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    You motivated me to download an Atari 7800 emulator onto my laptop so I could join the fun! Truth be told, on the second-to-last lap, I had just run out of time when I coasted over the start/finish line, qualifying me for the final lap. Luck of the draw! Oh yeah, my score is 65,000
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    70,100 I'm playing on the MESS emulator. This was my 5th try and I only crashed once on this run. Never hit the brakes and only let off the gas to get past that sharp left turn.
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    Join us, @kamakazi20012 this is a great game! Super challenging, a real classic on the Genesis. If you don't have the game see if you can get emulation set up and join in ๐ŸงŸโ€โ™‚๏ธ
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    BTW I used the Sega Master System Control Pad this time for playing Pole Position II. I always have this perception of the Master System controller being clumsy and soggy... Until I pull it out again and actually play it. I don't hate it. I really like it a lot. It felt solid and responsive. After playing Hang On this summer on Sega Master System, the Control Pad felt like a very natural choice for playing Pole Position II. I hadn't done it in a while and plugged it in expecting there to be some issues but it worked perfectly. This is a great option to consider without having to mod an NES controller or custom build a new controller.
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    Congratulations Everybody! Congratulations everybody on your high scores! How was Pole Position II on the Fuji track? Pole Position II gets some hate on the Atari 7800 but I think it's a fun (and sometimes tricky!) adaptation of an incredible arcade game. I'd like to offer Gianna a very special welcome to the forums for participating in this Squad Challenge. You guys posted some seriously impressive scores on a very challenging track. You can bet we'll be back here this time next year to take on another PPII track. I hope everybody enjoyed our Summer Events this year, including the Pole Position II Grand Prix, Howard Scott Warshaw Day, and Pizza Party Weekend! We'll have some fun stuff coming up for the Fall and Winter too. Congrats to everyone who played! I'll post my new high score on the Scoreboard, and maybe this Challenge can continue on! Our next High Score Squad Challenge will be for the Sega Genesis! 2019 POLE POSITION II GRAND PRIX FINAL STANDINGS 1 JUSTIN 71,450 2 KID A 70,500 3 RICKR 70,100 4 ATARI CREEP 69,500 5 KAMAKAZI20012 66,350 6 GREENWEEN 65,550 7 LAUREN TYLER 65,000 8 CONTROL ISSUES 64,750 9 TREK MD 32,100 10 GIANNA 30,610
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    70500. Played on my freshly AV modded 7800. Really happy with the picture quality! Look what it looked like before. Very happy with the results! No more squiggly lines!
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    69500. Emulated on my lap top, USB game pad playing live on IG tonight. Video will he posted sold
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    Ghouls 'N Ghosts Sega Genesis Controller: CONTROLLER / KEYBOARD / PLAYER'S CHOICE Difficulty Level: Default (Press Start Button To Play) SINGLE LIFE RUN: Achieve high score using only one life to win challenge Play on: Real Hardware / Dedicated Console / MAME / Emulation OK! โœ” Squad Challenge ends 11:59 pm PST September 14th, 2019 OBJECTIVE: Play for the highest possible score using the difficulty settings defined in the challenge. Post a photo or video of your score in this thread. Scores must be achieved between September 1st through September 14th, 2019. Screen captures are not allowed as they are easily manipulated for falsified scores. Multiple submissions are permitted. The player with the highest score at the end of the competition is the victor! ELIGIBILITY: Anyone can join in. All players are welcome! PLAY RULES: Games may be played on real hardware, Flashback or emulation, using any controller or keyboard, following rules and game settings as delineated in the Squad Challenge. Enhancements, rewinds and hacked versions of this game are not allowed. DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Default. Press Start Button to play. SINGLE LIFE RUN: You are only allowed ONE LIFE to achieve your high score in this Squad Challenge. FAIR PLAY: Players should play fairly, be honest, and have fun! Falsified scores will result in your immediate removal from the site. It goes without saying that no use of cheats, hacks, cartridge frying, enhancements, rewinds, Photoshop, subterfuge, or any other unfair advantage is allowed. Everybody hates a cheater. MORE: To review detailed rules on how to play, please visit the High Score Squad page here: MESSAGE: Welcome to our 68th Squad Challenge! Summer is coming to a close, Fall is upon us, and we're getting ready for creeps and monsters by playing Ghouls 'N Ghosts for the Sega Genesis! This is an all-time classic. This is a SINGLE LIFE RUN Challenge, and you are only allowed ONE LIFE to achieve your high score in this Squad Challenge. ROM and Instruction Manual are provided below. Good luck to everyone playing! NOTE: Our next High Score Squad Challenge will be for Nintendo Game Boy. Be there! Ghouls 'N Ghosts.pdfGhouls 'N Ghosts.md
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    I just picked this up today. Going to get up bright and early to take it out and familiarize myself with it. #pumped
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    15700 played on Retro pi, USB controller... in my classroom ๐Ÿ˜œ
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    Great video by MODERN VINTAGE GAMER! The Sega Dreamcast turns 20 today. In this episode we take a look back at the games, how it was hacked, Echelon crazy stories, Super Smash Pack and how the Dreamcast will never die.
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    Hi guys - I'm making more by request so stay tuned or contact me directly. Happy to be of service. If you need to contact me and I miss any replies on the forum you can reach me here: https://twitter.com/retrogameboyz Or here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGh4dLMALa5mQyb5NPj-oxw Regards, Mike
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    What Retro Game Defines You...

