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    I’d like to share something very special with you guys. This is an Atari Strategy Guide I began writing in 6th Grade. It's all true. Atari I/O started on paper! I was 11 years old when I made this. If you flip through the pages of the Strategy Guide and squint hard enough, you’ll recognize similarities with our Atari I/O Blog posts, particularly the game reviews that I do with BTB. I thought you guys might think this is cool to see. I’ve been talking with @btbfilms76, @Atari Creep and @Gianna about my days collecting Atari games in the early '90s, how some of the most interesting stuff in my collection are documents from Atari, and what it was like trying to do all this before the internet. My conversations with them inspired me to share this as a PDF for all of you to enjoy. It’s more of a sentimental curiosity than anything really useful, but if you read closely you’ll find a helpful tip or two in there. It's also a bit of an artifact from a pre-internet Justin who way back then was just as fascinated and enthralled with the World of Atari as I am today. This little Strategy Guide was absolutely the beginning of what would become my Atari website and would evolve in time to become Atari I/O. It really did start on paper. I scanned the original documents and compiled them in a PDF file as a digital recreation of the real thing. I also added a Table of Contents to help you find your way around, and a Preface which you see above. I didn't get very far with the guide, but the games covered include these 7800 titles: FATAL RUN JINKS ACE OF ACES SCRAPYARD DOG CENTIPEDE The Strategy Guide also contains 2600/7800 cartridge price lists and customer service ordering forms from Atari Corp. from 1993. If you manage to make out my sloppy 6th Grade handwriting, you'll notice that I get some details wrong. I began writing this Strategy Guide before the internet was available to me. Digging up historical info on Atari, we had to get resourceful. Whatever I knew I learned from my own experience of piecing together historical details from Atari catalogs and game boxes, checking out books from the school library, talking with @Video 61 for hours at a time, or calling Atari directly and speaking with Geraldine at the front desk. "Hi is Sam there?" In a way it’s sad that Jack Tramiel’s Atari didn’t give us nice things like expansive Strategy Guides, big beautiful fold-out maps, a magazine as cool as Nintendo Power, or the type of immersive games that would’ve created a huge demand for things like this. Little 6th Grade me took it upon myself to make this, because what else was I supposed to do? I was still excited about Atari, I wanted to share Atari with as many people as I could. I don’t know who I was writing this for at the time, friends I guess, but apparently I was writing it for you guys. It just had to sit in a time capsule first. ⬇️ The PDF is attached below. ⬇️ I hope you guys enjoy this glimpse into the beginning of Atari I/O! Atari 7800 6th Grade Strategy Guide.pdf
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    Kid A

    Got me a Ms. Pac-Man cab!

    So a buddy of mine calls me up and asked me if I wanted his non working Ms Pac-Man cab. The deal was that if I fixed it, he could play it whenever he came down, which I had no problem with. This is what the cab looked like when I got it. The cab was pretty beat up. Just running my hand across the sides made the paint fall off of it. Someone had painted the entire cab black. As you can see the cab was in pretty bad shape. So even before I tried to make the thing actually work, I painted it black. I primered it first before doing so. At this point I actually tried to make it work. I found some wires that looked like they were spliced into. I figured these were the connections for power. There was no power plug when I got it. I got a PC power cable, cut the end off and spliced it into the existing cuts in the wiring. When I plugged it in, it powered on...however with some problems.. The screen was all distorted. I had found 10 different knobs in the back of the arcade. I turned all of them to see if it would fix it. Nothing did. I thought maybe they all have to be dialed in perfect. After 3 days of messing with these knobs, I was getting frustrated. I was staring at the back of the cab when I saw this metal bracket with a hole in it. I shined a flashlight through the hole and I saw a potentiometer with a screwdriver slot on it. I grabbed a screwdriver and turned it clockwise and it made it worse. So I went counterclockwise all the way and it made the screen totally clear! ...with some minor distorted on the right part of the screen . Just had to slightly turn it back clockwise to get rid of the distortion After that I spent a few minutes to dial in the colors properly. At this point, I got a proper power cable for the cab and installed it. The control panel overlay was pretty dirty and torn so that got replaced. Put some new buttons too. When I got done with that, I wanted to go all out. I ended up getting a repro glass bezel and installed it. The repro is very high quality. Very happy with it. My friend had got this thinking if he couldn't fix it, he was going to keep the Marquee and get rid of it. Knowing that I got this machine for free, I got a new Marquee and gave him the original. Got a high score save kit as well. Last thing I got was the panel art and new T molding. When I got the art in, I realized that if I were to install the front part as is, the coin door chop off the forehead of Ms. Pac-Man. So I had to raise the coin door 4.5 inches. I also was able to hide the bolts that hold the coin bucket in place below the surface of the wood so I didn't have to shove them to the front of the artwork. Once that was done I installed the art along with the new t molding. When I installed the cab was finally finished! I wish the color of the panel art was a closer match to the control panel overlay, but in the end, I think it came out pretty awesome. I'm forever grateful that my buddy gave me this arcade. It's definitely in my top 3 favorite arcade games of all time. It was a lot of work putting this thing together Here's a side by side of the before and after!
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    What's Next

