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    Hi everyone, Your browser may be giving you a malware "security warning" when you visit Atari I/O. I'm aware of this issue and working to resolve it. The forums have been updated with their latest security update this morning and should currently be a safe place to visit despite the security warning. The malware issue is affecting the "main" side of the website (http://www.atari.io) which runs on Wordpress. The forums side of the website (https://forums.atari.io) has always been hosted on a different server and runs on different software, which is more secure. However, because Google has detected the malware issue in the Wordpress part of our website, they have issued a warning for the entirety of Atari I/O until the issue has been completely resolved. Once I've been able to identify and remove the malicious content from the Wordpress side of the site, I will need to request a security review from Google and provide them with documentation showing the changes made to the site. This may take a little time. If there's "a doctor in the house" and you have experience removing malware from Wordpress sites and would like to volunteer your assistance in helping me resolve this issue please send me a PM. I will be working on this and will keep you updated as I reach important milestones. Best Wishes to All!
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    StormSurge's Extra Life Giveaway

    Sooooo... 😀 Several of you have already been kind enough to donate to my Extra Life fundraiser this year. You guys got me off to a great start (I'm currently at 41% of my goal) but I'm always looking to do more. The event is coming up in a few weeks (November 2) and while you can still donate through the end of the year, I want to make another push to exceed my goal on or before gameday. Therefore, I've decided to do a raffle similar to what @Atari Creep did for his Alzheimer's Walk fundraiser. For every dollar donated (retroactive for all of you who have already donated!), you will receive one entry into the drawing. Now you must be wondering, "What are the damn prizes??" That's a great question. Stay tuned & I will be posting them here over the next couple of days. I have some ideas already and they include gift certificates relevant to the retro gaming scene, some classic toys and who knows what else I can find. Mainly, it will be gift certificates since you guys already wiped out my excess retro game collection. Here's the link to donate: Storm's Extra Life Page (Our own @fergojisan is part of my fundraising team. You can join too and together, we can rule the fundraising galaxy not as father and son but rather as good pals.) Disclaimer: Only those who let me know that they donated for the giveaway will be entered into the drawing. Again, those Atari.IO members who have already given are already entered but none of the other donors from outside Atari.IO who have already donated will be. That said, with @Justin's blessing, I may open it up to other retrogamers, nerds, etc. from my Twitter & IG followers and possibly the very few posters who know of me at AA. ----------- What is Extra Life?? It's a 24 hour gaming marathon (EDIT: 25 hours! Daylight Savings Time!!) to raise money for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. Since its inception in 2008, Extra Life has raised over $50 million for sick & injured kids. I'm raising money for the Connecticut Children's Medical Center (yes, I know I live in NY now, but it's basically CT. It's a long story.) All donations are tax-deductible.
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    2982 - Man, when you got that one brick and it just wont connect....
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    Forgot to add this but a week ago I was talking to a mega video game display collector. He mostly collect original Nintendo neons and such. His collection is wild. Well we got to talking about food. Then about hot sauces. Turns out he grows peppers and makes his own sauce. he was awesome enough to give me a bottle of Carolina reaper (hottest pepper in the world) sauce and 2 peppers that I plan on eating with a buddy. Cabt get any hotter than this yall!!
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    There are several posts on Facebook about this. I'm commenting to click the "see details" button and then the "ignore" link. I've gotten the error even coming right into the forums.
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    3625 The first time I ever played this game I was able to complete the first couple bonus rounds, but I haven't since then. Gotten close though!
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    Congratulations btbfilms76! Congratulations @btbfilms76 your astounding score! I hope everybody had a fun and safe Halloween and enjoyed the heck out of Splatterhouse! I was never great at Splatterhouse but I remember picking it up for the first time and how it felt so advanced compared to the games we had gotten used to by then, like Mario Bros. Plus how graphic everything seemed at the time. I was glad to see everybody in "the TurboGrafx club" show up for this! Even despite the malware issue, which I am working to resolve quickly. You guys posted some great scores and I'm happy to have come in dead last in one of these Squad Challenges! You guys posted some impressive scores on a very challenging game. @btbfilms76 posted an astronomical score of 101,800 points, performed live in front of an audience on YouTube! Unreal! @Atari Creep ranked 2nd on the board with a score of 28,100 points, also performed live in front of an audience on Instagram Live! @RickR takes the 3rd position with a solid 16,400 points on his first try, and I round things out in 4th place after playing for a few hours to get 15,400 points. Congrats to @btbfilms76 and everyone who played in this squad challenge and shared a score! I'd like to encourage @btbfilms76 to post his new high score on the Scoreboard, and let's make sure this Challenge continues on! NOTE: Our next High Score Squad Challenge will be for the original (DMG) Nintendo Game Boy. Be there! SPLATTERHOUSE FINAL STANDINGS 1 BTBFILMS76 101,800 2 ATARI CREEP 28,100 3 RICKR 16,400 4 JUSTIN 15,400