    Well, that counts Minecraft out. Retro game? Geez. There's a bazillion of those. Depends on how I am feeling that day. Pole Position - On days I have road rage LOL Home Alone - For days when I should have listened to instinct and just stayed home Video Chess - For days when I don't want to do much but still want to give my mind something challenging Galaxian/Life Force - For those times when you try to pay a bill over the phone and the person on the other end don't speak your language Those were just for laughs, guys. In all seriousness, my online name is about how I take life. I'm down to earth most of the time but when I have a task at hand that needs to be done, depending on the task I don't care how it gets done as long as it gets done. So with that in mind I'd have to say Adventure would sum me up. Go in all guns a blazing.
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    What Retro Game Defines You...

    Wow, that is a tough one. I'll have to give it some thought. PS - you probably DON'T want to say "Pac-Man".
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    13800 played on emulation on my Arcade X
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    Atari Creep

    Scored my first 800!

    Hey guys. I swooped up an 800 today for nothing. I can finally play the GORF cart @Willie!gave me so long ago. Lol This is (aside from an XEGS) my first Atari 8 bit computer. This unit did not come with a power supply, anyone know of an alternative for power?
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    New Atari 2600 Homebrew - Galaga!

    The guys from ChampGames are currently working on an amazing home port of Galaga for the Atari 2600. I know NSG posted about it but this deserves its own thread. Head to the thread in AA to get the demo binary: Champ Games - Galaga 2600
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    Small Size, Big Heart