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    Great choice @Justin. This is going to be fun! Here's a picture of my boxed copy (and the extra copy I have that I think I'm trading to @HDN) Something interesting I just noticed is that it has an "N" sticker on the top (indicating NTSC I assume). Weird! One more interesting story about 2600 Galaxian...it's one of the games that does not work with the Atari Flashback 2. When I did the cartridge port mod on a FB2, guess which game I grabbed to test with? Yep. Galaxian! I pulled my hair out a bit before I figured maybe the game was incompatible.
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    Congratulations Racers! Congratulations to everyone who joined in the big race!! We had our BIGGEST TURNOUT EVER for this Grand Prix! Absolutely incredible! Seaside was the perfect track to race, difficult enough to provide tremendous challenge to us adult players but still fun to play. One of the points of criticism I see the Atari 7800 receive fairly often is that it came with Pole Position II as its pack-in. I thought this was a really fun game. I hope you did too! I came in 1st Place to take the top spot on the podium, crossing the finish line with a high score of 73,500. I feel like the game has a few hundred more points to give, but who knows. Apparently my score would be a new World Record for Seaside on Twin Galaxies and HighScore.com, so I'm going to do what I need to do to submit my score to them. @nosweargamer is back in action and takes 2nd Place on the big podium with a final score of 68,500, and it was a photo finish with @RickR just 100 Points behind NSG with 68,400. @MaliciousCarp @Atari 5200 Guy and @Sabertooth join a very tight pack of racers with very close scores and incredible performances. @RadioPoultry @socrates63 @Kid A @LinkYoungPS @Atari Creep @TrekMD @DarylJ @Gianna and @GoldenGalaxiesGaming followed behind, all of whom posted real scores that took effort and skill to achieve. BRAVO everyone!!! As I always encourage others to do, I'll be posting my new high score on the Scoreboard to make sure this Challenge continues on! Did you enjoy this Squad Challenge? If so, keep practicing your racing skills throughout the year and we'll see you back here on the track again next summer for the 2021 Pole Position II Grand Prix! Also, to keep a running list of who's entered into BTB's Atari 7800 Paddle Controllers Giveaway Contest, so far the following Members have asked to be entered and are permanently enrolled through the rest of the contest: @RickR @Sabertooth @nosweargamer @TrekMD @socrates63. If you don't see your name listed and would like to enter to win the pair of 7800 Paddle Controllers, be sure to say "Hey BTB, enter me to win!" when posting your next high score! NOTE: Our next High Score Squad Challenge will be an Atari 2600 game! Be there!
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    E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial for Atari 2600 is not the worst game ever made, that's just something people like to say. @GoldenGalaxiesGaming just posted a brilliant new video taking us on an Atari E.T. playthrough, showing: HOW to play the game What the symbols mean How to get E.T. home How to get a high score and explaining why E.T. is NOT the worst game ever. I'm such a strong believer in this, I'm considering pinning this topic to the top of the Atari 2600 Forum.
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    Here is my score 🙂 223,400
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    A little background on my physical gaming setup... gaming has been a retrofit into existing living spaces. I have gaming areas in two places in the house. First, a large room upstairs started out as the toy room for kids and my library. Now, half of the room is used for home theater with a very large old sofa in front of the 65" 4K TV and audio equipment. Modern consoles and some older ones are hooked up to this TV. I'll share photos in the future. Second, in a small corner of the office/den on the main floor, I've set up a 27" CRT TV with 2600, 5200, 7800, and PS2. Most of my Atari 8-bit collection is on a single shelf in my office along with the CRT TV and Atari consoles. My small 5200 CIB games collection is also here (double stacked). Not shown are my 2 800XL and in-the-box 800. Fort Apocalypse by Synapse was the first commercial game that I bought for my childhood 800, and I believe Temple of Apshai may have been the second. EA's early games are also my favorites. I have a small collection of games from those three companies because they represent a lot of A8 nostalgia for me. The CRT TV setup is something I'm actively thinking about. I need to find a way to have access to all 3 Atari consoles. Right now, the 7800 is sitting in the back of the bottom shelf on the stand. I also have a PS2 here but that takes minimal space. I'll probably have to go with a different TV stand. In the room upstairs, I have two shelves where all the 2600 games and homebrews are kept. Everything is double stacked. This room also contains shelves (not shown) of games for all generations of Playstation and Xbox.
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    Squad Challenge - Galaxian (Atari 2600)