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    Halloween report from sunny but cold Happy Valley, Oregon: My wife and I had 110 candies to hand out, and that lasted about an hour before we ran out. Our candy of choice this year was SpongeBob Krabby Patties, which were a big hit with the kids. They are little burgers where each individual item (bun, meat, cheese, pickles, etc) is a separate gummy candy. I "may" have sampled a few for myself. They are very tasty. Once that was done, we decided to watch a movie we'd never seen before. "Halloweentown", which is highly rated by Disney nerds and also has the benefit (for us) of being filmed in St. Helens, OR -- about 30 miles from us. The movie was made in 1998, and St Helens still does "Halloweentown" celebrations and decorations each year. Well, the movie was pretty so-so. Debbie Reynolds is always good, and the child actors were also very good. It's the story that's a real let-down here -- very predictable. I think this is a fine movie for little kids, but adults are going to get a little bored. All in all, a great night.
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    kinda catchy, eh? Maybe I should have told my wife this when I met her. Take me for a 10-day trial, get your money back guarantee. Just kidding. 10 days have turned into 10 years.
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    Thanks for all the feedback guys! This malware issue is a real headache. Turning out to be time consuming and expensive. I'm sure most of you know that classic gaming and this website is a hobby for me. Because Atari I/O isn't a "business" I'm not always at my computer like a customer service attendant with the ability to immediately address issues as they arise. I'm probably in the middle of my work day, out somewhere with a lot to do and the rest of life to live outside of the site, just like the rest of us. You have to find a nice balance between spending time in the site, work life, spending time with loved ones and family, etc. I wish I could be in here 24/7 but this has to remain a hobby for me. And because it's a hobby I've kept things simple. Atari I/O doesn't generate revenue. We don't sell homebrews, we don't have a merch store, we don't charge for premium memberships, we don't run ads, etc. (Although t-shirts and stickers would be a fun thing that I'd like to do soon!) The site is a passion project of mine and I keep things simple since I'm maintaining the site on my own. Moderators help keep things going in the forums and weed out negative people, but everybody gets along here for the most part so that job ends up being pretty easy. It's keeping the site online, maintained, paid for, approving new members, and putting out "fires" that becomes my sole responsibility. Remember when the chatroom used to go down occasionally? Or the big forums upgrade about a year ago? Things like that are kind of a big deal when I'm in the middle of my work day, far from my computer, without the time or ability to suddenly drop everything and focus on Atari stuff. It's a lot like taking care of a small child when it calls from the school nurse's office and needs to come home sick. Suddenly and unexpectedly you've got to drop everything you're doing and pay attention to it. Because Atari I/O isn't a "business" and doesn't generate revenue, it doesn't pay for itself. I'm fine paying to keep the site hosted and online month after month, but when something like the malware issue comes up it can be costly. Suddenly it's hundreds of dollars to get it fixed and it's like something going bad on your car and blindsiding you. "You'll need two front wheel bearings, new shocks, plus labor and an alignment fee, that'll come to, oh about $800". I have to address issues as I'm able to and as time permits. Right now the site demands it. I really wanted to get into the Splatterhouse Squad Challenge this week, most of my Splatterhouse time though is getting chewed up by this dumb malware thing. I'm working on the issue and trying to get it taken care of asap. Doing the best I can with it. The forums themselves are not infected, it's only the portion of the site hosted on Wordpress. I'll keep you guys apprised.
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    All you need to do is click on the Detail link in the lower left. That will open up another page giving you all kinds of other warnings etc. But if you look in the lower right there is a link within the sentence that lets you continue on to the unsafe site anyway and that is how I've been accessing the forums.
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    I'm going to get in on this one very soon too. It may be time to leave the TG-16 permanently out and playable.
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    I LOVE spicy food & sauces but it has to be tolerable. If it’s so spicy that I can’t enjoy the flavor, than that’s no good. This is from my absolute favorite restaurant, which makes pasta from scratch. If you can’t make out the writing, it says “Reaper Hab”. 🔥 Soooo good. I pair it with Buffalo Alfredo sauce.
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    Kid A

    Ms. Pac-Man - Arcade (High Speed)