    What to write about? I know I want to write about the 2600 but I just don't know where to begin. Do I talk more about the iconic woody console or the Junior model? I don't have much to say about controllers because it's either paddle, driving, keypad, or more joystick designs than anyone could fathom. Games? Do I talk more about games that I have managed to pick up since my last post? I might have to think on this a bit more. While I'm thinking... As I sit here writing this there is a 2600 Junior model sitting in front of me. Recently acquired in unknown condition I spent the better part of a day taking it apart all the way down to the motherboard and gave it a good cleaning. Wondering why I couldn't get bubbles off the chrome strip I finally discovered that the protective covering had never been taken off. Nice surprise. So I removed it. I couldn't let all that moisture remain trapped and ruining that beautiful chrome strip. It still has some color issues I have to work out but is functional otherwise. Since I'm here, and more Atari games have been added to my collection, I'll do a bit of an updated version of my favorite cartridges. Keep in mind these are personal favorites solely based on two factors...they are favorites and played the most. Let's get started. Favorite Black Label Carts I have two black label favorites. Video Chess and Yar's Revenge. Yar's Revenge was a 2600 title I could have seen as a Saturday Morning cartoon show. It wasn't until a recent Squad Challenge that the true nature of this game proved to me just how challenging Yar's could really be. Because of that, and the few years I've been biased about the 2600 in general, that this game moved up the ranks as a favorite and played often. It's arcade-style game play is rock solid and sure to give the joystick a workout. Video Chess is my go-to black label game when I want to play a relaxing game. I still haven't managed to beat the computer but I enjoy playing Chess and don't really have a human opponent to go up against. I'm not a pro at the game but I enjoy this classic strategy game. I have never found a perfect computerized Chess game either and the 2600 is not without its own flaws. However the 2600 is a very strong opponent no matter which skill level you attempt at trying to win. And it will always plan its next moves carefully but at times it seems as if its first few moves are preset. Still fun, though. Favorite Silver Label Cart One of my favorite games on the 5200 is Vanguard so it shouldn't be no surprise that the 2600 port of Vanguard became a favorite. I love the artwork on the label and surprised that it isn't the same one that was used on the 5200 as was often done. Compared to the 5200 port Vanguard on the 2600 seems a bit more challenging and a bit more unforgiving. One mistake can mean sudden death. I also believe this is the only 2600 game I have that has a continue feature. It's also the only one where the player can move diagonally while firing because you can't do that in the 5200 port. Graphics in this game are absolutely stunning and the sounds are not much different from the 5200. I do miss the music that plays during some of the vertical scrolling segments. I also miss the Striped Zone that is absent in the 2600 port. And I have yet to destroy the end boss before it takes me down. Believe it or not, I never knew this was an arcade game for the longest time until I discovered an actual cab during the NES days. Very well made 2600 port with very little to no flicker issues. My favorite shoot'em up on the 2600. Favorite Adventure Cart For most other 2600 gamers Adventure might be their favorite adventure-style game but for me Dark Chambers has slightly taken an edge above Adventure. I enjoy having to figure out the levels to find items and exits that are often hidden. I also enjoy having to go through the level screens to figure out how to reach those items. For this reason this game gets more play time than Adventure in my library. I personally think it is even slightly better than the 7800 version. That one looks better but, as NSG has mentioned, if only it would have taken the game play concept of hidden items to find the 7800 version might have been the better game. But, alas, the 2600 once again shows just how well it can capture a gamer's attention and hold it when properly developed for. And Dark Chambers is one of those games. I've not been able to spend as much time with it as I would like to fully enjoy it but what little I have played of it I keep finding myself spending more time in every level trying to find items than what is probably required. Seriously, I've spent about 15 minutes in some levels. Favorite Pinball Cart Again, it should be no surprise that Midnight Magic makes for one of my most played 2600 games. I like Video Pinball but at times you just sit there waiting to do something. Midnight Magic manages to capture some of the pure essence that makes pinball tables fun. There are targets, bumpers, a spinner, kickbacks, dual flippers, rollover targets...this game has the basics that are perfectly placed and captures what made some of the early pinball tables memorable. Knock down all the targets at the top and the game goes into double points. The table also changes color and plays a short tune. Knocking down targets again advances the multiplier all the way up to