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    I played 5200 Space Invaders tonight -- very trippy game! The alien designs are quite unique and they switch poses as they traverse the field. 👍
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    Fires in U.S, are you affected?

    To answer your question, @MaximumRD, no. Not directly. I live in the upper Midwest which is probably the safest place natural disaster-wise in the US. I know @DegasElite also lives up here, but I haven't seen smoke yet and it has been very clear outside. I'm not sure if the smoke just hasn't made its way to us or not or if it is not going to come at all. Though I have heard that ash from Mount Saint Helens could be seen up here back when that was a thing. I wasn't around then, so I can't speak for that. I haven't been affected directly, though I was pretty worried when the fires were on their way to @RickR's house.
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