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  1. Okay guys this is the score to beat. I beat Star Fox tonight and I did it on one life. I haven't played Star Fox in a few years, I don't consider myself a "Star Fox master" but I was in the mood to play this game and it's been a lot of fun. I've really enjoyed the past few Squad Challenges we've done. I hope you have too! My Final Score: 55,700 At the end it also gave me an average score of 92%
  2. Yes I agree! I really wanted to include that in my Top 5. I wish it could've been a Top 20! Another excellent episode is Tapestry, where Q puts Picard in a situation to make different decisions as a young man, only to find they result in Picard leading a boring, bland life.
  3. I beat my last score only by 100 points. But hey, that's something! My High Score: 47,200 Now I hear Moon Patrol and Alex Kidd calling me back.
  4. What would your Top 5 and Bottom 5 be? "VHS List" Must Watch Episodes: Yesterday's Enterprise (should've been the Generations movie) The Inner Light Best of Both Worlds (Parts 1 and 2) Chain of Command All Good Things Honorary Mention: Darmok "Skip List" Bottom 5 Episodes: Cost of Living Angel One Sub Rosa Code of Honor (Any "Risa" episode)
  5. 👉 Be sure to take a photo of your Star Fox score before you begin the next leg of your journey! A final score is not displayed at the end of the game when you lose your last life.

  6. Let's get started with a score! This was my first attempt and I'm pretty happy with how it went, I got all the way to Venom but that last boss handed it to me. My High Score: 47,100 Your score is displayed at the end of each round. You'll want to take a photo of your score before you begin the next leg of your journey because a final score is not displayed at the end of the game when you lose your last life.
  7. Working on my first score to post later today
  8. Competitors could get away with 2600 clones when the 2600 was the #1 video game system on store shelves, but now Zombie Atari is going to sue Hyperkin. Okay. Maybe Atari should release an actual Atari-compatible system with HDMI output for under $50 and this wouldn't be an issue.
  9. Thanks Rob! I like how this works. I have one more shelf that can go in there, I'm considering sandwiching in a TurboGrafx-16 or PC Engine very tightly between the two shelves, just enough so that you can insert a HuCard from the front and turn it on. I already have a TurboDuo set up in the other room though so it would be a bit redundant unless a guest was sleeping over. Really happy with the way this set up came out, thinking I won't mess with it but it's hard to feel like it's "done".
  10. For me, Star Fox was Star Raiders 10 years later and with animal characters: Cockpit View Hyperspace Galactic Map
  11. That is so cool @RadioPoultry!! I love seeing stuff like this! Was that a DC Comics issue? No doubt there were a lot of Atari ads in DC Comics
  12. For anyone running into trouble with Retron systems, remember it's okay to play Star Fox on an SNES Mini console, Nintendo Switch Online, any viable form of emulation, etc. All of those scores are able to be submitted to the Squad Challenge.
  13. Yes 💥 My Trainer Code is: 8220 1971 4582
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