five times the points obtained. Lose your ball, however, and it's back to single points again. Do it right and the player can obtain extra balls. Lose all five balls and the game is over. Easy to pick up and play, no flickering, and it looks good. I'm also a little partial to this game because when I got my very first paycheck the NES and Sega Genesis were on the market. Instead of buying anything for either of those I picked up a new 2600 Junior, Jr. Pac-Man, and this game. All for about $50. I played Midnight Magic the most. Favorite Arcade Cart The 2600 got lots of arcade ports. While the limitations of the system kept most ports from looking like their arcade parents the game play managed to remain intact. Two arcade ports stand out in my collection. Space Invaders and Gyruss. Space Invaders was the very first Atari game I remember playing many moons ago on a store display. Dangling from a chain I put the game in and quit playing only when it was time to leave. This game was the one that introduced me to Atari, the VCS, and the only reason why I kept hoping for one. Gyruss, on the other hand, was a game I remember playing in arcades and enjoyed it immediately. I must have been sleeping when Parker Bros. ported this game over to various consoles. Being fairly new to my collection Gyruss on the 2600 has quickly become a favorite. It might not be graphically impressive but the game play is there and the music that constantly plays in the arcade was put in the 2600 port in all of it's 2-channel glory. And it's really not all that bad. Missing are the sound effects because the music constantly playing doesn't leave room for any sound effects. A valiant effort that is a very worthwhile cart to play. One of my favorite arcade games and one of my now favorite 2600 games. Space Invaders and Gyruss. What more could one ask for? Favorite Dot Munching Cart Mouse Trap is an easy to pick-up and play dot munching game where the player controls a mouse. The object is to eat all the dots in the maze of which I'm not entirely certain what they are suppose to be. In each of the four corners of the maze are X's that change the player into a dog temporarily when the fire button is pressed. This helps keep the cats chasing the mouse at bay. A unique feature of this game is the ability to change the maze by opening and closing doors. Doing this can help block cats from catching the mouse. Originally released on the 2600 by Coleco of ColecoVision fame the cart I has is the re-release Atari did with a red label. Still an easy game to pick up and play today. This one and Jr Pac-Man get lots of attention but I find myself coming back to this one more often. Favorite 3rd-Party Carts Fast Eddie and Planet Patrol are great 3rd-party 2600 games. I'm sure there are others but I have to base this post on games I have in my collection. Something about Fast Eddie is addictive. The ladders are vary in position with each game played, enemy characters are basic but challenging, and the only real thing the player has to do is collect things like hearts, tanks, fish, etc., to grab a key being guarded by the enemy at the top. It's a bit of Popeye (the collecting hearts part) mashed up with Lode Runner in a easier format. Very colorful game that is fun for hours on end. Planet Patrol is another shoot 'em up on the 2600. The only real difference is the changing of day to night, destroying enemies and reactors/power plants, and scrolling from right to left over left to right or vertically. A bit unusual. What makes this so appealing to me are the small details of this game. Easy to pick up and play, takes a while to master. I also love the chrome label, something rarely seen. It's very attractive and I could see how eye appealing that package would have been sitting next to other games, fighting to be taken home. It does that now in a large library of 2600 carts. Favorite Activision Cart It's almost unlawful to mention the 2600 without thinking immediately about the first 3rd-party game developer known as Activision. Activision literally pushed the 2600 as hard as they could and, in the end, it paid off. Almost every title they released for the 2600 was an instant classic. While I enjoy all Activision games in my collection the two that I go to the most are Enduro and Space Shuttle. Enduro took me completely by surprise in 1988 when I picked up a used 2600 with a bunch of games. This cart was one of the games included and when I first plugged it in I expected it to be a Pole Position rip-off. The next thing I know I had been playing it for over an hour and forced myself to stop when it was time for dinner. I was in 8th grade then. Enduro left such an impression that I would have an agonizing 24 hour wait time to return home to play it again. To help with that I woke up an hour early to get a game in before having to get ready for school. Space Invaders game me a reason to want an Atari, Enduro gave me a reason to hang on to one. Enough said. Space Shuttle. Gee, where do I begin with this one? You're a NASA astronaut and your mission is to dock with a satellite in space currently orbiting the Earth. Sounds simple, right? Then you give it a shot and wonder why in God's name you can't seem to leave the planet without killing you and your crew members. Then you grab the manual for some pointers. It is at this precise moment