    Ms. Pac-Man Arcade Difficulty: None (High Speed Machine) High Score: 205,910 October 19, 2019
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    Atari Creep

    StormSurge's Extra Life Giveaway

    Awesome bro! Since you won my give away maybe it might be better to take me out of this one. Just so no one can cry like a baby if in the chance I win something here. Either way let me k ow what i can do to help and best of luck bro.
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    ZMan Games has announced its second board/card game based on Choose Your Own Adventure Books from the 80s. I bought the "House of Danger" game and the game is played with cards and a small board. It is set up into five chapters with objectives to complete each chapter. You can make decisions, but you sometimes will need to make a 6D roll on a certain attribute to beat the "Danger Index". You also have a Psychic meter which will progress you into certain areas of the game. There are also several items you can collect to help you through the game. It combines the old quirky humor the R. A. Montgomery was known for in his books so it relates to all generations. I recommend 1-4 players and you cooperatively try to finish the chapters. It combines simple, easy to learn gameplay while not being bogged down by reading the story all the time. The new game is called "War with the Evil Power Master" and looks like it will play a little differently, but will definitely be on my wish list.
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    Comparing 7800 with SNES

    I'll give you one comparison where the 7800 won: Ballblazer 7800 versus Space Football SNES. It amazed me that BB, which was made years earlier on the technically weaker system, was soo much smoother and more enjoyable than Space Football. Fun Fact: My review of Space Football ended up getting quoted in The SNES Omnibus Vol 2. Yup, in a strange way, it's my fault that the 7800 got mentioned in a book about the SNES! BTW, from my experience, I believe that two things killed the 7800. 1) The sale of Atari in 84, which shelved the system until 86. instead of coming out before the NES, it came out after. 2) The lack of NES style games in it's prime. They started with arcade ports, that although good ports, the games were starting to feel a bit old and tired to the general public. Then they ported computer games that didn't appeal to the general public (Ace of Aces, Fight Night, Impossible Mission). It got some NES style games at the end of it's life (Midnight Mutants, Ninja Golf & Alien Brigade were all excellent), but by then the 16 bit era was beginning and it was too late. However, saying killed is a little much. The system had a solid life, decent size library, and was able to outsell the Master System in the States during it's prime.
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    Got me a Ms. Pac-Man cab!

    Dude that is so sweet! That's just to cool! Tremendous job!! 🙌 Great to see you breathe new life into this beauty!
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    Got me a Ms. Pac-Man cab!

    That's nice! Another arcade saved from sudden doom. Nice work. I keep hoping I'll run across my favorite cab to restore someday but I haven't found one yet.
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    NSG's October Giveaway!

    My favorite horror game is twisted metal 2012 for the ps3 mainly because of the live action cut scencs. Twisted-Metal
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    Ah thanks Justin, sorry I honestly did not see Arenafoot's posting. DOH! Well, just shows we all want to make sure everyone is informed and aware! My understanding though just to update is it is NOT playable on a Harmony Cart? At least a couple people over on AA said it is a no go. Still, emulation is fine and cool to finally be able to experience a game most of us never would have otherwise. 🍻
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    eBay Finds

    from this: https://www.famicomworld.com/forum/index.php?topic=6933.0 if it's an original power supply from Japan you would need an adapter DO NOT use an origonal NES power supply as it outputs 10V AC ( not DC power ) great wright-up on power supplies in above link and looks like a neat little unit you have there
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    Here's my attempt. 3,879. Unfortunately it's emulated The good part is that I got my Sony Mavica FD camera working again. It wasn't wanting to read disks. Taking that thing apart was a nightmare as I didn't want to ruin it. Everything inside was layered like a sandwich. And seemed like a million micro screws. Wow. I just noticed I have an Atari I/O anniversary coming up. Has it been 4 years already?
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    StormSurge's Extra Life Giveaway

    I'm currently in 6th place for my hospital, $95 behind 5th place and $345 behind 3rd.
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    StormSurge's Extra Life Giveaway

    Yes you did!!! Thank you so much!!!! 🙌
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    It's not the movie. I'm going to the actual musical play! Hmm, how about watching Hocus Pocus with your wife? It's family friendly and fun and not really scary but appropriate for Halloween! Disney just announced a sequel for it for their Disney+ service.
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    I should also post a big public thank you to @kamakazi20012 who has been very generous in offering a helping hand behind the scenes in getting this Malware issue resolved. Huge help! Thanks Kamakazi! It's possible. I usually don't like doing that but we'll take a look at it. We have other Squad Challenges scheduled out for the rest of the year and this was meant to be a Halloween themed challenge, but maybe we can bump it back an additional 15 days if more people are going to jump in.
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    Galaxian My Arcade Micro Player Retro Arcade Difficulty: Default High Score: 22,550 October 23, 2019
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    Knabber Rob for the Atari 2600

