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    Chatroom Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Friday evening! Join us!
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    Happy New Years, everybody!

    Happy New Years, everybody!
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    I cannot believe it, just after my video the other day and I said I never find anything good in electronic recycling during holidays? Today I found a laptop! Guess someone got a new one for Christmas, in take, great condition, Silver 14 or 15' HP Pavilion! Of course could not log in, don't know specs yet but it came with WINDOWS 8 so already better than the old HP Pavilion I was playing with Linux. Will make a great secondary laptop. Looked it up and running recovery mode on it NOW.
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    Hey guys I just joined, How is everyone?
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    You know it saddens me that SEGA has never matched the quality / quantity / fun that they generated back in the 8-16 bit era. 😐
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    Happy Atari Day!! ?️ First Atari Day spent in the new Forums! Feels like moving into a new home
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    My local Gamestop has a pre-owned WiiU that I've had my eyes on for several weeks now, so I've decided to save up enough to buy it. I've got almost half the asking price of $129.99 now, and hope to have the other half by March. I really want to get into the WiiU Virtual Console before Ninty eventually pulls the plug on it.
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    🏆🎈🎉🍾 Happy 75th Birthday to Atari & Chuck E. Cheese founder Nolan Bushnell!
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    💬 Wed Night Atari Chat is happening Wednesday at sundown. I'll be there!
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    Electronics Bin Check in my Winter Wonderland 2019 https://forums.atari.io/topic/39-maximumrds-youtube-videos/?do=findComment&comment=42739
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    Music to game to. And also to eat chicken to.
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    😎 A huge welcome to the Turbo family & congrats to @RickR for getting his first TurboGrafx-16!
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    Hi Justin, Lance is where the SMS I have came from. He found it looking for something else. I'm glad i got it. Hopefully he has more TG-16s. The value of those things have increased, though. I never thought that machine to be worth much. Blame Keith Courage for that...that game didn't leave a strong impression for the system. It was the only game I had.
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    Merry Christmas everyone! For my 200th video, its "Mappy Time!" https://youtu.be/nlxpKJEXGxc Mappy to the left, Mappy to the right...
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    So, I find myself in the market for a Sega Master System. Hoping I can find a cheap one online before 2019 is over.
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    GOOD LUCK to all our racers getting in those last-minute lap times in our F-ZERO Squad Challenge tonite! 😎
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    How many Saturday mornings were derailed stuck on an unbeatable level you spend your entire day on 🤖
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    Peace and blessings to all during this holiday season.
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    Loving the new site the more I use it. In my video game art thread I noticed how easy it is to upload multiple images /attachments now. Starting to really see the benefits! Great work JUSTIN and all involved! Atari. io is better than ever! 🍻😘
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    90% percent of time a change is made to a website, I say "the old version was better." This new design is part of the 10% where I don't feel that way. Good job on the new design.
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    Forums are back online again! 😎 We experienced interruptions today as we upgraded our PHP and SSL certificate
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    Both Mean Gene Okerlund and Super Dave Osborne have passed away at age 76. 😔
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    RIP LAVERNE 😥 Penny Marshall, co-star of 'Laverne & Shirley' and director of 'A League of Their Own,' dead at 75
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