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    1. MaximumRD


      Thanks so much! 🍻👍Somehow I have made it to 51 ! 😜

  2. 🏆🎈🎉🍾 Happy 75th Birthday to Atari & Chuck E. Cheese founder Nolan Bushnell!

    1. Arenafoot


      Yeah! Happy Birthday Nolan!

      Hoping we can get him to appear at the Houston Arcade Expo in November!!

    2. Justin


      That would be great @Arenafoot!

  3. 💬 Wed Night Atari Chat is happening Wednesday at sundown. I'll be there!

  4. 🏈 Ready for the big game?

    1. RickR


      The LA Rams were my team as a kid.  And the 1979 Super Bowl (Rams vs. Steelers) was probably when football fever really took hold of me.  They had an upstart replacement QB with an Italian name, and they gave the mighty Steelers a good fight.  Anyhoo, I ended up switching alliances to the Browns and Seahawks when the Rams left LA.  And of course, that's when they got really good and actually won a Super Bowl.  D'OH! 

      This year, I will watch, but I don't really care so much.  It will be fun to observe the spectacle.  The Rams have a ton of players with Oregon roots, so I'll root for them I guess. 


  5. 🐛 Our first ATARI 5200 Squad Challenge is UP! Break out those Trak-Balls and join us for Centipede! 


    1. RickR


      This will be a great one.  I've spread the word on 5200 and trak-ball groups. 

    2. Justin


      Thank you @RickR:nintendo_mario_1up: :nintendo_mario_1up: :nintendo_mario_1up:

  6. ☢️ Our Devil's Crush Squad Challenge ENDS TONITE 11:59 PM PST! Good luck Squad Challengers!

  7. 💣 Great Instagram Livestreams going on lately! Follow: @atarigames @brian_thomas_barnhart @ataricreep 

  8. ⏱️ Got caught up approving scores in Scoreboard, it's a fun way to share high scores in the forums! PM me if you need help posting or have questions about how the Scoreboard works! https://forums.atari.io/forum/70-scoreboard/

  9. 😎 A huge welcome to the Turbo family & congrats to @RickR for getting his first TurboGrafx-16!

    1. RickR


      It was the first time I've ever seen one at a show for a decent price.  I feel very lucky!  I sure do appreciate your enthusiasm Justin.  I'm really hoping that Everdrive arrives before the high score challenge ends. 


    2. Justin


      🙌 Even if your EverDrive doesn't arrive in time I'm certain this will continue in the Scoreboard forum, and with you able to participate I sense more Turbo Squad Challenges coming in the future pretty consistently

  10. 🎉 Had a great time in Wed Night Atari Chat last night! Thanks everyone for coming out!

    1. Kid A

      Kid A

      Ugh! I keep missing these!😫

    2. Justin


      We're doing these every Wednesday night starting around 9pm EST onward. Promoting it on social media as well. Hope to see you on Wednesdays!

  11. 🙌 Congrats to RadioPoultry who won our Intellivision Beamrider Squad Challenge!

  12. Ninja Golf should’ve been released on the Lynx

    1. kamakazi20012


      Never played it.

    2. Justin


      One of the quirkiest games from Tramiel-era Atari and a must-have exclusive for the 7800. Would love to have seen it in those iconic pixelated 16-Bit Lynx graphics and sound.

    3. nosweargamer


      Ninja Golf should've been ported to everything and have yearly installments like Madden 😀

  13. Gene Simmons is starting to look like Jack Tramiel


    1. RickR


      He has always looked better with the makeup on


  14. Had a great time seeing everyone in chat last night! We'll start promoting Wed Night Atari Chat in January

  15. Watching Atari Creep's "Sunday Night Live" on Instagram right now! Check him out @AtariCreep 

  16. Happy Birthday fergojisan! 🎉

  17. Barnstorming Squad Challenge is up! 


  18. GOOD LUCK to all our racers getting in those last-minute lap times in our F-ZERO Squad Challenge tonite! 😎

  19. How many Saturday mornings were derailed stuck on an unbeatable level you spend your entire day on 🤖

    1. kamakazi20012


      I spent countless hours in EDF on the SNES.  I'd be doing really good until the 5th level.  Sadly, using continues left you with an under powered ship making it virtually impossible to push through.  After a while, and many attempts and starting completely over, I'd rage quit and play F-Zero or work on Zelda.

    2. greenween


      The first Zelda, Metroid , and Dragon Warrior, ate up most of my weekend mornings. 

    3. kamakazi20012


      I spent one Saturday trying to make it all the way through Space Harrier on the Master System.  Made it level 7 or 8.  Another weekend I had a friend staying the weekend with me.  We worked on Double Dragon II together and actually finished it.  

      In high school, a classmate overheard me talking about Castlevania II and being stuck, not knowing where to go next.  So they drew me up a map using lines with writing pointing to what was where and wrote down where I needed to go next.  I spent Saturday and Sunday on that one.  Beat Dracula only to learn the game had two endings and I got the bad one.

      Lots of memories spending weekends working on completing games, mostly NES games.  

  20. 🎅 Secret Santa info has been sent out! Please make sure to post your wish lists!

  21. Chatroom Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Friday evening! Join us!

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    2. Justin


      That chat is online now! 🙌

    3. chas10e


      I haz no permissions

    4. Justin


      I grant you FULL permissions chas10e  make it so

  22. Forums are back online again! 😎 We experienced interruptions today as we upgraded our PHP and SSL certificate

  23. Happy Atari Day!! ?️ First Atari Day spent in the new Forums! Feels like moving into a new home

  24. Well that was a bumpy ride ?

    1. nosweargamer


      Congrats! Looks nice!


    2. Justin


      Thank you Phil! Glad to see you here!