    Congratulations Scott Stilphen! Congratulations to @Scott Stilphen who just became Master of the Galaxians!! We had one of our BIGGEST TURNOUTS which was just about on par with our recent 2020 Pole Position II Grand Prix!! Amazing! Galaxian is one of the funnest arcade ports on the Atari 2600 and turned out to be one of our most fun Squad Challenges too! I want to thank EVERYBODY for joining in High Score Squad and for making this a fun place to play games with friends, old and new. @Scott Stilphen almost broke into the 100,000 Points Club with his impressive score of 96,830 to clench the top spot and come in 1st Place on the board. @socrates63 also played a very impressive game and scored 81,990 points to take 2nd Place. @RickR takes 3rd with a hefty 53,030 point finish. Way to go, guys! And lets all give a GIANT Atari I/O Welcome to our new friends @James Campbell Jr. and @GoldenGalaxiesGaming who joined us in High Score Squad this week, it's great to have you guys here! This was a fun week with a tremendous turnout. @MaliciousCarp @Atari 5200 Guy @HDN @Sabertooth @RadioPoultry @Kid A @TrekMD @Atari Creep and @Willie! all turned out this week with their best scores! Congratulations everyone on joining in this challenge and checking out one of Atari's best arcade ports. As always I'd like to encourage Scott Stilphen to post his new high score on the Scoreboard, and let's make sure this Challenge continues on! Also, to keep a running list of who's entered into BTB's Atari 7800 Paddle Controllers Giveaway Contest, so far the following Members have asked to be entered and are permanently enrolled through the rest of the contest: @RickR @Sabertooth @nosweargamer @TrekMD @socrates63. If you don't see your name listed and would like to enter to win the pair of 7800 Paddle Controllers, be sure to say "Hey BTB, enter me to win!" when posting your next high score! NOTE: Our next High Score Squad Challenge will be an Atari Lynx game! Get those Sun Visors out and those batteries charged! Be there!
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    Hello From Ohio

    Hello everyone Glad to be apart of Atari.io Huge retro and current gen nerd 😃. What's Everyone favorite Arcade to play? Mines gotta be Tapper whenever i go to the Barcades i make it a mission to play it.
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    I got 43,950 and maybe stage 15 but I'm going for 50K. Ships are worth more points in flight but the main thing is to shoot the emissaries first, the purple ones. And you can sort of steer the direction they move by positioning yourself so they fly back towards you. Once you get rid of them the green ships are easy and slow moving. When you see the red escorts shoot them first followed by the white flagship. It's not easy to do but it gives you 800 points. I really focus more on the purple guys then shoot everything else whether it's in flight or not.
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    I can't believe these amazing scores! I've yet to break 10,000. At least I have time to improve. I'm using this as an opportunity to get used to OBS. I won't post a score yet, but this is how Galaxian is making me feel! Also, does anyone else think the sprites in this version are more reminiscent of the sprites in Galaga than Galaxian? Compared to the arcade, A8 and 5200 versions - the shapes have a much more Galaga vibe to me.
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    My first entry for this one: 22,930 This is another game that I have had in my collection forever, but hardly ever play. I forget how fun it can be when you get into the zone 🙂
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    Playin' some Galaxian on my 2600 as part of the Atari IO High Score Squad Challenge 😛 (spoilers, I am terrible :P)
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    Yaay! It's here!

