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  1. 👉 @GRay Defender has a wonderful review highly recommending Nukey Shay's 8K Pac-Man. He sums up my thoughts perfectly: Atari's version of 2600 Pac-Man was pathetic, but I still played it relentlessly and appreciate it today for what it is. If you want to play 2600 Pac-Man, swap it out for Nukey Shay's 8K Pac-Man hack and you won't be disappointed: 


    1. Justin


      I think we'll do 8K Pac-Man next year for our next National Pac-Man Day, it will be a nice way to remember Nukey Shay and a heck of a lot of fun ☺️

    2. GRay Defender

      GRay Defender

      Thank you!  I look forward to the next National Pac-Man day!

    3. socrates63


      Sounds like a great idea, Justin!

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