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  1. 🤔 THOUGHT: The Atari XEGS was everything the Atari 5200 should've been: Atari 8-Bit Computer technology bundled in a console w/ lots of memory, detachable keyboard, & fully compatible w/ Atari computer games & joysticks!

    1. Justin


      👉 ALSO: I feel like if there had been a warehouse full of unsold 5200 games left over when Jack Tramiel got the company, the XEGS would've featured 5200 compatibility. 

    2. MaximumRD


      That would have been cool I think, always liked the wacky look of the XEGS, never did end up with one but I have a pretty nice 5200 collection. 

    3. Justin


      @MaximumRD I basically see two different tracks of Atari technology (up until Lynx). On one side you had the 2600 with all its games and peripherals which begat the 7800. On the other track was the 400/800 computer which spawned the Atari 5200, and later the Atari XE. It would have been nice for the XE to be the all-in-one 7800 Computer Keyboard fully compatible with the library of Atari 8-Bit Computer games and accessories. Instead they gave us an entirely new system to compete for shelf space against the 2600 and 7800, not to mention NES and Sega.

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