you realize what you have plugged into your 2600. This isn't a game...this is a simulator. The author wanted to capture as much as he could about space flight that he literally went to NASA and participated in learning everything the astronauts have to do and even used NASA's flight simulators used for training. I would have to say that his efforts paid off in probably the only simulation game made on the 2600. The amount of detail in unreal. Every switch on the 2600 does something to the space shuttle. There's a switch for running gear, brakes, deploying parachute when landing...let's see what else?...one to turn on ignition I think...it's unreal! The instructions alone are like a shortened step into NASA's school. The manual is thick and can take a lot of time alone to absorb. But it is also probably the most expensive instruction book made for any 2600 game ever. Full color, exploded views of an actual space shuttle, step-by-step instructions on what you are suppose to do. And it's on the 2600 to boot. I'm not very good at it but I keep finding myself coming back to this simulator because its visuals and sounds are absolutely amazing to me. I consider this one of Activision's, and Steve's, holy grail. If only today's games went this far. I believe there was only one other game to do something similar but it was at least a decade after Space Shuttle. For those that wanted to be astronauts but never did...here's your chance. This is as close as it gets. Favorite Paddle Game The 2600 had plenty of games but it also had plenty of controller options. I don't know how many times I would play a 2600 game without paying attention only to realize I needed paddle controllers. For the longest time I felt the paddle controllers for the 2600 could have been better. Once I found Warlords, however, that thought quickly changed. It didn't take me long to realize just how comfortable those paddle controllers actually are. And after hours of playing Warlords the design of the paddle controllers made sense. What makes playing Warlords for hours on end a must on the 2600 is the fact it's a mix of Pong and Breakout put together and then shaken up with steroids in the mix. The 2600 might not be graphically impressive but when it comes to game play it can strut its stuff like no other. Warlords offers four-player game play either solo against three computer players or with a group humans be it they are friends or enemies. And once the action starts it's hard to put down. All you have to do is break down your opponents' barrier to their castle to hit the center of their castle with the ball. That's it. Yea...good luck with that. Favorite Red Label Cart Since I did my favorite black and silver label carts I might as well tell my favorite red label cart. I kept wanting to put Solaris on this list but that game makes me rage quit so much that it could take me weeks to return to it. Radar Lock on the other hand is a well done game, by the same author, using most of the same mechanics found in Solaris. This is easily the 2600's answer to those needing an After Burner fix. It looks good, sounds good, uses dual joysticks (one stick is used to select weapons), plays good, and is just all around fun for hours on end. This on is probably one of the more rare red-label carts out there so if you find it I would suggest picking it up. Favorite Non-Game Cart One cart in my collection that is not a game at all is Basic Programming. The 2600 is interesting not only from a gaming point-of-view but also from a technical perspective. It's hard to believe a game console designed to do strictly tank and pong games showed that it could do so much more, often times surpassing what it was originally designed for. For the curious this cart would allow anyone with the enthusiasm and patients to write small programs for the 2600 to perform. While it doesn't unlock the full potential of the 2600's inner workings it does give a taste of what it's like to program the 2600. However, with the memory limitation, don't expect to write the next Adventure game as there simply isn't room. Also, once turned off any programs you've written are erased. Pencil and pad are your best friend. I use this one often just to toy around with the system. Kind of neat to see what can be done with it. Final Thoughts The 2600, no matter which model you own, has always been a small system with a big heart. Even the almighty six switch models are not that large. When taken down to just the heart of the system only a small footprint remains. Big things do sometimes come in small packages and the 2600 has proven time and time again that it is very capable of entertaining for hours on end. I still run across games that are just unbelievable in terms of what the developers managed to pull off. Again, here is a console designed for simple Pong and Tank style games. It was never designed to play Space Invaders, Galaxian, Gyruss, Pitfall!, or anything close to Space Shuttle...but it did those things and did them pretty well. Truthfully, the video game genres we have today have their roots dating back to the 2600. This is the console that started it all and it is still showing it can stand its ground against modern gaming hardware. And that, my friends, is no small achievement.
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    It's that time of year again..

