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  1. Justin

    Arcade USA

    Matthias did an excellent job with this! This looks like a really nice port. Label and manual look superb. I always wanted Frogger for the 7800. This is one of those earlier arcade games that ports really well on the 7800, much like what Pac Man Plus has been doing. Thanks for the site shoutout Willie! I love what you did with the logo 🤖
  2. How many Saturday mornings were derailed stuck on an unbeatable level you spend your entire day on 🤖

    1. kamakazi20012


      I spent countless hours in EDF on the SNES.  I'd be doing really good until the 5th level.  Sadly, using continues left you with an under powered ship making it virtually impossible to push through.  After a while, and many attempts and starting completely over, I'd rage quit and play F-Zero or work on Zelda.

    2. greenween


      The first Zelda, Metroid , and Dragon Warrior, ate up most of my weekend mornings. 

    3. kamakazi20012


      I spent one Saturday trying to make it all the way through Space Harrier on the Master System.  Made it level 7 or 8.  Another weekend I had a friend staying the weekend with me.  We worked on Double Dragon II together and actually finished it.  

      In high school, a classmate overheard me talking about Castlevania II and being stuck, not knowing where to go next.  So they drew me up a map using lines with writing pointing to what was where and wrote down where I needed to go next.  I spent Saturday and Sunday on that one.  Beat Dracula only to learn the game had two endings and I got the bad one.

      Lots of memories spending weekends working on completing games, mostly NES games.  

  3. Justin

    Basic Fun "Oregon Trail" Handheld

    I was just talking about Oregon Trail yesterday and completely forgot about this little handheld. I've seen somebody post about this before and meant to pick one of these up but completely forgot about it. Might need to put this on my Christmas list ❄️
  4. Justin

    Arcade USA

    That's it! Thanks!
  5. Justin

    Arcade USA

    Maybe my crazy brain is going bananas but was there ever a Depthcharge-like game for Atari 2600? This seems like a pretty fun game for the time. I can see this being a fun Paddle game on 2600.
  6. Don't get too used to it yet, I still have to customize it 😉
  7. Oh man! I can't believe I missed out on that! I would've loved to have seen this live! Way to go
  8. Justin

    MaximumRD's YouTube Videos

    I can remember being a kid (like 5 or 6) growing up in Detroit seeing the Harlem Globetrotters play and thinking that 1.) Harlem was in Detroit, and 2.) The Harlem Globetrotters were an NBA team.
  9. Makes me happy to see that you guys get this ☺️
  10. Justin

    Was the Atari 2600 Video Touch Pad a mistake?

    I completely agree! I love what Holey Moley did with the overlay! True! Another good example where simplification could've won the day. Atari could've had one Touch Pad / Keypad controller, and one Paddle. I get that driving Paddles turned all the way around but did that really necessitate having to buy another controller? How about a single controller for Paddle/Driving games, maybe with the ability to toggle between the two. Keeping things simple seems to be the way to go in my opinion. Absolutely! Maybe what I've been overlooking is that Atari did move forward with the "Touch Pad" philosophy with the Atari 5200 which came out just after Star Raiders on the 2600. Possibly from that point forward an attitude developed within Atari that "5200 games use keypads and overlays, the 2600 doesn't need that". Or, worse, after the release of Star Raiders the marketing department realized that the 2600 Touch Pad was encroaching on the 5200's territory of what made it so "advanced". Hmm.. 🤔 If you look at the Star Raiders overlay it only uses a few of the buttons. Almost within the parameters of Start, Select, two buttons and a D-pad.
  11. Justin

    Atari I/O Secret Santa 2018!

    I'd like to have Atari. The company.
  12. Justin

    MAME Help

    I know next to zero about emulation. I've always played on real hardware. My gut feeling though is someone out there makes a simple-stupid Raspberry Pi setup or interface that's ready to go with spinners / paddles / whatever.
  13. Justin

    MAME Help

    That wasn't a good time for us in Detroit. BTB, when you made the decision to switch things up and move to Retro Pie did you see anything out there with spinner controllers already working? I see so many Raspberry Pi consoles out there but I'm not very familiar with them, I can't imagine you're the first person to use spinners on a Retro Pi. I wonder if the manufacturer of the spinners could give you any advice?