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    Hi everyone, Your browser may be giving you a malware "security warning" when you visit Atari I/O. I'm aware of this issue and working to resolve it. The forums have been updated with their latest security update this morning and should currently be a safe place to visit despite the security warning. The malware issue is affecting the "main" side of the website (http://www.atari.io) which runs on Wordpress. The forums side of the website (https://forums.atari.io) has always been hosted on a different server and runs on different software, which is more secure. However, because Google has detected the malware issue in the Wordpress part of our website, they have issued a warning for the entirety of Atari I/O until the issue has been completely resolved. Once I've been able to identify and remove the malicious content from the Wordpress side of the site, I will need to request a security review from Google and provide them with documentation showing the changes made to the site. This may take a little time. If there's "a doctor in the house" and you have experience removing malware from Wordpress sites and would like to volunteer your assistance in helping me resolve this issue please send me a PM. I will be working on this and will keep you updated as I reach important milestones. Best Wishes to All!
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    💰 Have you ever found a Red Quarter? What did you think it was? Red quarters are known as “shills”, “house coins” or “freebies.” If you’ve ever found an old quarter that was painted red, (usually dated before the ‘90s) those were used in Arcades to count free plays. Whenever the machine ate your quarter without giving you your game, you’d tell the attendant who would give you a free game to make up for it. Sometimes they had the key to open the coin mech and hit the switch, but in many cases Arcade owners didn’t trust their teenaged employees to have coin mech keys where they could reach in there and grab a fist full of quarters. Instead, Arcades would have extra quarters called “shills” or “house coins” used for this purpose. Sometimes these could also be found in laundromats and diners with jukeboxes. House coins were painted red so that at the end of each week, when all the quarters were counted from the coin box, they would subtract the red quarters from their earnings and return them to the attendants to be used again. Over time most of these quarters have made their way back into circulation. The next time you come across a red quarter dated before the early 1990s set it aside! You never know if that quarter worked long hours at an old Tilt or Aladdin’s Castle somewhere.
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    Free 2600 ebook !

    Just read this thread here over on Atariage. Entry posted by DoctorSpuds Alright so I decided to just release my Ebook for free here on the forum so here ya go. It comes in EPUB and MOBI flavors for Kindle users. I DO NOT FEEL IT IS MY PLACE TO REPOST THE FILES HERE SO IF YOU WANT THEM CHECK OUT THE ORIGINAL THREAD HERE https://atariage.com/forums/blogs/entry/16052-my-ebook-for-free/
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    Squad Challenge - Tetris (NES)

    There's some truth behind the story @Justin mentioned about renting Tengen's Tetris. The area I grew up in had a chain of video rental stores called Vision Video. They had the Tengen version of Tetris. I rented it twice in a row. It was because of this game I discovered Tengen. I rented it twice in a row. I went to rent it a third time and the rental store refused to rent it again. I asked why? They did give me an honest answer, though. If the store wanted to continue to rent out Nintendo games the store had to remove any games that were not licensed by Nintendo. It was Nintendo's "rule". That was the answer they gave me. I asked if it could be purchased to which they answered with a solid no that it had to be sent back to Nintendo to be destroyed. Such a sad fate for a great game. That also went for Super Sprint and other Tengen Games that were actually good games. I'm surprised to learn decades later that some Tengen games survived. It's why I'm hellbent on finding any Tengen games for the NES I can. I would still like to know how after the lawsuits Tengen did manage to get a few of their games as official releases.
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    Congratulations ThatBuffGamer! Congratulations @ThatBuffGamer on an awesome score! Shinobi was our 1st Sega Master System Squad Challenge, and our third "Single Life Run" challenge. Guys, these were incredible scores. Seriously, these scores just blew me away, and the amount of enthusiasm in this challenge was palpable. I hope everybody had a lot of fun with this one. ThatBuffGamer achieved the High Score for this Squad Challenge with a score of 291,800. @atarilbc took 2nd Place with 157,450 points, and @Control Issues scored 153,800 points to take 3rd. @RadioPoultry @Atari Creep @nosweargamer and @RickR all showed up with their best. Great game guys! Congrats to everyone who played! I'd like to encourage ThatBuffGamer to post his new high score on the Scoreboard, and maybe this Challenge can continue on! Our next High Score Squad Challenge will be for the Atari Lynx! See you there! SHINOBI SINGLE LIFE RUN FINAL STANDINGS 1 THAT BUFF GAMER 291,800 2 ATARILBC 157,450 3 CONTROL ISSUES 153,800 4 RADIO POULTRY 131,200 5 ATARI CREEP 119,400 6 NO SWEAR GAMER 97,450 7 RICKR 93,300
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    Storm's Giveaway - THE PICKS!

