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    Hello All!

    Hi There! My name is Richard Heywood, and some know me by "Retro" Rich Heywood. I'm new here, and am looking to have fun in the High Score Squad Challenges! Hope to meet a bunch of you on here, and share some Good Times! Thanks, -Rich
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    Congratulations RickR! Congratulations @RickR!! Rick came in with the highest score for our 7th Annual Howard Scott Warshaw Day Ultimate Yars' Challenge! Rick takes the 1st Place spot on our scoreboard with a dazzling score of 278,579 points. A very BIG welcome to our new friend @MaliciousCarp who joined us this week and shot near the top of the board to take 2nd Place with his score of 106, 699 points. @atarilbc @TrekMD and @kamakazi20012 round things out with strong showings all! Happy Birthday to HSW and a huge congratulations to everyone on joining in our little event. See you again next year!
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    I unboxed a brand new minty fresh Moon Patrol to play this Squad Challenge
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    Played the other day on Super Nintendo. I was proud I got to the end of the first level, it was my first time playing and I found it a little difficult! 😯
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    Okay guys this is the score to beat. I beat Star Fox tonight and I did it on one life. I haven't played Star Fox in a few years, I don't consider myself a "Star Fox master" but I was in the mood to play this game and it's been a lot of fun. I've really enjoyed the past few Squad Challenges we've done. I hope you have too! My Final Score: 55,700 At the end it also gave me an average score of 92%
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    Justin's 8-Bit Game Setup

    📺 Formally setting up my Sony Trinitron TV stand with my 8-Bit systems at the new house. Atari 2600/7800, Nintendo Entertainment System, and Sega Master System are all here with room for an additional system or two. Lighting is controlled remotely using an LED light strip kit from Five Below. Game Systems connect to a 4-Channel Audio/Video RCA Switch using premium industrial-grade gold RCA cables. These are my original systems from growing up, running on my original Sony Trinitron and Sony TV Stand from the 1990s. Everything here I bought new. These things mean a lot to me and I try to keep them nice and enjoy them often. Systems from the 16-Bit, 64-Bit, and modern era systems are set up in my credenza under the TV in the living room. They are all running on a modern HD flatscreen Trinitron. Those systems include TurboGrafx-16 / PC Engine / TurboDuo, Atari Jaguar, Super Famicom/SNES, Sega Genesis, Neo-Geo and others are in the living room running on the modern flatscreen Trinitron. Those systems can hold their own on a modern TV, but older 8-Bit systems come to life on the classic tube TVs they were designed for. Those scan lines burning through the warm phosphorescent glow of the TV screen, it's an experience. I hope you like my setup and enjoy the photos!
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    I was a total Sega Fanboy back in the day, so my Super Nintendo experience is pretty limited. My first SNES was the Retron 3, which had terrible sound and couldn't play StarFox. I eventually got a SNES model 2 and a SNES Classic Mini which both can play StarFox. This should be an interesting one! (I was originally going to make a joke about playing the original Star Fox on the 2600 and submitting a score for it, but I feel like I am too new here... Also, I really don't want to subject myself to a Mythicon game if I don't have to) 🙂
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    Congratulations RadioPoultry! Congratulations @RadioPoultry!! RadioPoultry came in with the highest score to claim the top spot in our Moon Patrol High Score Squad Challenge! RadioPoultry scored 51,580 points and was the only one of us to break into the 50,000 points club. Way to go! @RickR takes 2nd Place with his score of 48,020 points. Awesome! I was right on his tail to claim the 3rd Place spot with 47,900 points.! Let's all give a GIANT Atari I/O Welcome to our new friends @MaliciousCarp and @LinkYoungPS who joined us in High Score Squad this week, it's great to have you guys here! We had fun this week with a fantastic 2600 game and a stellar turnout! @atarilbc @BlackCatz40 @Atari Creep @kamakazi20012 @TrekMD and @Gianna all turned out this week with their best scores! Congratulations everyone on joining in this challenge and checking out one of Atari's best games of 1983. As always I'd like to encourage RadioPoultry to post his new high score on the Scoreboard, and let's make sure this Challenge continues on! NOTE: Our next High Score Squad Challenge will be a Nintendo game! Be there!
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    Hey - I am new here, this is my first high score challenge. I Had to try this one when I saw Atari Creep post his high score run because I love Moon Patrol (even though I kind of suck at it) I have a ton of trouble getting past the crater run that is after the first set of tanks. Those triangle ships seem to create an impossible jump every single time. I will keep trying though 🙂
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    Will you be going to the movies again?

