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  1. WAY TO GO @atarilbc looks like you figured it out! I'm thinking of doing a livestream showing others how to do this.
  2. Q: How has Classic Gaming changed over the years since you’ve been involved? When I first got into classic gaming it was about collecting and playing these great games. For me that's Square One and that's where I still stand today. Everything I do with the site, and in my personal "classic gaming adventures" is rooted in this idea of the original source, these games we've always had fun with and the experience of playing them with family and friends. When I began this Atari classic gaming journey, the (consumer) internet was brand new and I wouldn't have access to the web for a few more years, so it was just me doing something that I liked to do. I didn't know anyone else was out there doing this. It was a little like being in LOST or The Walking Dead and being alone somewhere setting up a radio transmission to see if anyone else was out there, and finding someone else responding on the radio. By the end of the '90s and early 2000s there was a robust community of classic Atari gamers sprouting up online. It felt indie / hobbyist. There were just a handful of Atari sites out there, and I'm proud to have been one of them. The gaming expos popped up and we started to gather together. Since then it's grown exponentially. The home-brew scene exploded. The advent of YouTube brought about a ton of personalities and more people sharing their love of classic games in new ways. But a lot has changed too. When you'd say "classic gaming" we used to think "CGE" and these days a lot of people think "AVGN". I always enjoyed the original experience of collecting and playing these games and sharing our passion in a small community. As things have changed over the years I've tried to focus Atari I/O on that original experience.
  3. Me: Let’s play checkers!
    Them: That’s nostalgia®️ Remember our childhood?
    Me: But I like playing checkers.

  4. I wasn't keeping track of time, I'd say about an hour and a half.
  5. Hey everyone. I just rolled the score past 1,000,000 points. A video is provided below showing the score roll over. It's a few seconds long, but you can see the score roll and it's the best I could do playing the game with one hand and holding my cellphone in the other, trying to capture the score roll over. I've also put up a picture I took of my game at 925,800 points while I was still playing. Yes, I'm getting Slipice. No, he is not unlimited. He runs out after a while, so you can't go on forever collecting infinity Slipice. Fireballs still kill you, enemies still eat you alive, you're still going to make mistakes and die and the game is still relentless and you still have to be good to get a good score. There are other things going on at the same time that are like different ingredients baked into the "cake" that has become my strategy. I'm going to stick with this score for now. You'll see in the video I had more than six lives built up and I could've kept playing another 30 mins, but I turned the game off after I captured the score rolling over. I feel like I've played enough for tonight and I still have things I need to wrap up before bed. I'd also rather have one of you beat this score. It can be done and I know all of you guys have the skill to put all of the puzzle pieces together. High Score: 1,000,200
  6. 💀 Why does Skeletor have muscles?

  7. Get ready! We have Squad Challenges coming up for Atari 7800 and TurboGrafx-16

    1. RickR


      Sweet!  Looking forward to it. 

      I see a lot of TG-16-Mini reviews on YouTube, so hopefully we'll get a nice turnout for that system. 


    2. BlackCatz40


      Which games for the A7800? I am curious because I have a lot of them. If you are not sure that is OK. Thanks. No worries. :O)

  8. I'm really partial to the original 4-Port 5200 design. Its designer Regan Cheng said he wanted to give it a "nasty" look, something kind of mean looking but also something that felt like it would've been bought in a Bang & Olufsen store in the world of Blade Runner. The warm glow of the red light was inspired by 2001: A Space Odyssey. I think it's one of Atari's best looking systems. What would I have done differently? Make it the size of the 2700. It's a little smaller and easier to handle. I also would have made the plastic 100% black, like the 7800.
  9. For me, there are two or three things going, and if you're lucky, they can overlap at the right moments. Ultimately though it's just playing as long as possible and racking up as many points as you can without getting killed. My biggest suggestion: Watch out for those fireballs!
  10. 🕹️ HAPPY ATARI DAY!! 🎉

    1. BlackCatz40


      Happy Atari Day to you, too, Justin. :electrocop:

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