    LOL. Now it's @BlackCatz40 turn.
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    Storm's Giveaway - THE PICKS!

    They have not been taken, so they are yours! @greenween is next!
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    2982 - Man, when you got that one brick and it just wont connect....
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    StormSurge's Extra Life Giveaway

    Sooooo... 😀 Several of you have already been kind enough to donate to my Extra Life fundraiser this year. You guys got me off to a great start (I'm currently at 41% of my goal) but I'm always looking to do more. The event is coming up in a few weeks (November 2) and while you can still donate through the end of the year, I want to make another push to exceed my goal on or before gameday. Therefore, I've decided to do a raffle similar to what @Atari Creep did for his Alzheimer's Walk fundraiser. For every dollar donated (retroactive for all of you who have already donated!), you will receive one entry into the drawing. Now you must be wondering, "What are the damn prizes??" That's a great question. Stay tuned & I will be posting them here over the next couple of days. I have some ideas already and they include gift certificates relevant to the retro gaming scene, some classic toys and who knows what else I can find. Mainly, it will be gift certificates since you guys already wiped out my excess retro game collection. Here's the link to donate: Storm's Extra Life Page (Our own @fergojisan is part of my fundraising team. You can join too and together, we can rule the fundraising galaxy not as father and son but rather as good pals.) Disclaimer: Only those who let me know that they donated for the giveaway will be entered into the drawing. Again, those Atari.IO members who have already given are already entered but none of the other donors from outside Atari.IO who have already donated will be. That said, with @Justin's blessing, I may open it up to other retrogamers, nerds, etc. from my Twitter & IG followers and possibly the very few posters who know of me at AA. ----------- What is Extra Life?? It's a 24 hour gaming marathon (EDIT: 25 hours! Daylight Savings Time!!) to raise money for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. Since its inception in 2008, Extra Life has raised over $50 million for sick & injured kids. I'm raising money for the Connecticut Children's Medical Center (yes, I know I live in NY now, but it's basically CT. It's a long story.) All donations are tax-deductible.
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    Atari Creep

    My house is burning down

    I am SOOOOOOO sorry it took me this long to get to it but I hope this helps buddy.
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    43300 VERY interesting game this time! Emulating (OpenEMU) with a USB gamepad. STRONG LANGUAGE
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    Congratulations atarilbc! Congratulations @atarilbc on a most excellent high score! Did you guys enjoy Robotron on the 7800? I'd like to offer @RetroGameBoyz a very special welcome to the forums! The new dual-pad Atari 2600/7800 controller is a great new addition to the platform! You guys posted some seriously impressive scores on a very challenging game. All of you give yourself a pat on the back, I hope you all had fun with this one! Congrats to everyone who played! I'd like to encourage atarilbc to post his new high score on the Scoreboard, and maybe this Challenge can continue on! Our next High Score Squad Challenge will be for the TurboGrafx-16! ROBOTRON: 2084 FINAL STANDINGS 1 ATARILBC 408,475 2 CHAS10E 278,350 3 RICKR 231,675 4 GREENWEEN 160,025 5 KAMAKAZI20012 138,200 6 ATARI CREEP 134,800 7 CONTROL ISSUES 68,050
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    The Jag Bar