    Once the vaccine is out, yes. I enjoy going to the movie theater but mainly to watch movies on the IMAX screen. I have an AMC with an IMAX screen close to my house. Otherwise, I just enjoy the movies on my 65" TV with the 1000 Watt surround sound system. 🙂
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    Congratulations Gianna! Congratulations @Gianna!! Gianna scores her first big win in High Score Squad and takes the top spot on the scoreboard! I hope everyone enjoyed firing up the Master System and checking out one of Sega's most overlooked, under appreciated and forgotten classics. I enjoyed @atarilbc's thoughts on Alex Kidd in Miracle World being an interesting little platformer that felt a little clunky and with hit detection that was a bit unforgiving. I think that's a nice way to sum up the game. Did you guys enjoy the game? How does Alex Kidd compare to Mario, Sonic, and Bonk? @Gianna takes the 1st Place spot on our scoreboard with a terrific score of 22,000. Congratulations to Gianna on achieving her first High Score Squad win since joining the forums this year! @btbfilms76 takes the 2nd Place spot on our scoreboard with a nice score of 14,800, and I came very close to BTB with my score of 14,400. @Atari Creep had a nice showing in his video with a score of 8,800! Congratulations everyone on joining in this challenge and checking out a fun little game. I'd like to encourage Gianna to post her new high score on the Scoreboard, and let's make sure this Challenge continues on! NOTE: Our next High Score Squad Challenge will be an Atari 2600 game! Be there!
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    Got this very cool Pac-Man Arcade Figure by Coleco in excellent condition and an unexpected bonus item!
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    Memorable T.V. show themes we love

    So many good themes! Here's some more:
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    36,400. This is the first time I've gotten to Venom.
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    Hyperkin - Retron 77. HD Atari 2600?

    Competitors could get away with 2600 clones when the 2600 was the #1 video game system on store shelves, but now Zombie Atari is going to sue Hyperkin. Okay. Maybe Atari should release an actual Atari-compatible system with HDMI output for under $50 and this wouldn't be an issue.
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    For anyone running into trouble with Retron systems, remember it's okay to play Star Fox on an SNES Mini console, Nintendo Switch Online, any viable form of emulation, etc. All of those scores are able to be submitted to the Squad Challenge.
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    Congrats RickR! Yar score is definitely vengeful! 😉
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    278,579 - Game 6 = Ultimate Yar. I need to get Greenween over here, as this is his game.
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    OK, I managed to play for a short time. Here's the score...
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    51,580. Managed to get through the first course without losing any lives! Then quickly lost them when I got to a couple tricky spots I wasn't very experienced with. I used to play the Apple II version of this game pretty often many, many years ago. The one signicant feature of that version that is absent here were the moon plant obstacles. This version is smoother, though. I'm surprised by just how much activity can occur on the screen at once!
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    Stepping it up! High Score: 36,080 😎
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    Closing in on 30,000 points. Current score: 26,700
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    For fun, here is a Moon Patrol garage kit I built. Got this from @nosweargamer who I think got it from @Willie! who got it from a dude names Arkay.
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    This feels more like luck, but it is a slight improvement. It seems like once you get past the tanks your score starts building rapidly. I got to the rocket stage and managed to jump it once on this run
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    The Final Standings Scoreboard has been updated for this Squad Challenge Hey everyone, I wanted to let you know that I've made updates to the scoreboard in this Squad Challenge. When this Squad Challenge came to a close I was in the middle of moving into a new house and without access to my computer. I had to use my girlfriend's laptop to close out the Squad Challenge and was unable to use my Adobe Creative Cloud to create the scoreboard graphic that I usually do. I've updated the Final Standings post to include the scoreboard graphic as it normally would have. High Scores for Astrosmash and Astroblast were added, and I made updates to the post to reflect what system and game the player's high score was achieved on. I owe a sincere apology to @atarilbc as I overlooked his Astrosmash High Score of 81,410, which places atarilbc solidly in a 3rd Place overall finish. Sorry Arlen! I corrected the post to reflect his correct High Score. Thanks guys!
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    Man this little guy is Squirrley as all hell. I remember seeing this in K Bee Toy Store and this king how bad ass the Master System looked - sharp, black and red... wow. 14800 playing on a retro pi
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    Godzilla 1998

    I was digging through some of my old movie memorabilia and I found my Godzilla 1998 opening day promotional stuff. I decided to watch the movie again and I feel like it really holds up as fun giant monster movie. The problem is that it is a terrible Godzilla movie. If they would have named the monster something different and not told everyone that the monster was the new Godzilla - it would have been much better received. In later Godzilla movies they did occasionally refer to the monster as just 'zilla, but the damage was done (Zilla shows up for an 8 second cameo in Godzilla Final Wars). The movie itself hit a lot of the same notes that Rampage did later on. (Which I also really enjoyed) Anyways - rather than give a detailed review of the movie - I wanted to share my release day promotional "Reproduction film frame" because the idea is hilarious. It looks nothing like a real film frame and has faded a lot, but it was a great little give away at the time 🙂 I also found my TacoBell promotional CD-ROM and threw that into the mix. Enjoy!
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    NSG's August 2020 Giveaway!

