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  1. ASTRO WARRIOR Sega Master System Livestream: Memories of playing Astro Warrior for Sega Master System I share memories of playing Astro Warrior for Sega Master System while Gianna holds the camera. Astro Warrior is a shoot 'em up game that came on a "Combo Cartridge" with Hang-On (see above) as the pack-in game with the Sega Master System. Is Astro Warrior a worthy pack-in? Growing up, I really liked Astro Warrior but after a while I set it aside for Blazing Lazers, a similar game on TurboGrafx-16. Blazing Lazers is still one of my all-time favorite games for any system, but what about Astro Warrior? Is it still fun? I first played Astro Warrior at my friend’s house, he had a Sega Master System and seeing the games made me want to get one. Nobody else wanted to play Hang-On (I played it last week in the post above this one, it turned out to be an awesome game!) but Astro Warrior was a different story. During the summer we’d spend the entire afternoon playing Astro Warrior. We didn’t love it as much as Shinobi, but it was an impressive game for 1986 and was the first “Blazing Lazers-style” shoot-em-up game that I remember playing. My friend eventually gave me the game, and the Astro Warrior I play in the livestream is the same cartridge I grew up playing at my friend’s house. Pretty cool! It was a Hang-On/Astro Warrior cartridge that came in a Hang-On/Safari Hunt case, which I tried to “customize” with a pen and stickers when I was a kid. Do I regret marking up a retro game? No! You’ll get to see why in the video! 💥 BIG TIP OFF — Start new levels with drones: Whenever you finish off a level and the name of the next level is on the screen, hit 1 and 2 alternately about 25-30 times. If you are fast and don't double hit one of the buttons, you'll get 2 purple firing drones to begin the next stage with. From the back of the box: "Hang-On / Astro Warrior: Twice the action. Twice the risk. One incredible combination. Astro Warrior pits you against the enemy's fleet of superpowers spaceships. And ultimately, the invincible Master Ship. In this treacherous black universe you can only count on yourself. To shoot fast. To shoot straight. If you do — you get more power. More weapons. To beat the villains. To beat the odds. If you don't — the odds beat you.
  2. Here is my Sidewalk Sale stuff:
  3. I'm glad you guys loved this game! @kamakazi20012 is going to keep this going in the Scoreboard and I'll jump in too
  4. Nothing that interesting to offer this year but I do have some loose games for PS1 and Xbox that are in very nice condition. I have Return Fire for PlayStation and Steel Battalion for Xbox, which are kind of interesting and could be spicy in a future trade. Everything listed here is original from within the family and has been well cared for over the years. They are loose as unfortunately they were separated from their original clamshells during a move, but have spent their life in the protective CD sleeves you see in the pictures. No set prices, hoping for a cool trade or to save up enough money to get some software and lighting for Atari I/O's YouTube channel! I visited pricecharting.com today to get a grasp on what these games are worth in loose condition. I’d like to do a nice trade but am willing to sell everything in a bundle. The DVDs are mostly all “DISC 2” with Special Features or Bonus Features. I don’t place much of a value on these and am willing to let the complete DVD bundle go in a small trade. I’m looking to find a nice home for these. $150 takes it all, shipped. Or a cool trade 😀 Money will go toward the site and equipment for Atari I/O’s presence on YouTube. Trades I’m sure will be used in various ways over the years on the site and on our YouTube channel. Thanks for checking out my table! HERE'S MY WANT LIST: ANY new in the box Atari game of any kind, for any Atari system Atari 2600 VCS in good cosmetic condition (for photography purposes) ANY GAMES FOR: NES SNES N64 Sega Master System Sega Genesis *no sports titles please CONSOLES: Sega Master System console (original) Sega Genesis console (original) Sega Game Gear (original) N64 Console GameCube console Original Atari / Sears Tele-Games PONG console Thanks guys! 😉 ITEMS FOR SALE / TRADE PlayStation Xbox DVD Loose Discs THANK YOU FOR BROWSING 😀
  5. 👉 NOTE: You can sell pretty much anything in the Sidewalk Sale! Vintage records, toys, electronics and collectables are okay too, anything goes. You can put up used clothes if you want to. Anything fun and eye catching. I don't know what will sell but I want to make this a fun event that we do annually.
  6. That's fantastic news @Atari Creep! Please let him know we think this is amazing work!
  7. Congratulations nosweargamer! Congratulations @nosweargamer on an awesome score! Blue Lightning was our 2nd Atari Lynx Squad Challenge. I was thrilled to see a good turnout for this games and all of you posted scores to be proud of. I hope everybody had a lot of fun checking out what the Atari Lynx had to offer. @kamakazi20012 messaged me to say that he has a copy of Blue Lightning on its way to him as we speak from @Video 61, and would like to continue this challenge in the Scoreboard! It's amazing to think that when Tetris was just making it onto Game Boy, Atari Lynx had this. Blue Lightning looks almost good enough to be a home console game. nosweargamer achieved the High Score for this Squad Challenge with a score of 170,800. @atarilbc took 2nd Place with 128,400 points, and @Atari Creep scored 106,300 points to take 3rd. @Control Issues and @RickR brought their best. Great game guys! Congrats to everyone who played! I'd like to encourage NSG to post his new high score on the Scoreboard, and this Challenge will continue on! NOTE: Our normal High Score Squad Challenge will not be played this week, so that we may bring you THREE Squad Challenges running simultaneously for our Summer Pizza Festival starting this Friday!! We will be playing games for Atari 2600, Nintendo Entertainment System, and Sega Genesis. See you there! BLUE LIGHTNING FINAL STANDINGS 1 NO SWEAR GAMER 170,800 2 ATARILBC 128,400 3 ATARI CREEP 106,300 4 CONTROL ISSUES 84,600 5 RICKR 54,200
  8. 👉 DID YOU KNOW you can start a Club in the Forums? In the menu, go to Browse > Clubs and click the "Start a Club" button! https://forums.atari.io/clubs/ 

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      The first rule of Nerd Club is you do not talk about Nerd Club. 


