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  1. Welcome to the Forums @Airshack‼️ It's great to have you join us
  2. Loving these taste tests @Control Issues I've always had an interest in unique and regional beverages
  3.  Highly Recommended: ProtonMail. Free encrypted email w/ Swiss privacy, end-to-end encryption, open source and anonymous. I absolutely love this, thought I'd share. https://protonmail.com 

  4. I feel fortunate that in 1988 & 1989 we even got a poster at all. This poster hung on my bedroom wall when I was a kid. It also served as the closest thing we had to an Atari catalog during that era. Under Warner Communications ownership of Atari, Inc. we used to get nice thick catalogs of current and upcoming games, with a few pages at the front or back dedicated to accessories or the Atari Club. We were lucky if we received color cartridge labels during the Tramiel era.
  5. None really. Just what was discussed above. The game plays well. Here is a more recent image of the Clear Mario Prototype from our @atarigames Instagram:
  6. Ultimately the buck stops with the Tramiels. This was Jack Tramiel's Atari.
  7. Beautiful packaging! 83 Megs running on the TI-99/4A? That's insanely incredible! Just mind-blowing to think Dragon's Lair is being done on a TI.
  8. That Berzerk port looks terrific! I'll need to give this a closer look, especially if it uses the speech synthesizer!
  9. I agree! I voted for "Reasons for a newbie to get into the TI-99/4A" because I think that will be an excellent starter video which will attract new people and help them get their start in the TI hobby. "The most bang for your buck" could be the 2nd video, but I would incorporate the basic points into the "Reasons for a newbie to get into the TI-99/4A" video, with the "bang for your buck" video as a more detailed follow up.
  10. Is this based off any specific Star Trek film, or just the film franchise in general?
  11. That does look good! A nice clean fit with sturdy construction. I wonder what @Atari Creep would think of this? He has a new 3D printer and has been getting into this stuff recently. I can imagine him really appreciating a design like this.
  12. This looks promising! It's great to see this kind of development happening in the TI-sphere. Loved the music in that last demo!
  13. 😎 AIR ZONK Squad Challenge is now LIVE! 


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