    It's that time of year again..
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    5400, little better than last time.
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    5000 to start. Emulating on my laptop using a generic USB gamepad. This is going to be fun for sure!
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    Pole Position II Atari 7800 Controller: CONTROLLER / KEYBOARD / PLAYER'S CHOICE Difficulty Level: FUJI Achieve high score to win challenge Play on: Real Hardware / Dedicated Console / MAME / Emulation OK! โœ” Squad Challenge ends 11:59 pm PST August 31st, 2019 OBJECTIVE: Play for the highest possible score racing on the FUJI Track in Pole Position II. Post a photo or video of your score in this thread. Scores must be achieved between August 15th through August 31st, 2019. Screen captures are not allowed as they are easily manipulated for falsified scores. Multiple submissions are permitted. The player with the highest score at the end of the competition is the victor! ELIGIBILITY: Anyone can join in. All players are welcome! PLAY RULES: Achieve high score to win Grand Prix Challenge. Games may be played on real hardware, Flashback or emulation, using any controller or keyboard, following rules and game settings as delineated in the Squad Challenge. Enhancements, rewinds and hacked versions of this game are not allowed. DIFFICULTY LEVEL: We are racing on the FUJI Track on Pole Position II. Players will select FUJI at the title screen. FAIR PLAY: Players should play fairly, be honest, and have fun! Falsified scores will result in your immediate removal from the site. It goes without saying that no use of cheats, hacks, cartridge frying, enhancements, rewinds, Photoshop, subterfuge, or any other unfair advantage is allowed. Everybody hates a cheater. MORE: To review detailed rules on how to play, please visit the High Score Squad page here: https://forums.atari.io/topic/1219-high-score-squad-how-to-play/ MESSAGE: Welcome to our 67th Squad Challenge, the 2019 Pole Position II Grand Prix! This will be our second Pole Position II Grand Prix Event! This year the Grand Prix will be a little different: This year's challenge will only be for half a month and we will only be racing the FUJI Track in an attempt to achieve your best high score! Last year the Grand Prix lasted for the entire month and we raced all four tracks for the best lap time. This year we are keeping things simple: We are racing for the best possible score on the FUJI Track. Pole Position is one of the most iconic arcade games released by Atari and was genre-defining for its time, setting a new standard of what racing gameplay could be like. Pole Position II of course was the pack-in title for the Atari 7800, and is often remembered as the first game 7800 owners played on their new game system. I have so many wonderful memories of playing Pole Position at Chuck E. Cheese's with my family, shifting gears and whipping around corners with a cheese stick in my hand and a cup of root beer on the floor under my feet. Pole Position II was also one of my favorite games to play at home and a wonderful memory on the Atari 7800. ROM and Instruction Manual are provided below. Good luck to everyone playing! NOTE: Our next High Score Squad Challenge will be for Sega Genesis. Be there! Pole_Position_II.a78 Pole_Position_II.pdf
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    ๐Ÿ‘‹ Update: Summer is wrapping up and we're headed into the Fall season! I hope everybody enjoyed our Summer Events this year, including the Pole Position II Grand Prix, Howard Scott Warshaw Day, and Pizza Party Weekend! We'll have some fun stuff coming up for the Fall and Winter too. I've been very busy w/ professional life and haven't been posting much. Hurricane Dorian is approaching and that will have my full attention for the next few days. I'm safe and everything is going well! I just posted the new Squad Challenge, we're getting ready for Fall by playing Ghouls 'N Ghosts on Sega Genesis. It's hard as nails, enjoy!
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    Back To School Games