    I finally got my 7800 today. It's a bit disappointing that it only came with Pole Position II because they said they'd put a few games with it, but I don't really mind. I like PP2 quite a bit. I wish I had Food Fight though. I also like the ProLine controllers. I tested them with a few games. It worked good with PP2 and Pac-Man, but not so good with Defender and Tunnel Runner.
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    40880 using OG hardware and Hyperkin Ranger controller.
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    I did a little research on Twin Galaxies and found the highest score they had for Seaside on Pole Position II was 73,350, below my current high score of 73,500. I felt like I had more in me when I got that score, but potentially 73,500 is the highest score possible on that track. I'm going to keep trying, and at some point film my score for YouTube and maybe submit to the high score sites.
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    Would you like to get your hands on a pair of brand new CX-30 Evolved Atari 7800 Paddle Controllers? Well we’re giving away a set, and you could be the lucky winner! Here’s how you can enter to win your very own pair of 7800 Paddle Controllers. It's really easy, to enter to win you need to do two things: 1 Subscribe to my channel on YouTube 2 Participate in a High Score Squad Challenge on Atari I/O You can join in any and every High Score Squad Challenge that we’re doing until December 1st. Every Squad Challenge you join in is another chance to win! Now do me a favor, shout me out when you post your high score in the forums, make sure you say “Hey BTB, enter me to win!” and it’s all good to go. On December 1st, 2020 we are going to do a drawing and we are going to see who is the lucky person who is going to win these beautiful badboys. I wish you all the best of luck! I introduce the contest in my newest episode of 7800 Avenue at the 9:18 mark: This contest is open to everybody, including Atari I/O Moderators, with a U.S. or Canada mailing address. It's really easy, all you have to do is be sure you’re subscribed to my YouTube channel and participate in a High Score Squad Challenge. Be sure to post “Hey BTB, enter me to win!” somewhere alongside your score so I know you're entering the contest, and you will be rewarded with one entry for every High Score Squad Challenge you participate in from June 1st until December 1st, 2020. We’ll do a drawing on December 1st, 2020 and announce a winner. Good luck in the contest and I’ll see you in the forums. And starting early next year we’ll be doing another cool contest: “BTB’s Summer Road Trip”. Be sure to check back and find out what you can win!
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    I humbly submit my effort! Not the greatest, but it was a blast!! Looking forward to the next one! Link: Hey All! It's that time again! It's Atari/io High Score Squad Challenge! This time it's the Atari 7800 game, Pole Position II! Hop in those comments, and enjoy! Don't forget about the giveaway! (In the description) Link:
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    Wow, I’ve never won anything better than a few bucks on scratch off lotto tickets before! Thank you!
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    Do you have any pets?

    I thought this would be a nice topic for a conversation starter 😊 I have a long haired dachshund named Sally who is 7. She is very shy yet super protective. She loves going for car rides, boat rides, and getting occasional Puppacinos from Starbucks (whipped cream in a small cup). 🙂 Sally is so sweet and I don't know what I would do without her! If you have pets, share their pics and a little about them below!
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    Do you have any pets?

