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    πŸ“° Google paid $58.1 million for the Atari building at 1272 Borregas Ave. This building was home to 2600 games development and all the zany things that went on there. The Mercury News has a nice article on this which quotes Atari I/O: https://www.mercurynews.com/2019/07/01/google-grabs-an-early-atari-building-in-north-sunnyvale-deals-widen/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
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    πŸ˜‰ Just thinking.. I'm glad we have the group that we have. What a great bunch of people.
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    T.G.I.F.! Here's a new favorite of mine. White Water! for Intellivision from 1983 by Imagic. It's also compatible with my Sears Super Video Arcade. This game has two different modes. In the first mode you shoot the rapids and race to the finish line without losing your men. It's sort of like bumper boats. In the second mode you steer towards a white sandy shore then run into the forest where you play the riches ritual against one of the natives. You take turns capturing flags, after the final flag is caught you each race for a golden urn. After picking up three urns you have a chance at a valuable treasure chest. But you must play by the rules and alternate capturing flags or the Big Kahuna will become angry and throw tomahawks at you. I'll record some gameplay over the weekend so you can see more of this awesome game. 🏞️
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    Controller giveaway updates posted on my channel. https://forums.atari.io/topic/2344-the-atari-creep/page/11/?tab=comments#comment-47246
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    βœ… Resolved the issue with the main part of the website and will have a new Squad Challenge up today!
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    ⚠️ Having an issue with the main part of the website (not the forums) Likely Wordpress related. Working on resolving this. Will try to have the new High Score Squad Challenge up later tonight as well!
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    RickR has a modern console for once. I picked up a used 3ds today. I'll admit, the purple color was a selling point.
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    MGL Update: I'm hanging in there given that Game #3 is Bubbles - A game I never played in arcades. I find the game very frustrating. Anyway, here's a fun :07 game play clip of Mr. Do! This is titled "I CALLED BANK"
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    It only took a few years, but today I was finally lucky enough to see Hamilton in NYC. Expectations were high & they were surpassed.
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    πŸŽ₯ NEW VIDEO MONDAY! Here’s a throwback: a home movie I made when I was a kid, recreating the commercials for Atari Lynx. Who remembers these Lynx commercials from the β€˜90s?
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    Here's some Shark! Shark! for Intellivision. One of my favorites.
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    🎬 DEFENDER 2000 drops today on The Jag Bar. 1st new Ep. since December 2016! Make sure you’re subscribed. New episodes coming all summer long:
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    Here's Pac-Man for Intellivision from Atari Soft. This is played on a Sears Telegames Super Video Arcade going to a little Sony Trinitron. My favorite old-school port of the game.
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    Episode 17 of Retro With Marco airs TONIGHT at 9pm ET! I'm putting the final touches on tonight's episode, which will include: High score and speedrun shoutouts Recap of the Retro World Series at the Southern Fried Gaming Expo GameStop going retro? Tune in tonight at 9pm ET / 6pm PT! https://twitch.tv/retrowithmarco See you then!
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    I almost beat Blue Lightning for Jaguar CD in a single sitting. As it happened, I lost my last plane crashing into an iceberg - pilot error. I'll never understand why that game gets so much hate. For me, it looks and plays as well as Total Eclipse/Solar Eclipse on 3DO/Saturn and other games like that. Also, can we talk about the ripping heavy/hard rock soundtrack? Its not a very deep game but its a great way to blow through a couple of hours.
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    🎬 Steel Talons today on a NEW episode of Lynx Lounge. Fire up that whirly bird and hit the blue skies. This arcade port is not bad... see for yourself:
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    Another CRT for me. This one came for free via the Facebook marketplace. It's a 9" Sears. Manufactured July 87. It has both RF and composite inputs. The tube is very flat, but not a Trinitron (I don't think). This one may be my favorite one yet, as the picture quality is really good.
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    Whelp I just finally got myself an Atari Lynx! Not the best physical condition but it works. Gonna try to repaint the case, I think. It's the first model type. Not the more compact model 2.
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    Looking at motorcycles to complete the midlife crisis look. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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    Week 6 of the C25K program complete. Week 6, Day 3 wasn’t as bad as Week 6, Day 2, even though there was more running on Day 3. Two weeks left & sadly, there are no walking breaks. Straight running but I know I can do it, knees willing. 10 pounds down too! (& counting)
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    2nd earthquake in as many days. They're comparing it to the Northridge earthquake (1994).
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    Happy Independence Day USA members!
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    🀣 🀣 🀣

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    I don't and likely will never, own an Atari Jaguar....I think I am OK with that. 😜
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    I'm writing more blog posts in my brain. Hopefully some (relatively) entertaining stuff on the way.
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    πŸ“Ή NEW VIDEO MONDAY! Nintendo, Sega & Atari After The Video Game Crash:
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    Can’t wait to jump into the Pizza Party high score challenges! Great choices!
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    πŸ•ΉοΈ ATARI I/O LIVE! BTB talks about his RETRO GAMER ORIGINS:
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    Beth Chapman, 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' star, has died https://www.cnn.com/2019/06/26/entertainment/beth-chapman-obit/index.html
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