    The last Atari 2600 game I played was Yars Revenge for the Atari I/O Squad Challenge...but I just played Berzerk on the 5200 last night 🙂
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    I was fortunate enough to have a Genny and SNES. I liked the few SNES games I had but I found more games I liked on the Genesis. I also remember the debate in high school about which system had the better sound. Most agreed with the SNES but then Streets of Rage 2 came out and the soundtrack to that game simply rocked. As for Star Fox on the Super NES...I agree that it felt like a Star Raiders game. I beat the game a few times. Star Fox is one of the shinning moments on the Super. @MaliciousCarp Hehe I was wondering if someone was going to pull that joke.
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    I don't have the SNES StarFox but certainly do have the 2600 Star Fox. I know what one doesn't count for this high score compo. 🙂
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    For me, Star Fox was Star Raiders 10 years later and with animal characters: Cockpit View Hyperspace Galactic Map
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    Bonus points for @MaliciousCarp for bringing up the 2600 Starfox AND getting a picture with it no less.
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    Very nice RickR. Congrats! I'll be practicing so I'm ready for next Yars' challenge. 😉 I had a much needed blast, guys.
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    Just broke 20,000 points
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    They were made to be opened and enjoyed, not dust collectors sitting on a shelf. They need air and exercise, too. I've got a loose copy but would not mind a minty fresh one to sit next to the 5200 version I have. I love those silver Atari boxes.
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    Checkered Flag is better than Club Drive. Don't pass up Iron Soldier, I*War, Defender 2000. Those were fun. Flip Out was unique.
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    Video 61

    calling all collectors

    hi every one, i used to collect a lot in the gaming world. but settled strictly on atari by the late 1980's, early 1990's when i figured out room wise, i was going to be in trouble. so i still love getting something atari related that i do not have. but one thing that really excites me is when i am able to collect every version of a game that was released on various atari platforms, like dark chamber, it came out on the 2600, 7800, and the XEGS. i recenetly was posting comparisons between 7800 games and the XEGS, showing the differences in the games. one thing that turned me off about collecting 5200 games was that many of them were simply a port of a 400/800 game. many you could not tell the difference between machines, except the shape of the cartridge. what i like about collecting games for the different atari platforms is to see how different each released game is compared to the same game on other atari platforms. lance www.atarisales.com
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    Found many of my favorites like TOM SERVO from Mystery Science Theater 3000. So many popular and less known ROBOTS, posted elsewhere but I had to share this higher resolution version. WHO'S YOUR FAVORITE?
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    @RickRI've already come to that conclusion with regards to NFL games. NFL games in person are BRUTAL (granted, I've never been to a home game for my favorite team). You see so much more of the action on TV, I don't have to deal with parking/travel, I can follow my fantasy teams better from home, etc. There's no incentive for me to want to be in the stadium for an NFL game. MLB is a different story, as is college hoops/football. To me at least, the in-person experience for those is much more enjoyable. Back to the topic, probably not, but I usually only go to see Star Wars movies. I don't think there are any being released in the near future. I'll also echo what most have said. Drive-ins are FANTASTIC!
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    Will you be going to the movies again?

    Me too 😄 Although we are still in the pandemic, I did go to Universal, but they took everything very seriously. Also, restaurants. Have you been to any yet? I've gone out maybe 3-4 times since they reopened here in May and at each place the tables were spread out very far. It is nice not being jam packed close to people and being able to have a lot of space!
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    Will you be going to the movies again?

    I just did!
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    35,200. Got all the way to the beginning of the second course.
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    Oh good, it's not just me! This game is HARD! But really fun and well-done. It's kind of amazing what the 2600 was capable of with the right developers and resources! No flicker, great graphics, and fast gameplay. Incredible! I will keep trying. This seems like one of those games where the pattern is pretty much the same every time with just a little randomization from the sky enemies. I'm getting really good at getting through the first and second levels after playing through them 100 times.
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    28,460. A slight improvement.
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    Coolest Atari Game?

    I agree with all of your choices. But I was asked just one. After careful consideration I picked one. My answer is... Sorry I've got to change this. Coolest Atari game I played was the 5200 port of Super Breakout when I got my first Atari on Christmas morning many years ago. Tempest 2000 is still cool, too, though. 😉 TEMPEST 2000 -- ATARI JAGUAR I had to think long on this one. I kept asking myself about which game made me just not want to walk away, put the controller down, was soo addictive that it pushed the purchase of the game. I thought of the 2600, 5200, 7800, Lynx...any Atari machine that remembered simply blowing my mind. Then I remembered one trip to a Wal-Mart store in Missouri one day during a Christmas shopping trip where I had my first encounter with the Jaguar and my first taste of its blood. I spent the whole time during our visit playing Tempest 2000 that was used to demonstrate the system. I immediately feel in love with the system and the game. They were a match made in heaven. The graphics were WOW, the music was ROCKIN', and the whole concept just worked and blew my mind. I didn't want to leave or at least not without taking one home. Here I was a grown man but not wanting to leave without getting a Jaguar. I would have bought one, too, if they would not have been out of Tempest 2000.
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    Arcade USA

    Have you ever purchased a game based solely on the box art? yep, I did and ugh 😛 https://youtu.be/zYXMChlnd0c
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    Found my copy...
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