    Cote Gamers had to pull out of publishing Knabber Rob. I'm hoping Neo Games has an opening early next year to get this game out to the public. Less groceries for me. But, it will happen. The bat deserves some limelight :)
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    WANTED: Feedback for Baby Pac-Man

    Awesome! I already wrote this one some time ago knowing this was the next game for the podcast. Once I'm back home from PRGE I'll send it over.
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    Thank you @StormSurge!
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    Kid A

    Got me a Ms. Pac-Man cab!

    Thanks everyone! Restoring was a lot of fun and I wouldn't mind doing another one. Hopefully I find a beat up Galaga cab soon! 😂 I'm so excited to add this cab to the collection. I'm really happy with the way it came out. I wonder why arcade1up doesn't make full size cabs? Yeah, obviously it would cost more but I think it would be worth it.
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    Squad Challenge - Spy Hunter (NES)

    Holey smokes!! THAT'S WILD!!
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    Squad Challenge - Spy Hunter (NES)

    I'm trying, man! 59,065
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    Pie Factory Podcast

    Episode 102 has dropped! In this episode, Jim and Sean study the intricacies of the contrapuntal philosophies of the next-generation trends of the upper echelon and how they relate to the hoi polloi's intrapersonal struggle with the id and the superego. Or...was that another episode?? Hmm...well, this episode talks about either that or a couple of old video games called Space Panic and Looping; we don't remember for sure. http://fab4it.com/piefactory/audio/PFP_Episode102.mp3
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    Thrift Store Finds

    Found me an odyssey 300 at goodwill a couple days ago. Didnt come with the power cable so cant test it. Anyone happen to have one?
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    Squad Challenge - Spy Hunter (NES)

    Agreed Wow. That's not very convenient for me. Thanks for sharing!
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    Yea Frank's is literally has the lowest scoville units of any hot sauce. It comes in at 450 scoville units
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    One of my kids likes "Franks" a lot, and I think it's pretty good too. But I don't think it's very hot compared to these nuclear options you bought. Chas10e mentioned the salsa at Mexican restaurants. I usually try the hottest they got at those places, then back off if it's too hot. Most of the time, the hotter salsas have a lot more flavor whereas the mild just tastes like watery tomato. But then I'll start sweating and my wife says "you better take it easy".
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    Can't say I do. I've never been much of a fan of adding hot sauces to my food. But I don't like food to hot or spicy either.
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    Free 2600 ebook !

    Just read this thread here over on Atariage. Entry posted by DoctorSpuds Alright so I decided to just release my Ebook for free here on the forum so here ya go. It comes in EPUB and MOBI flavors for Kindle users. I DO NOT FEEL IT IS MY PLACE TO REPOST THE FILES HERE SO IF YOU WANT THEM CHECK OUT THE ORIGINAL THREAD HERE https://atariage.com/forums/blogs/entry/16052-my-ebook-for-free/
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    eBay Finds

    Composite modded 2600jr with some games.
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    C64 Mini is on clearance at Gamestop

    $30!! I got one. Its a steal at that price. Pulled from a Facebook group post.
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    If you're looking at the schedule in-game, all times are converted to local time Website, h2hadventure.com, will also have upcoming game nights listed
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    So I was in the game and I spoke with the developer (his player name is "ro"). Apparently the time shown for the scheduled games is adjusted automatically for your time-zone.
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    Galaga for the VCS at last!

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    This is only going to be about 1.5 hours away from me. I am going to try to make it to the opening ceremony of the statue but either way I have friends that will be there. Hoping to make a video either way but I will travel eventually to see and document it soon. https://www.boston.com/news/technology/2019/05/05/video-game-pioneer-baer-honored-with-new-hampshire-statue?fbclid=IwAR2CqaULzFOALX7vu1Tnlwgx5aBwPlEgYO7GrJmED7o6YoICFSBKe41WV9s
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    New Addition

    I said I would show when it arrived. Very excited about this one!! She's a bit grungy but working. Dual DD disk drives, too! My Atari hardware collection is complete. And, before I get asked, its a 1040 STfm in a 1040 STe shell. I don't think it has the Blitter processor. Will know when it is taken apart to clean. Santa came a day early.
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