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    ⚠️ When creating a thread, be sure to start a real conversation. Include content and not just links that redirect to your site.
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    A quick review of the "Super Mario Bros Game & Watch". One of my kids got one as a gift, and I've borrowed it while they weren't looking. Quick summary: It's awesome. Worth the price. My opinion is that Super Mario Bros on NES is a masterpiece. The colors, the music, the level designs, the bright graphics. All perfect. And this little device captures all that. At first, the controls seem a little slippery, but that's just because the screen is so small. Once you get used to that, it's all good. The screen is nice and bright. The music sounds great. It's so well done. Bravo to Nintendo for doing nostalgia products with such high quality. I've seen a lot of complaints about "no kickstand". Really? OK. If that's all there is to complain about, I think it speaks highly about this product.
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    🌎 We’re all citizens of Atari I/O
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    Happy New Year! We are now only 63 years away from the great robot takeover...
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    My latest Atari 2600 game acquisition. Note the "Sports Illustrated " label! It's an R7 rarity.
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    🚀 Here's a look at our supreme lineup of games & events coming your way in High Score Squad for 2021: February: A Magnavox Odyssey ² game March: A TurboGrafx-16 game, and a Golf game to celebrate The Masters coming up! April: National Pac-Man Day! June: 2021 Pole Position II Grand Prix, plus our Summer Pizza Party! July: A Sega Master System game, HSW Day Ultimate Yars' Challenge, plus a game chosen by our Instagram followers! September: An Atari Lynx game November: A Sega Genesis game December: 2021 F-ZERO Championship, plus another game for Atari Jaguar! Plus many more great games! (Schedule subject to change)
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    🤖 Video Pinball Squad Challenge ENDS TONIGHT! Be there!
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    make everyday an Atari day! 🕹 👾

    make everyday an Atari day! 🕹👾
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    Retro TV shows! Three months ago in early October 2020, I ordered these DVD sets from ebay. For a month, the tracking number indicated that USPS hadn't received the package from the seller. I believed the seller when she said that she did ship, but what can you do? After I waited a month, and without fuss, she gave me a refund. Today, out of the blue, they showed up in my mail box. I already bought them from another seller on ebay couple of months ago. These are in better condition than my other new and sealed sets. Anyone want to trade DVD box sets of old TV shows? 🙂 After re-acquiring a tube TV and appreciating how it does wonders with older games and media, I've re-embraced DVD content. Many old TV shows are only available on DVD, and I've purchased a several (Munsters, I Dream of Jeannie, Bionic Woman, 6M Dollar Man, My Living Doll, some Korean shows) during the past six months after holding out for Blu-ray releases.
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    Mail call!

    Mail call!
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    ✨ Happy New Year everyone! (and Merry Christmas!) A little late >_<, I ended up getting a bad cold Christmas Eve and have been resting a lot. 2 flu tests, 2 strep tests, and a covid test later it turned out to just be a bad cold (luckily!). I'm slowly starting to feel better 🤧
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    New glasses! The main reason I post this here is this: If you wear progressive lenses like me...get a second pair of "computer" glasses if you can. Mine are from Costco, and that second pair was $100 extra. They have a much larger "normal"/middle area and it makes it a lot easier to see computer screens without tilting your neck all day. That has made work easier. But it's also PERFECT for video games! I can see the periphery a lot better. Highly recommended for old fart gamers like me.
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    Ho ho ho 🎅🎄 We got our first snow ❄️ of the season! It looks like a few inches piled up in just a few short hours. And on that appropriate note, a local gamer with the permission of the creator put together a Genesis cartridge of the homebrew Mega Xmas '89. My cartridge arrived today. I think I have more homebrews and repros for my Genesis than official cartridges 😜 k-u-r-a-z-y The rom is available for free download from the creator's site. It works in all regions. https://nekojitagames.itch.io/megaxmas89
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    Thanks to a trade with @chas10e, my crew has increased by one. Counselor Troi in da house.
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    Birthday games and a video capture device! What do you guys think?
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    Something amazing happened. I found an RPG that I actually like!
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    Here is a shirt that I got for Christmas. Brownie points to anyone who gets the reference. This shirt says my dad all over it.
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    Happy New Year 2021.