    Lola the beagle. Adopted her ten months ago. She's four now.
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    Congratulations to all the participants! This was a very fun one with many folks improving their scores as time went on. Personally, this high score challenge made a Galaxian lover out of me, so I'm very happy for that outcome as well. For the next challenge, I don't own a Lynx. I'm going to fire up my RetroPi 3 and hope that the image has it.
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    Per Justin's comment, I made a table of Activision games officially released for the Atari 2600. I reviewed the game manuals for all the games listed to gather the patch requirements. I also listed games that do not appear to have patches. If you're interested in what the patches look like, AtariAge forum has an Activision Patch Gallery page. If you have a patch-worthy score, reply here, and I'll add your name to the I/O Member column. I've only managed to get qualifying scores for two games, Stampede and Freeway. I am closing in on Beamrider. I posted my scores for the three games in the Scoreboard sub-forum. Should I include Activision games for other consoles that had patch awards? 2600 Game Patch Score Patch Name I/O Member Activision Decathlon 8,600 9,000 10,000 Bronze Silver Gold @socrates63 (9,961) Barnstorming < 33.3 sec (game 1) < 51.0 sec (game 2) < 54.0 sec (game 3) Flying Aces @RickR (33.17 sec, game 1) Beamrider 40,000 and sector 14 Beamriders @socrates63 (49,400, sector 19) Boxing --- --- Bridge --- --- Checkers --- --- Chopper Command 10,000 Commandos @nosweargamer (279,600) @RickR (115,100) @TrekMD (56,400) @Atari 5200 Guy (36,300) @socrates63 (11,900) @dauber (11,400) Cosmic Commuter --- --- Crackpots 75,000 Crackpots @HDN (81,160) Dolphin 80,000 500,000 Friends of Dolphins Secret Society of Dolphins Dragster < 6.5 sec World Class Dragster Club @RickR (5.97 sec) @HDN (6.44 sec) Enduro 5 days Roadbusters @Atari 5200 Guy (10 days, 1,665.9 miles) @Ballblaɀer (6 days, 923.9 miles) @TrekMD (patch holder) Fishing Derby --- --- Freeway 20 (game 3 or 7) Save the Chicken Foundation @socrates63 (20, game 7) @RickR (20, game 3) Frostbite 40,000 Arctic Architects @nosweargamer (46,270) Ghostbusters --- --- Grand Prix 0:35 (game 1) 1:00 (game 2) 1:30 (game 3) 2:30 (game 4) Grand Prix Driving Team H.E.R.O. 75,000 Order of the H.E.R.O. Ice Hockey Game 1 victory All-Star Hockey Team @RickR (18-4) @nosweargamer (15-14) Kaboom! 3,000 Bucket Brigade @HDN (3,385) Keystone Kapers 35,000 Billy Club @HDN (40,950) Laser Blast 100,000 Federation of Laser Blasters @RickR (101,520) MegaMania 45,000 MegaManiacs @socrates63 (79,580) @Atari 5200 Guy (69,700) @HDN (50,380) @RickR (48,590) Oink! 25,000 (game 1) Oinkers Pitfall! 20,000 Explorers’ Club @nads (114,000) @nosweargamer (113,332) Pitfall II 99,000 Cliff Hangers @TrekMD (patch holder) Plaque Attack 35,000 No Plaque Pack Pressure Cooker 45,000 Short-Order Squad Private Eye Solve case 3 Super Sleuth River Raid 15,000 River Raiders @Kid A (85,970) @nosweargamer (56,970) @Starbuck66 (44,890) @btbfilms76 (35,410) @Atari 5200 Guy (26,480) @greenween (25,370) River Raid II --- --- Robot Tank 48 tanks 60 tanks 72 tanks Medal of Merit Cross of Excellence Star of Honor @Atari 5200 Guy (56 tanks) Seaquest 50,000 Sub Club @nosweargamer (70,390) Skiing < 28.2 sec (game 3) Activision Ski Team @RickR (28.12 sec) Sky Jinks < 37.0 sec (game 1) Sky Stars Space Shuttle 4 dockings with 4,500 fuel 6 dockings with 7,500 fuel Space Shuttle Pilot Space Shuttle Commanders Spider Fighter 40,000 (left Difficulty A) Spider Fighters Stampede 3,000 Trail Drive @socrates63 (3,528) StarMaster 3,800 (game E) 5,700 (game L) 7,600 (game W) 9,000 (game S) Order of the Supreme StarMaster Leader Wing Commander StarMaster @HDN (5,369 game E) @HDN (7,757 game L) Tennis --- ---
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    I drove the family to visit Mount Rainier today. My wife and I have been there maybe one time before today and that was before we got married. My parents also came with us. It's a 2 1/2 hr drive from where we live to get to Mt. Rainier. We stopped on the way for lunch and arrived around 3pm. I bought America the Beautiful pass for national parks two months ago during my family road trip to Texas. Today was the third time I used it, so now I've gotten my money's worth, and it's bonus time from now until next July. The most popular spot at the park that gives you a close-up view of the mountain is Paradise Jackson Visitor Center. That's was our destination today, and there were a lot of people there. My wife and I are indoor-sy and don't visit parks on a regular basis. We didn't realize how popular Mt. Rainier was. We were, however, fortunate to find a good parking spot (the lot was full according to the sign). My parents have difficulty walking more than 10-20 ft without having to rest. There were several benches next to the passenger load/unload area, and my mom said she wasn't going any farther. There goes the idea about a brief hike for a better photo op. I guess it didn't really matter too much since the top of the mountain was shrouded in clouds, and only the base of the mountain was visible from Paradise. I set up the tripod and took some photos and we were done. After a restroom break, we got back in the car and headed down the mountain. A few minutes down, we did stop at a vantage point which gave us a good view of Mt. Rainier including the peak, so all was not lost. I joked in the car that the reason we we drove up to Mt. Rainier today was to use the restroom. That's was about the extent of our visit. At least the lunch and snacks were good, and when we arrived home at 6pm, we had Korean BBQ for dinner. My wife and I intend to get an RV in about 8-10 years, and today, we added another destination for us to visit and explore when our RV life begins. Since it's relatively close, Mount Rainier National Park might be a good place to practice living in an RV.
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    Pole Position II Atari 7800 Controller: JOYSTICK / KEYBOARD / PLAYER'S CHOICE Difficulty Level: SEASIDE Play on: Real Hardware / Dedicated Console / MAME / Emulation OK! ✔ Squad Challenge ends 11:59 pm PST August 31, 2020 Objective Play for the highest possible score racing the SEASIDE Track in Pole Position II on the Atari 7800. Post a photo or YouTube video of your score in this thread. Scores must be achieved between August 15th through August 31st, 2020. Screen captures are not allowed as they are more easily manipulated for falsified scores. Multiple submissions are permitted. The player with the highest score at the end of the competition is the victor! Eligibility Anyone can join in. All players are welcome! Play Rules Achieve high score to win Grand Prix Challenge. Games may be played on real hardware, Flashback / Mini console, or emulation, using any controller or keyboard, following all rules and game settings defined in the challenge. Choosing between real hardware or emulation, and choosing which controller to play on is part of formulating your strategy. Enhancements, rewinds and hacked versions of this game are not allowed. Difficulty Level We are racing on the SEASIDE Track in Pole Position II. Players will select SEASIDE at the title screen. Fair Play Your integrity is everything. Players should play fairly, be honest, and have fun! Falsified scores will result in your immediate removal from the site. It goes without saying that we will not allow cheats, hacks, cartridge frying, enhancements, rewinds, deceitful photo manipulation, subterfuge, or any other unfair advantage. Everybody hates a cheater. More To review detailed rules on how to play, please visit the High Score Squad page here: Message Welcome to our 86th Squad Challenge, the 2020 Pole Position II Grand Prix! This will be our 3rd Annual Pole Position II Grand Prix Event! This year's Grand Prix challenge will run until August 31st, 2020 racing the SEASIDE Track for your best possible score! Pole Position is one of the most iconic arcade games released by Atari and was genre-defining for its time, setting a new standard of what racing gameplay could be like. Pole Position II was included as the pack-in title for the Atari 7800 and is often revered as the first game 7800 owners played on their new game system. For many of us 7800 gamers, Pole Position II was the first video game we ever owned! I have so many wonderful memories of playing Pole Position II at Chuck E. Cheese's with my family, shifting gears and whipping around corners with a cheese stick in my hand and a cup of root beer on the floor under my feet. It also became one of my favorite games to play at home and remains a wonderful memory on the Atari 7800. ROM and Instruction Manual are provided below. Good luck to our Qualifying Racers!! NOTE: Another great Squad Challenge is coming up soon! Pole_Position_II.pdfPole_Position_II.a78
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    Hi from Winnipeg, Canada