    2. Justin
  9. I'm loving all of the little figures! The DD-213 will always be my favorite of your creations. Those are just so cool looking and iconic, they encapsulate all you're about.
  10. 🍕 Summer Pizza Festival starts FRIDAY 🥳 Excited for our SIDEWALK SALE! Spread the word!

  11. 👻 Bustin:


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      OMG, this is so frustrating.  On the bright side, no one is going to be sued for copyright infringement. 


  12. I'm also loving those new Star Wars re-releases, they're so cool! They even have the Kenner logo on them I'll have to get a few. Take them out of the packaging and pose them alongside my gaming stuff in my Instagram photos.
  13. Thanks @Atari Creep! I hope you enjoy it. Good luck to the Bruins 🏒🥅 Also created a new thread today for our Livestream channel, hope to have you on sometime:
  14. Those little action figures are super cool and retro! I don't remember ever seeing them before. I'd love to see them in more detail and get your take on them. Their big moon boots are awesome. I think it's cool how the little pod comes out of the shuttle bay and the red part slides back.
  15. 🌃 S Ξ G Λ N I G H T S 🌘 Memories of playing Hang-On for Sega Master System Hang-On is a motorcycle driving game that came on a “Combo Cartridge” as the pack-in game with the Sega Master System. Growing up, I never paid much attention to Hang-On. I first played it at my friend’s house, he had a Sega Master System and seeing the games made me want to get one. I asked about Hang-On, it looked a lot like Pole Position II or Out Run, which was the Sega game I most wanted to play. My friend grimaced and said Hang-On was a cruddy game and we should play Shinobi instead. He was right about Shinobi being an awesome game, and I wouldn’t realize it until this week but he was wrong about Hang-On. Yes, it’s a motorcycle racer that fits about halfway between Pole Position II and Out Run, with PPII’s lights and lack of music, and Out Run’s “Extended Play” with changing scenery every lap. Except Hang-On challenges you in new ways with special techniques and strategies. It’s not so much a racing game as a driving game, and it’s the motorcycle element that makes these special techniques possible. I’ve had this game for 30+ years and never connected with it. I was more drawn to the other racing games I mentioned. But Hang-On always reminds me of the beginning of summer, pulling out the Sega Master System, cracking open a cold Snapple and having some snacks while I dive into the SMS library. This weekend I gave Hang-On another try. Even this week I didn’t care much for the game at first. Until I got a feel for the unique skill and strategy woven into this 8-bit classic. Something clicked and I connected with this game. What a beast. 💥 BIG TIP OFF — Your motorcycle shifts through 3 gears. The best moments to shift gears are at 100km/h and 200km/h. From the back of the box: “Hang-On / Safari Hunt: Motorcycle racing and jungle adventure - all on one Sega Combo Cartridge. Hang-On is the 3-D motorcycle race game that’s taken the arcades by storm. Race through grasslands, seasides, valleys, nighttime city scapes and, of course, motorcycle racecourses. The game is so fast it even gives you special techniques like Hang-on and Countersteering for taking the corners.”
  16. 🏍️ HANG-ON Sega Master System Livestream on our 2nd YouTube channel:


  17. Atari I/O LIVE! is our 2nd YouTube channel, dedicated to exploring the retro world of video games of the past! This channel features our gaming livestreams from Instagram and YouTube posted regularly. New Viewer? Subscribe! http://bit.ly/atariiolive HANG-ON Sega Master System Livestream:
  18. I have a new video that's essentially an audio commentary on Blue Lightning. I'm starting to rebuild our YouTube channel and this is one of the first new videos, I hope you enjoy it. (Not submitting this as a score) CHILL OUT TIME Ep. 1: Blue Lightning on Atari Lynx
  19. It looks like it has TWO controller ports
  20. This is what the arcade life is all about
  22. SIDEWALK SALE TABLES Here are links to threads where Members have set up for the Sidewalk Sale, listing multiple items For Sale / Trade. This post will be updated as more Members set up shop. Other participants have posted items For Sale / Trade all throughout this thread, so scroll down! @RickR @Atari Creep @Justin PARTICIPANTS WITH ITEMS LISTED FOR SALE / TRADE BELOW @Video 61
  23. TIME TO SET UP SHOP! We’re having our 1st Annual Atari I/O Summer Sidewalk Sale here in the forums! The event will take place with our SUMMER PIZZA FESTIVAL June 21-23, but it doesn’t hurt to set up early! Think of this thread like the sidewalk on Main St. in your home town. This will be the epicenter of the Sidewalk Sale event! We can talk and trade, and if you already have your own For Sale / Trade threads listed in the Marketplace go ahead and share links to them here. 🕹️ BUY, SELL & TRADE! This is a great time to tidy up and let go of dupes in your collection! Polish up those spares and trades, take photos and post them in the Marketplace! We’ll spread the word that NOW is a great time to check out the new items in the Marketplace. Even if you only have a few items, now is a great time to get them listed, make a trade, check out what others have up, and maybe make a new friend in the process. 🕹️ POST YOUR LINKS BELOW! If you have any questions, just ask!
  24. Awesome! We will have a thread in the Marketplace specifically for the Sidewalk Sale aspect of the festival to do exactly what you just did, share links to everything you have for sale and chat about it. I should go ahead and get that set up since you guys are already getting things ready!
  25. That is just incredible. I'm blown away by this.
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