    DEFENDER 2000 drops today on The Jag Bar. This is the first new episode of The Jag Bar since the Cybermorph Christmas Special in December 2016! The Boyz play @an ox Jeff Minter's Defender 2000 on the Atari Jaguar. Four Defender games in one - Defender 2000, Classic Defender, Defender Plus and Plasma Pong. Make sure you’re subscribed. Big shoutout to @Atari Creep and everybody who made it to the livestream of the filming of this show (see my post above). New episodes coming all summer long:
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    Here we go....here's a few shots from the Star Trek traveling exhibit that started in Seattle in 2017, featuring the collection of Paul G. Allen. No "Guardian on the Edge of Forever" though....dang. I would have loved to see that. I'm sad there's no TrekMD in sick bay, but we do get Engineer RickR in a Jeffries tube.
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    Squad Challenge - Tetris (NES)

    Incredible, KidA!!! This game is always fun. And good times spent with my son, who showed me a trick or two.
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    1,765 BITD I always played level 1 I think now because the selector switch on my unit was snapped off & I had to use a butter knife. great squad challenge will definatly play some more of this with wiggly bombs & sheilds space invaders in space with a star-field .... looks pretty cool IMO
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    I can’t get past the first level. I’m having a difficult time with accuracy. I’ll miss & not being able to fire again until my first shot clears the board is killing me. 😔😔 (Playing on an original 4 switch)
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    eBay Finds

    Composite modded 2600jr with some games.
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    Thank you very much sir! 😄 About the GBA, thanks I modded it myself 😇 I got me a AGS-101 screen on Ebay out of China for €30,-. You can also get them now from either Deadpan Robot in the UK and if I’m not mistaken also from Handheld Legend in the US. You do have to solder a wire for power and that is a little tricky due to the very small solderpoint but with a little patience you’ll probably can do it no problem! One thing: before you buy the screen, be sure to check wether you need the included ribbon cable to be 32-pin or 40-pin. You can do this by removing the battery cover on your GBA. You’ll see a number on the mother board. For a 32-pin it will start with “1” and for a 40-pin it will start with a “0”. As for the shell, you have to modify the front somewhat by cutting some plastic so it’ll fit but it’s an easy enough job. 💪😎 To all of you, it was a lot of fun, thanks for pushing me with those awesome scores! This game is one of the first Master System games I owned. Never managed to beat it, even now I didn’t make it past Mandara. Looks like you almost HAVE to beat the game with 1 life because if you die in the later levels and you lose your powerups.. it’s game over very fast. Tips from anyone who did beat the game?
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    Nothing new... but took a pic for Twitter earlier and figured I'd throw it in here... 😃
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    Awesome challenge!! I already see a lot of great attempts 😅 I’ll definitely have a crack at this. The Master System was my second console after the 2600 and shinobi was one of my favorite games back then! Never managed to beat it though, curious to see how I’ll do now 😄 -edit- allright here’s my first try: 139050. Only 1 bar left when I got to tha choppaaa!
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    Storm's Giveaway - THE PICKS!