    Greetings fellow Atari fans. I am excited to see that this awesome childhood memory hasn’t died. I just dug out my collection of cartridges and am adding to it. I am hoping to find some people willing to sell and trade games so I can build my collection. Thanks everyone!
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    No fair, @MaliciousCarp is using coffee! I'm kidding of course. Hey, get us a picture of that sweet looking controller you're using. Looks pretty nice.
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    Played a little bit the regular version and the Galaxian Arcade hack. Pictures of both for those who may not have seen the hack... Hey @btbfilms76, enter me to win!
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    26,560 Getting better 💪
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    We've received a clean bill of health from Google. It's over. Here's What To Expect Next So where do we go from here? We move forward keeping you guys involved in the process. The world has changed and it may be a while before we can enjoy classic gaming expos in person again. But that doesn't mean we can't share in that experience virtually, every night, from the comfort of our own homes. I discuss the future of the site, and what to expect next in this important post: Best Wishes everyone,
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    NSG's September 2020 Giveaway!

    Thanks for bringing more people over to the site, @nosweargamer. My favorite wrestler is nobody, so make sure not to enter me in! Give it to someone who really wants it! But thanks for bringing some traffic this way, like you did last month.
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    Gotta head out to work and felt the energy to knock out a quick round. Crashed out on my first round. 2nd round was a winner. Qualified with the Pole Position, got to the end, no accidents. My New High Score: 73,500
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    Here are a few Pro-Tips for breaking 70,000 Points on Seaside in Pole Position II: Qualify By Getting The Pole Position First The difference between Qualifying in 2nd and Qualifying with the Pole Position is starting the race with an extra 2,000 Points. That makes all the difference at the end when you're trying to squeeze every last point you can out of the game. Passing Cars Is How You Rack Up Extra Points Get to the end as quickly as you can (banking time gives you bonus points for every second left on the clock!) and pass as many cars as you can on the way. At the end of the game you receive a bonus of 50 Passing Points for ever car you pass. Those points really add up. Driving On The Grass Is Okay Sometimes there's no choice. You quickly approach two or three cars that are blocking your path. You can either squeeze through, crash, slow down, drive on the grass to pass them. Driving on the slows you down, but if you only do it for a second to get around a cluster of cars it's not that bad. Upshift at 100 mph Shift it into Hi Gear when you hit 100 mph for the optimal shift. This really needs to happen at 120 mph, but you accelerate so fast that the hand/eye coordination time it takes to hit 100 mph and press the d-pad or joystick to upshift times it perfectly. Doing this will give you smooth, orchestral acceleration for optimal shifting and better time. Watch Out For Signs Signs are conveniently placed at the outer bend of the trickiest curves. Memorize where the signs are, drive into the curves and let off the gas for a sec so you don't slide into them. And if you drive on the grass, look out for signs! They'll end your great run quickly. You Might Have To Crash To Reach 70,000 Points This is the most intriguing thing about reaching 70,000 Points on Seaside. I raced five times last night, and did really well each time. The first four tries were near-perfect runs. I Qualified with the Pole Position and started the race with 14,000 Points already racked up. I drove swiftly through the course. I passed a ton of cars. And I never crashed. It was on my fifth and final run that I rubbed tires with another car and crashed out. "I still have plenty of time banked on the clock, I might be able to finish this!" I thought. So I kept going. I drove through the next two laps and got to the end with time to spare. When the bonus points were added up at the end, it looked like I had passed a few more cars than on my previous runs. Is this because I crashed? Is there something in the game that gives you more cars to pass as you're getting back up to speed after a crash? 🤔
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    Hi from Florida

