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    Merry Christmas!

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    Look what my brother got me for Christmas!
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    Fatal Run for Atari 7800

    Fatal Run is one of my favorite games for the Atari 7800 and also one of its biggest disappointments. Fatal Run should’ve been RoadBlasters. RoadBlasters is a legendary Atari arcade game and done properly would’ve been an incredible addition to the 7800 library. Atari Games had some amazing arcade games that should’ve made it into our living rooms as 7800 exclusives. RoadBlasters, Tetris, Paperboy, Marble Madness, Pit-Fighter, and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom just to name a few. Why wasn’t the 7800 relaunched with Paperboy as the pack-in game and two D-Pad Controllers? Hello? The 7800 was my first and favorite video game system and became an underdog that I always rooted for. It was developed to be the cutting-edge game system of 1984 designed to bring the arcade experience home. It wound up being the undersupported, underdeveloped NES competitor of 1990. The 7800 would’ve benefitted nicely from an OutRun style driving game, done right with nice graphics and sound. RoadBlasters took OutRun a step further adding “Mad Max” road warfare with missiles, road mines and fuel globes. Fatal Run is a cool road warfare game but lacks the polished perfection of RoadBlasters. Still, Fatal Run has cool elements like a shop to build up your car, and the best title screen of any game on the system. When it was new, Fatal Run retailed at twice the cost of regular 7800 games and today is considered one of the more collectible games for the system. It’s worth playing if you can pick one up, but RoadBlasters on Atari Lynx is better. How many of you have gotten your hands on Fatal Run for your collection? Am I alone in having this as one of my favorite games for the system but also considering it to be one of its biggest disappointments? What do you think about this game?
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    Kid A

    Gaming history in my hands!

    I can't believe I got to hold this piece of gaming history, let alone it being in my apartment and even being displayed with the rest of my games! This is totally awesome!
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    Merry Christmas!

    Same to you, and everyone else here. Please enjoy this as my contribution to the Atari.io holiday party:
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    Since I am new to the Intellivision family, thought I would post my collection to date (12/23/18) With one also on the way!!!!
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    Thrift Store Finds

    Found these 7800 games at goodwill today. They were all wrapped in a stack and had a price sticker of $3.99 on it!
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    Atari 7800 Joystick Coupler

    Can't get them from there anymore, but here is another source if you are looking for one. Atari 7800 Joystick Coupler
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    Some folks seem to be having an issue with the downloaded archive "Atari 2600 VCS ROM Collection" by ROMHUNTER / ATARIMANIA. Here I simply demonstrate the integrity of the currently posted archive. It's seem to download and extract perfectly fine so not sure why they are having an issue. Thanks to ROM HUNTER and his continued work in preservation. GET YOUR LATEST 2600 ROM archive HERE: http://www.atarimania.com/rom_collection_archive_atari_2600_roms.html
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    Yep, I have all my comments held for review now when I post vids. That way they trolls dont get instant satisfaction of their posts showing up before I can delete them Its a little more labor intensive, but the troll comments have started to drop off since I started doing that.
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    Got started tonight. Playing on all original hardware (for once) lol
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    I'm back in the swing of making Atari Day reviews! (featuring my Secret Santa gift from Creep no less)
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    Atari I/O Secret Santa 2018!

    Thank you Kid A! Merry Christmas to you and I will most definitely put this to good use in the game room!
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    Atari Creep

    Atari I/O Secret Santa 2018!

    Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas, happy holidays and here is to an amazing retro 2019!!!!!!!
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    New Addition

    Ummm. Guys? The computer shell is correct. I was doing a teardown for cleaning but I think I will just clean the shell as I don't want to take chance on destroying this one. Why? I'm sorry the image is blurry but I am shaking with excitement. This is a honest to goodness STe! I'm still in shock. All I have been able to do is sit and stare for the past half hour. What's the big deal between this and other STs? The "e" stands for "enhanced" and for good reason. The Atari Jaguar design is based off of the STe models. Both have a Blitter processor. It has left and right audio outs but I am not sure if they are stereo sound or mono. Still learning some ST model hardware variants. But one key feature, and I did not notice these when I was unpacking and setting up the computer, are ... ...these two. An STe characteristic. These are Jaguar controller ports. I'm not sure what all games these can be used for but, yea. This is the Cadillac of ST models. I'm putting it back together. It can stay grungy as long as it works. I'm not doing anything to upset this bad boy. I am not bragging...I had to share my discovery because I was expecting an STfm inside an STe shell. STfm don't have the stuff mentioned. What a nice surprise. Best...Christmas...EVER!
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    Restoring a Big Trak

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    Restoring a Big Trak

    I had one I restored with a trailer, wish I had known you wanted one as I gave it away.
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    Gaming history in my hands!

    Man that's amazing right there. Your friend is one lucky guy to have that beauty!
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    The Atari Creep

    Regarding the Intellivision controller restoration, can you flip the buttons on the right side to the left? Like rotating tires. That was one of my favorite Creep videos. Immense respect goes to those who keep original hardware running. I was just playing Castlevania Dracula X: Rondo of Blood for Turbo Duo. BTB and I just got our hands on this game, it's amazing. Very similar to Super Castlevania IV although the one that followed it on SNES is the closer title. Keep these videos coming.
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    New Addition

    I said I would show when it arrived. Very excited about this one!! She's a bit grungy but working. Dual DD disk drives, too! My Atari hardware collection is complete. And, before I get asked, its a 1040 STfm in a 1040 STe shell. I don't think it has the Blitter processor. Will know when it is taken apart to clean. Santa came a day early.
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    As for goals, I haven't really had any for a few years now. I'll be getting the Phoenix this year so I'm on a bit of a Colecovision run right now. I've been getting more into building and using older DOS based 386, 486, or Pentium 1 PC's. Currently waiting for an IDE to SD card adapter because I'm not having any luck with 30+ year old IDE drives working properly. Bad sectors seem to be multiplying Other than that it's probably homebrews, mostly for the Atari systems but I'd buy them for any system I own if they're good games and if they're arcade ports, especially ones never released or woefully underrepresented on classic consoles then I'm definitely on board. And probably a few PS4 games. There's a new Star Wars and I believe Crash Racing coming out this year so I'll be getting those and a few others. Can't seem to find Atari Classics Flashback 3 for the PS4 in physical copy here in Canada which is weird. No one has any of the 3 volumes actually. Also may spend some money building up my Steam and GOG library. Some great stuff there. Love those big sales they have
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    NSG's Toys & More Tuesdays

    Looking at the Spider-Man 3 die cast cars Atari Creep sent me as part of my Secret Santa gift.
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    Atari I/O Secret Santa 2018!

    That upgrade was like a gift to all of us! And now new members can join with no issues too. Cheers to a fun and prosperous 2019!
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    MaximumRD's YouTube Videos

    Just posted this now. 😎🍻
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