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    I've been doing 6502 programming on the Atari 8-bit computers since Mac/65 on the 80s. Today its Eclipse/WUDSN/Mads and emulators on linux. In the later 80s and 90s I was doing computer animation, desktop publishing, and video production on Amigas. Some programming, too, but by then I was working full time, so recreational programming was cut down quite a bit. I have a full time job managing a group of programmers working on financial processing systems written in C and running on linux. Chances are if you've used a gift card I've made it a happy experience for you. (If it wasn't I can refer you to some competitors ) When I have time I work on random graphics project and games, or port things from other platforms to the Atari 8-bit computers. Various tutorials from Oldskoolcoder and GRay Defender have been my past porting victims. https://github.com/kenjennings https://www.youtube.com/user/SyntheToonz (No, I've never been on Jeopardy!)
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    For those of you having a hard time like me during these dark times...PLEASE watch this. Fast forward to 10:45 at a bare minimum. Trust me.
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    🤯 How did WB own Atari, DC comics & Looney Tunes, & not see that games can be cartoons & characters
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    To all those waiting out the pandemic: stay healthy, safe, and home if you can. Thanks. 🙂
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    Ms. Pac-Man episode on 7800 Ave.
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    Couple images gave me a chuckle 😆
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