    Hello atari.io, Checking in from Central Florida. I've been playing Atari 2600 games for about 7 years. I built up a decent collection of 2600, 7800, and 8-bit hardware and games, but sold most of it when I stared a family. I still have a light sixer with a Harmony cartridge, though. Most of the time I play using Stella or Ataru800 through OpenEmu on my Mac. My favorite games are Kaboom for the 2600 and River Raid for the 800. One of these years I may finally get around to writing a 2600 game.
  40. 6 points
    I'm so happy. I never thought I'd get my 7800 in time to join you guys! I'm not half bad at the original on 2600, but I don't think I'll be able to beat @nosweargamer.
  41. 6 points
    Came close to topping @nosweargamer but no cigar My High Score: 66,100
  42. 6 points

    Justin's 8-Bit Game Setup

    📺 Formally setting up my Sony Trinitron TV stand with my 8-Bit systems at the new house. Atari 2600/7800, Nintendo Entertainment System, and Sega Master System are all here with room for an additional system or two. Lighting is controlled remotely using an LED light strip kit from Five Below. Game Systems connect to a 4-Channel Audio/Video RCA Switch using premium industrial-grade gold RCA cables. These are my original systems from growing up, running on my original Sony Trinitron and Sony TV Stand from the 1990s. Everything here I bought new. These things mean a lot to me and I try to keep them nice and enjoy them often. Systems from the 16-Bit, 64-Bit, and modern era systems are set up in my credenza under the TV in the living room. They are all running on a modern HD flatscreen Trinitron. Those systems include TurboGrafx-16 / PC Engine / TurboDuo, Atari Jaguar, Super Famicom/SNES, Sega Genesis, Neo-Geo and others are in the living room running on the modern flatscreen Trinitron. Those systems can hold their own on a modern TV, but older 8-Bit systems come to life on the classic tube TVs they were designed for. Those scan lines burning through the warm phosphorescent glow of the TV screen, it's an experience. I hope you like my setup and enjoy the photos!
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    Hello, this is Mark, the MaliciousCarp - I am coming to you from the Southern 'burbs of the Twin Cities. My user name (MaliciousCarp) was the first name that xbox live suggested when I was signing up to play Halo 2 on the original XBOX. (The Direct X Box?). I found that the name has been available almost everywhere, so I tend to use it whenever I need a user name. (Or just m_carp sometimes) I had been hearing about Atari.io for years from folks like The No Swear Gamer, The Pie Factory Podcast, The Intellivisionaries Podcast, Arcade USA... however, the thing that finally got me to join was when the Atari Creep mentioned the high score squad here. I like having an excuse to dig out some of my old favorite games and give them a whirl and I really love how accessible the rules are - with Emulators and being allowed and no specific rules about controllers. The 2600 was my first console, then I went on to the C64 (My brother and I begged my Dad for an NES, but he said that if he was going to spend that much on something that can play games - he was going to get a Computer so that we could at least learn some skills that might help us get a job someday... Now I am a Software QA Engineer and my brother is a network Admin... so dad was right - I guess 😉 ) After the C64 I went with all Sega stuff (GameGear, Genesis, Sega CD, Saturn, Dreamcast). I didn't get a chance to revisit the great Nintendo consoles until after I was out of college and could afford to buy some of them. These days I mostly play arcade style games and a few modern games (My current system is PS4... I was grossly addicted to Monster Hunter World for a while) Besides video games - I love movies (monster movies, classic horror movies, scifi, and disaster movies... I do try to catch Svengoolie every Saturday night), Board Games, tinkering with electronics, and making confusing lists that go on and on.
  44. 6 points