    I decided to do something new, so here's list of 10 Atari 2600 & 7800 games to play during the Back to School season. That's my list. Do you all have any other games that would be perfect for Back to School? Oh, and I suppose I should include this here too:
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    The Atari Creep

    I have to agree that today's console wars are not as exciting as they were when our generation was growing. Truth be told those console wars are probably why we have gray hairs and aches and pains today. As I already mentioned in a comment on your video the first console war I remember well was between an old school friend and myself. His 2600 vs my 5200. Granted my games looked better but his was getting better third party support. Once he played that card where his system was getting games mine wasn't he pretty much hit the nail on the head. Yea I got a better looking Pac-Man but he was getting Enduro, Atlantis, Tutankham, Yar's Revenge...things like that. Even after the game crash the 2600 continued to get software, the 5200 became a has-been. I still say the 5200 did things somewhat better but its all about the games and that's where the 2600 remains the king.
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    I love taking something old and giving it new life. That said when it is a creation from someone else past it can be a bit touchy. Anxiety on red alert. This kit was someones work of art, their creative outlet in the time in witch it was created. No matter, some things need to be restored and given new life. I am more than happy to do so. In fact it's an honor. Someone its giving you something VER PERSONAL regardless if they feel so or not. Regardless of the extent I do or do not put my spin on a restoration I try to retain something, even a small part of what was there to start with. Thanks to @btbfilms76 for entrusting me with small slices of your childhood, even if you do not take it as serious as I do.
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    Well..I took the plunge about a week ago and bought quite a few new components for my new PC home workstation/server/gaming setup. Just ran the user benchmark and these are scores... UserBenchmarks: Game 96%, Desk 152%, Work 129% CPU: Intel Core i7-9700K - 105.1% GPU: Nvidia GTX 1070 - 84.2% SSD: Samsung 970 Evo Plus NVMe PCIe M.2 250GB - 283.6% SSD: Intel Raid 0 Volume 2TB - 177.7% HDD: Intel Raid 0 Volume 2TB - 195.1% RAM: Corsair CMW16GX4M2Z3600C18 2x8GB - 111% MBD: MSI MPG Z390 GAMING PRO CARBON AC (MS-7B17) So I should be good to go for awhile and ready for Cyberpunk 2077 next year!
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    Take that left turn at full speed at your peril. If there's a car there, you will crash for sure. Simply no way to maneuver. Slow down instead and catch any cars on the other side of the curve.
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    That sharp left can be taken full throttle if tackled from the inside and let your car slide to the outside. Be mindful of where on coming cars are located before going into the turn. And if you have to, instead of braking, downshift for a split second then slam it back into hi gear. It's surprising to think Fuji and Suzuka are actual real-life tracks although both have gone through some changes. Those tracks are also available on many other racing games including Gran Turismo, MotoGP, Forza, R Racing Evolution, and I'm sure that there are more I have not heard of yet. Suzuka has a history of claiming the life of a 23-year old MotoGP Champion in 2003. That rider's motorcycle and number were permanently retired after. The track is owned by Honda and went through many changes before that 2003 race. I am unsure if Seaside is a real-life track or an original track for PPII.
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    I think it needs the whole engine...I think it blew. "She can't take much more of this, Captain!"
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    I managed to play and get a screenshot but I'm having issues with my cart. On the Title Screen the game will often turn to pastel colors and freeze. I'm not sure what's causing it but I'm going to try cleaning the contacts on the cart and machine to see if that solves the issues. Played with a Europad controller. I made it to the 3rd lap. I kept finding cars who wanted to move over in front of me all of a sudden. How nice of them. Played on real hardware of course.
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    This should be on my blog here on Atari I/O but I thought I would do one here that's easier to find. I will do another more in depth review of these items for my blog. In the meantime get your notepad and pen out. You may want to take notes. AC Adapter First up is this fine AC Adapter. For a China-made product it actually feels like a nice quality product and it does work with one limitation. Look at the image below and see if you can spot something. Look really hard...take your time, I'll wait. The issue is this adapter is advertised as being able to work with three consoles: The NES, SNES, and Model 1 Genesis. There's only two plugs. The idea is to use the same plug for the NES on the Genesis. However, someone must have fell asleep at the drawing board. The NES draws AC power which is then converted to DC current inside the NES itself. The Genesis is a DC-only system with it's power supply converting to DC for the console. The adapter is outputting DC current and does work well with the SNES and NES consoles (I tested it on the NES but I have an original NES power supply so I will stick with that). The NES and Genesis consoles, however, also have variants on polarity coming in to them through the power port. If it hasn't sunk in yet the Genesis' polarity is opposite that of the NES. Using this on a Genesis console can FRY THE SYSTEM! Bottomline: For an SNES/NES power supply replacement this will work however I can't recommend it for the NES knowing its internal AC/DC nature. For the Model 1 Genesis avoid this at all costs as it is being falsely advertised as working with that console when it does not. The plug does fit but the polarity is reversed. It's simply too risky to even attempt. Off-Brand SNES Controller Along with the adapter I picked up a controller. This controller is not the Nintendo-issued one or of a decent 3rd party during the SNES' production cycle. This is a cheap knock-off that does serve the purpose but also has a few issues that might be worth noting. The controller itself is comfortable and doesn't feel much different than the originals other than it might be a bit lighter. The D-pad, four function buttons, and the Select/Start buttons do feel OK and perform well. The button issues reside with the two shoulder buttons L/R. These require a lot more force to use than those on the original SNES control pads. And I used them a LOT playing F-Zero hoping that they would get broke in enough to soften up a bit. Nope. Never happened. In a way that's a good thing but it would have been more comfortable to use if they would have softened just a bit. The second issue I had was plugging the controller into the console. I am not sure what is off but the connector on the controller going into the console was such a tight fit that I almost thought I was going to break the control ports on the console loose somehow. They are also very hard to unhook from the console if one wants to switch controllers. I only recommend these for those that have broken or no controllers, the latter of which was my situation. They are a cheap alternative to the more expensive used original controllers and they do perform well. Just be aware of the issues I ran into if these become a part of your gaming collection. Otherwise, try a different knock-off controller. There might be some with buttons easier to use and will fit the console without trying to break it. Final Thoughts Both of these products work as replacements for anyone with a Super NES in need of them. If used only for the SNES the adapter alone is worth the price at about $8 average brand new. The controller could use some softer pads under those shoulder buttons and the connector really needs to be corrected so it is not such a chore to connect/unhook from the system. Otherwise it performs well and as expected. It will allow for some length game time on favorite SNES games. For Model 1 Genesis owners, however, the AC Adapter is a buyer avoid.
  33. 2 points
    OH MY!!!! I have been so busy I miss this. I know what tonights Sunday Night Instagram Live will be!!!!
  34. 2 points
    WOW. These scores are amazing. Sorry guys, I have been CRAZY busy to keep at it. I did squeak 2 videos and 1 day of just play time out of it. Wicked fun game that I will continue to jam on.
  35. 2 points
    This came in the other day and it works amazing great and is easy to use. It came in a pretty neat 3D printed box I can store it in too. The only complaint I really have is the same complaint I have with similar products like 'everdrives', etc; that the loading time can be a little long. But that can't be helped given what such a product does. Overall. Everything I expected, a quality product delivered in a quality way. I would suggest purchasing one if you're on the fence.
  36. 1 point
    I know its all over but.... 18100 Live.
  37. 1 point
    10400 so sorry to keep posting but I needed to get 10k or better or I would have been pissed.
  38. 1 point