    Happy New Year 2021.
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    Happy new year, all. I hope we have a half-decent year this time.
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    2 new crew members. Both engineers. LaForge and O'Brien.
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    I can only hope for a better 2021 for everyone! 😎😛
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    Rikki & Vikki is now sold out on the 7800 but its still available on Steam. Currently its on sale for just $1.99. If you were ever curious now is the time; you can't beat that price! I can't recommend the game enough.
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    Happy 10th birthday, Metroid! I’m so happy to have you in my life. You have certainly helped shape me as a person.
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    THANK YOU, GRANDMA AND PAPA! For Christmas, they got me the brand new McCartney album! Haven’t listened to it yet, but I hope to soon! I now own both McCartney 1 and 3. I just need 2 now!
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    Happy Holidays! I hope you and your families and loved ones remain safe and healthy during these trying times.
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    In case I am busy I'll say it now...MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HOPING ALL A BETTER 2021! 🤶❄🎄🎅
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    🤔 Why was Mrs. Roper always so hot and bothered?
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    So Mothman Prophecy. That was... awesome. I watched it today. Holy hell is that a good movie. I mean wow.
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    Today I ordered a whole THIRTEEN Atari VCS cartridges from @Scott Stilphen of Atari Compendium fame. What a great deal— all these games for less than $25.00! I’m looking forward to sharing these games with you all when they arrive. Some of these games I ought to have gotten a long time ago.
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    What books have you all been reading recently? I'm reading this one called "Blood, Sweat, and Pixels". I haven't played any of the games it covers (not really my thing), but it really is interesting and I may have to check a few of them out someday. And yes, I edited this post and completely redid it. I don't want to wallow in negativity. Best to keep some things to myself.
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    🎄❄️🕹️ Happy Atari Day! I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!
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    Merry Belated Christmas. It's been a rough year. I hope 2021 is better for us all.
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    The Christmas episode of the 2600 GBG Podcast has been released! It’s so cool to hear words I wrote appear on the show. I hope to write in more regularly.
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    Who wants to play ColecoVision Donkey Kong? Me!
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    Two of Nintendo’s most-hated systems finally meet. Wii U and Virtual Boy unite! This game, Mario Clash, is great. It’s like a sequel to arcade Mario Brothera. The jump and throw buttons are reversed from what you’d expect, but you get used to it pretty fast. I still swapped the buttons on my controller, however, and turned the harsh red colors to a nice white. The graphics really pop on my CRT. Shame the VB wasn’t handled and designed a little better.
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    RIP - Peter Mark Richman, Actor in ‘Beverly Hills 90210,’ ‘Three’s Company,’ Dies at 93. http:// https://variety.com/2021/tv/news/peter-mark-richman-dead-beverly-hills-90210-1234885944/ Glad he had a good long life and a long marriage of 67 years! RIP. I enjoyed him even before that great Star Trek role in original Twilight Zone and Outer Limits episodes.
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    Dad tested positive for Covid, so we're all quarantined for the next two weeks. Upside? More video game time.
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    My grandfather in the nursing home with COPD got coronavirus days before the vaccine. This may be the end. A priest was there earlier today. I trust God knows what he’s doing, whether he lives or dies it is His plan.
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    RIP Dawn Wells! Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island has passed away from COVID-19. She was 82.
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    I had to tear down my entire game room because of my mother. She also made me take down the CRT in my room. I am going to wait a while until this massive, days-long family fight has calmed down before I rebuild. It wouldn’t be Christmas without some massive, destructive, drawn-out family brawls.
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    ALIEN PRODUCER DAVID GILER HAD DIED AT THE AGE OF 77 https://variety.com/2020/film/news/david-giler-dead-alien-1234867896/
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