    alrighty I go with the Arcade Controller Lightswitch , the sound went out on mine (yes I changed the battery :P ) @RickR I think is next
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    Coming in at pick number 9.... Control Issues Running list... 12. BlackCatz40 11. Willie! 10. greenween 9. Control Issues 8.
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    Hmm 🤔 @Marco1019 has been active with us in Wednesday Night Atari Chat lately, he's new here but signed up well before the cut-off. Same for @Mr Toon @Br1ans Man Cave and @atarifan95, maybe they'd like to jump in! Can't forget @atarilbc! @GRay Defender has a YouTube channel I really enjoy! He's a longtime member of the forums, I wonder if he'd like to participate in the Giveaway? @Atarileaf and @Gemini Gamer are both in Canada, but maybe they want to build up their collections and join in? @kamakazi20012, do you think @BlackCatz40 would want to participate? @btbfilms76 is directing and acting in a play right now and has been pretty swamped, I will get ahold of him and make sure he sees this.
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    That's a better idea than a maze game where you are trying to guide a drunk ET through a house, while at the same time guiding Elliot through a classroom avoiding frogs. (When Spielberg asked for a maze game, this must've been what he had in mind) Sorry Rick.😔 I had several games in the 600-800 range, but then I was finally able to destroy the first wave, which gave me some breathing room (in most games an AT-AT reaches the end before I lose my lives. They move pretty fast in this variation). 1664
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    I've added STAR WARS DAY as a new event to our Community Calendar which we will be celebrating every year! Join us for a day of Special Events in the Forums this Saturday, May the Fourth to celebrate the World of Star Wars! Events include a special High Score Squad Challenge, and YouTube Creators sharing their special Star Wars Day content! I hope to see you there! Celebrate Star Wars Day in the forums May the 4th! *SPECIAL EVENT! Celebrate The World of Star Wars in the forums every year on May the 4th! Join us for a day of special events! Special High Score Squad Challenge Event! YouTube Creators Posting Special Star Wars Content! Be There!
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    Hello everybody, It's been months in the making and now has come to big day, well tomorrow actually 😊. I am extremely proud to announce that the Kickstarter crowdfunding for the Atari: a Visual History start at 10am CET - 20th of April 2019I am extremely proud of the achievement and work on this first book under the "Greyfox Books" first debut publication and especially proud of this fantastic achievement and I will update this post tomorrow with the link to it's page and hopefully will have some of you along for the trip with me as I venture into the the world of bringing something special to all Atari fans around the world.Thank you guys 👍
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    Pac-Man 8K by DINTAR816 Atari 2600 Controller: JOYSTICK / KEYBOARD / PLAYER'S CHOICE Difficulty Level: Default Achieve high score to win challenge Play on: Real Hardware / Dedicated Console / MAME / Emulation OK! ✔ Squad Challenge ends 11:59 pm PST April 14th, 2019 Objective: Play for the highest possible score using the difficulty settings defined in the challenge. Post a photo or video of your score in this thread. Scores must be achieved between April 1st through April 14th, 2019. Screen captures are not allowed as they are easily manipulated for falsified scores. Multiple submissions are permitted. The player with the highest score at the end of the competition is the victor! Eligibility: Anyone can join in. All players are welcome! Play Rules: Games may be played on real hardware, Flashback or emulation, using any controller or keyboard, following rules and game settings as delineated in the Squad Challenge. You may chose your preference of DINTAR816's Pac-Man 8K ROM. Enhancements, rewinds and hacked versions of this game are not allowed. Difficulty Level: Default. Press FIRE to start. Fair Play: Players should play fairly, be honest, and have fun! Falsified scores will result in your immediate removal from the site. It goes without saying that no use of cheats, hacks, cartridge frying, enhancements, rewinds, Photoshop, subterfuge, or any other unfair advantage is allowed. Everybody hates a cheater. More: To review detailed rules on how to play, please visit the High Score Squad page here: https://forums.atari.io/topic/1219-high-score-squad-how-to-play/ Message: Welcome to our 55th Squad Challenge! This time we're celebrating National Pac-Man Day on April 3rd by playing our first Atari Homebrew game in a regular Squad Challenge, Pac-Man 8K by DINTAR816! Pac-Man 8K shines in many ways that the original Atari 2600 Pac-Man release was lacking. DINTAR816 includes an arcade-like blue maze and black background, multi-colored ghosts and cutscenes just like the arcade version. Many consider DINTAR816's 8K version of Pac-Man to be one of the best for the platform. While still not arcade perfect, the 8K edition is closer than Atari's official version. Pac-Man 8K can also be commonly found on Atari Flashback consoles and handhelds released over the past few years, so this homebrew can be found at Walmart, Target, Sam's Club, etc. We're venturing into Homebrew territory as a fun way to celebration National Pac-Man Day 2019! We're also celebrating AtariAge user DINTAR816's contribution to the Pac-Man legacy on Atari with this masterpiece. We owe DINTAR816 a debt of gratitude for the time, effort and passion involved in creating Pac-Man 8K. THANK YOU! Remember to celebrate National Pac-Man Day 2019 on Wednesday, April 3rd and good luck to everyone playing! NOTE: Our next High Score Squad Challenge will be for the TurboGrafx-16! We also have a special one-day event challenge coming up as well. pacman2600_8k_v8test_corn.bin
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    Star Wars 9 trailer is out!