    7800 Avenue

    New episode for Atari 2600 Super Breakout and enter to win CX-30 Evolved Atari 7800 Paddle Controllers!! To enter to win you have to do two things: 1. Subscribe to my channel on YouTube 2. Participate in a High Score Squad Challenge on Atari I/O before December 1st, 2020 Every Squad Challenge you join in is another chance to win! Shout me out when you post your score in the forums. Say “Hey BTB, enter me to win!” Contest details here:
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    I was a total Sega Fanboy back in the day, so my Super Nintendo experience is pretty limited. My first SNES was the Retron 3, which had terrible sound and couldn't play StarFox. I eventually got a SNES model 2 and a SNES Classic Mini which both can play StarFox. This should be an interesting one! (I was originally going to make a joke about playing the original Star Fox on the 2600 and submitting a score for it, but I feel like I am too new here... Also, I really don't want to subject myself to a Mythicon game if I don't have to) 🙂
  46. 6 points
    Congratulations RadioPoultry! Congratulations @RadioPoultry!! RadioPoultry came in with the highest score to claim the top spot in our Moon Patrol High Score Squad Challenge! RadioPoultry scored 51,580 points and was the only one of us to break into the 50,000 points club. Way to go! @RickR takes 2nd Place with his score of 48,020 points. Awesome! I was right on his tail to claim the 3rd Place spot with 47,900 points.! Let's all give a GIANT Atari I/O Welcome to our new friends @MaliciousCarp and @LinkYoungPS who joined us in High Score Squad this week, it's great to have you guys here! We had fun this week with a fantastic 2600 game and a stellar turnout! @atarilbc @BlackCatz40 @Atari Creep @kamakazi20012 @TrekMD and @Gianna all turned out this week with their best scores! Congratulations everyone on joining in this challenge and checking out one of Atari's best games of 1983. As always I'd like to encourage RadioPoultry to post his new high score on the Scoreboard, and let's make sure this Challenge continues on! NOTE: Our next High Score Squad Challenge will be a Nintendo game! Be there!
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    My fifth book (four in the "volume" series and a holiday book) was just released yesterday and is available thru Amazon! To purchase the $13.99 paperback book in the USA: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08BDT993Q It is also available in 7 other countries, just PM me for other countries links. To purchase the $3.99 e-book/Kindle version in the USA: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08BLR45DR It is also available in 12 other countries, just PM me for those countries links too. All previous books are still available at: https://www.amazon.com/author/brianmatherne Retro Game Network covered the progress of this book here: http://www.retrogamenetwork.com/2020/06/24/the-atari-2600-homebrew-companion-volume-4-now-available-with-paperback-and-kindle-editions/ http://www.retrogamenetwork.com/2020/06/05/the-atari-2600-homebrew-companion-volume-4-aiming-for-physical-digital-release-this-month/ Huge Thanks go out to my readers and fellow gamers, and the Atari Homebrew programmers for making this series a success!!! Brian Matherne https://www.amazon.com/author/brianmatherne
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    I unboxed a brand new minty fresh Moon Patrol to play this Squad Challenge
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    NSG's October Giveaway!

    I'm rotating where my viewers can enter my monthly giveaways. This month's giveaway will be right here! Hopefully, it will help some new users join the site! GIVEAWAY RULES Must have a US Address. Not responsible for lost or damaged mail. Must reply to this post by telling me your favorite spooky/scary video game by Monday, October 14th 2019 @ 11:59 pm est. One entry per person. After the winner is selected at random, they have one week to give me their address through the forum messenger. If they don't respond in time, I can select another winner. Watch this video for more details:
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    Yes! The last missing Atari released game has now been dumped and is playable on Stella 6.0.1!! Pursuit of Pink Panther from Probe 2000 (1983) has been released! Game instructions can be found here: http://www.atariprotos.com/2600/software/pinkpanther/pinkpanther.htm Enjoy!! UPDATE: Pink Panther works on: Stella 6.0.1 or 6.0.2 (claims Stella 4.0 or higher work) Retron 77 console does NOT work on: Harmony cart Harmony Encore cart UNO cart Atari Flashback Portable Pursuit of the Pink Panther.bin
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