivision online for $40. It includes the original box, manual, and three games.
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    I'll miss Robert Forster. What a presence. Just watched him in El Camino tonight, then saw on my phone he passed away from cancer. Was brilliant in Twin Peaks and Jackie Brown. One of my favorite actors, I'm sad he's gone.
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    I thought I would be able to return sooner but that didn’t happen due to all of the non-gaming stuff which consumed my daily schedule. I then decided that I wouldn’t return until I was sure I could do so without rescheduling/canceling. Life has slowed down to where I can return to retro gaming and return to Twitch with a new episode of Retro With Marco! I hope you will join me this Tuesday, October 15 at 9pm ET / 6pm PT when I will have the following: - High score and speedrun shoutouts - The Toshiba Pasopia & the recent tape dumps - A quick look at Arkandenoid for the C64 My plan for the show is to return to the bi-weekly schedule but I will keep everyone updated here, on Discord, and on other social media. https://twitch.tv/retrowithmarco See you then!
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    Oh guys, I'm feeling so overwhelmed at work lately. Please forgive me for venting, but it's gotten so difficult. Do more with less. I just feel so bad that I can't seem to keep up.
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    Anyone want to win a custom 7800/2600 controller from RetroGameBoyz??
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    Sorry I haven't been as active lately. Life has been super busy, and a lot of my spare time has gone into making new videos.
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