    And HOLY HELL it looks good.
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    Lunchtime score: 77,240.
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    IN PROGRESS Paused at 10,017,500 Apparently, the last level is 125. I had a breakthrough in my play strategy so I'm going to see how far I can get. At this point, I'm not really dying so it's all stamina and not making stupid mistakes. I have no idea how many extra lives I have as it only displays the first 6. I'm hoping my 31 year old console and PSU hold out while paused for the holiday. 😂 Here's a hastily set up vid of me crossing 10M. VID_20191128_074111108~3.mp4
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    Forgot to add this but a week ago I was talking to a mega video game display collector. He mostly collect original Nintendo neons and such. His collection is wild. Well we got to talking about food. Then about hot sauces. Turns out he grows peppers and makes his own sauce. he was awesome enough to give me a bottle of Carolina reaper (hottest pepper in the world) sauce and 2 peppers that I plan on eating with a buddy. Cabt get any hotter than this yall!!
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    I went to the touring museum (2008) and I'm trying to find a picture of my standing in the mouth of The Guardian of Forever. I'm happy as a Klingon targ. They also had this green screen video kareoke where you acted in a scene and got a DVD. Wish I could find those. Instead, here's a bad digital photo of me doing my best Kirk in 2009. I still have my command gold TOS tunic. I have no idea who I'm trying to contact on that communicator. It's all about the passion!
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    Control Issues

    Squad Challenge - Tetris (NES)

    Played a bit so I'd have something for this one... 31883.
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    Woot! I made it to mission 6! 170,800 Oh, and I still dont like mission 4, lol.
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    C64 Mini is on clearance at Gamestop

    $30!! I got one. Its a steal at that price. Pulled from a Facebook group post.
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    Also, make sure you jump so he shoots the fireballs upwards. Then walk underneath them and just jump and shoot. I’ve been caught by too many low fireballs haha
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    First time I ever completed (or didn't fail) a bonus stage!
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    Mr Toon

    Storm's Giveaway - THE PICKS!

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    Storm's Giveaway - THE PICKS!

    Yea...I would include the instructions with the games they go with.
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    Our Star Wars Day Squad Challenge Is Up! Can you destroy the Imperial Walkers before they reach the power generator at the end of the battlefield, or before the Imperial Walkers destroy your fleet of Snowspeeders?
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    Who Wants StormSurge's Junk?

    It's looking like there may be a console or three included in this purge. 😔😬
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    Brian's Man Cave

    Awesome video @Br1ans Man Cave!!! Right out of the box you come out explaining that you need the manual, how to play the game, giving us some pretty nice tips. I have a soft spot in my heart for E.T. and I really appreciate you being fair to the game, not doing a clickbait E.T. rant like everybody else, actually taking the time to explain the game and help us Atari gamers get through the game and find something to enjoy. Well done.
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    This version truly is incredible. Honestly, I completely forgot I was playing a 2600 game, it feels so much like the real arcade version. Really great controls too. This actually beats the 5200 version due to the speed and controls.
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    JUSTIN! Why did you pick this game?!?! The issues I had with this game from decades ago are returning. I am finding it very difficult to the game off for any reason. I'm not sure if this was a good thing or not LOL. I've got the tunes playing in my head when I sleep.
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