    What Retro Game Defines You...

    LOL! I think that you hit the nail on the head there.
  39. 1 point
    Apparently Nintendo is filming a commercial on Saturday in our building. Maybe this is my chance to be discovered? Too obvious if I come decked out in a Zelda t-shirt? ๐Ÿ˜‚
  40. 1 point

    Scored my first 800!

    Sweet! Very cool that they still have them and they don't cost too much. ๐Ÿ‘
  41. 1 point
    I'm gonna get in on this one, but I'm super busy with work at the moment. Give me a few days...
  42. 1 point
    I'm hoping to get in on this one. I'm on a new PC and don't have any emulators yet. Honestly don't even know where to find one anymore. I'll try to find one for sure though.
  43. 1 point
    PP II on the 7800 is not a bad game at all. It just wasn't a system seller by the time the 7800 was finally released. Seriously, imagine seeing the NES with SMB/Duck Hunt on one side of a shelf and the 7800 sitting next to it with PP II. Something else should have been packed-in with the 7800. It needed more adventure games which it lacked. Then again the 7800 was made for arcade quality games so it makes sense why the system got more arcade ports. Maybe if it would have done the same arcade games that the NES was getting it might have been a stronger competitor. Not well marketed and it should have been more seriously developed for with originals as well as arcade ports. The hardware is capable of doing anything the NES could have done. PP II is fun no matter what. It wasn't all about the score. I have more fun just playing to be playing. Unfortunately my PP II cart just wasn't up to the task any more Another ROM bites the dust. But I might have a pulled PP II ROM somewhere I saved from a bad board so I might be able to get another one going. This was fun guys! Gotta do Gyruss on the 2600 sometime. Or Fast Eddie.
  44. 1 point
    Good point! I don't care about my score too much, but I really love seeing a lot of people participating and having fun! GREAT one, everyone.
  45. 1 point
    Great showing guys. I really wish I had more time to spend on this challenge, Hurricane Dorian is headed our way and I've had to get the storm shutters up and get stocked up on food and gas. Plenty of Atari to go around in this house though! High Score: 71,450
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    hi joe, we need a update:) lance www.atarisales.com
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    Kid A's game room.

    You've done a really great job. I think it's inspiring. I'm still a couple of years out from trying something that nice (I'm waiting for the kids to move out). Most of my good junk is boxed and stored in the attic and comes out one system at a time to play.
  48. 1 point

    Kid A's game room.

    Wow! VERY NICE !๐Ÿ˜ฎ
  49. 1 point

    Thrift Store Finds

    Todays goodwill finds. Was super excited to find mecha Godzilla. Then right under him was a smaller Godzilla I almost over looked. This Godzilla is kinda cool it has a ball in its stomach that you can control its tail with
  50. 1 point

    NSG's Easter Egg Videos

    I love Todd's Adventures in Slime World! I got it on clearance at Toys R Us in August 1994 for $3. Bought a ton of games on a whim and Slime World ended up being one of my most favorite! Nice, complete feeling game with some character. Never knew about this zit-popping game though!
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