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  1. This online crypto casino deal just seems like the lowest of the low scraped up from the bottom of the barrel. Tacky and half-assed. Pretty horrible to take advantage of people in that way too, in my opinion.
  2. WELCOME TO ATARI I/O @Gianna‼️ Thrilled to finally have you here! It's going to be so much fun having you as part of the forums, I can't wait for what comes next. Everybody here is friendly and nice, and I know you'll have a good time. And we can challenge each other to high score contests!
  3. He's not the only one who has looked into doing that
  4. Justin

    Price Tag Thread

    I find price tags interesting. 🏷️ In the same way I find it interesting when I see an NES cartridge with someone’s name written on it in magic marker. Tags tell a story. Where it’s been, and when. Where it all started. What happened to it after being unloaded off that semi truck eastbound out of Sunnyvale? Did it end up on the clearance rack? Did it find a temporary home on the store shelf at K-Mart, JC Penny’s, Sears, Montgomery Ward’s, Kay-Bee Toys, or Woolworth’s? @Kid A even posted an Atari 2600 Defender cartridge that came from Pep Boys. Let’s see your interesting price tags and the stories you think go with them! Mario Bros // Atari 7800 Millipede // Atari 2600 E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial // Atari 2600 Another E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial // Atari 2600
  5. This looks incredible! Shinobi is what brought me to the Sega Master System and made me a Sega fan in 1987. It's fantastic to see this, and to have it look this good. Nice!
  6. Agreed! @Doctor Octagon wrote about Fred Chesnais in 2014 on our Blog when we first launched it. He hit the nail on the head: From: Doctor Octagon, Atari I/O Blog Atari Is Like A Ship With A Hole In The Bottom, Leaking Water, And His Job Is To Get The Ship Pointed In The Right Direction His strategy for making Atari relevant again: “Let other people be Atari” by licensing the name to miscellaneous mobile gaming studios and Chinese manufacturers who have a knack for selling crap to an all-too-fawned-over “new generation.” http://www.atari.io/atari-is-like-a-ship-with-a-hole-in-the-bottom-leaking-water-and-his-job-is-to-get-the-ship-pointed-in-the-right-direction/ For those of you unable to see our Blog page due to the temporary Malware hack from nefarious sources, here's what Octagon wrote at the time:
  7. I always loved the 4-Port 5200, and the whole idea of standardizing 4-Player consoles. Warlords on 2600 was such a fun "party" game with 4 simultaneous players. The 5200 had so much potential with this, especially with Centipede. Get a room full of family and friends and you can have hours of fun in the living room. At the same time, when I first brought home my 5200 and hooked it up to the television set, sparks flew. Connecting the power into the automatic RF Switch Box and having one cable to attach seemed simple, but it sparked at me and was legitimately the scariest moment I've had with a game console in 35 years of playing. This looks like a nice mod. Thanks for sharing!
  8. This is so cringy. "Atari" is getting into online gambling. Admittedly, nothing new coming out of "Atari" has ever interested me (other than the physical Pong table, that was a licensed product that looked sorta cool) and for the past decade it's been a steady stream of new Flashback revisions, Hotels and Speaker Hats that I shrug off as I put Space Invaders back into my Vader 2600 and fire up a new game. This latest thing though is off the rails. "Atari" is getting into online gambling, and using that as an excuse to launch their own crypto token. Maybe you've read about this by now, maybe not, but it certainly merits a thread and I'd be interested in hearing what you guys think about this. Seems to me like "online gambling" means you're playing against a computer programmed to beat you far more often than it lets you win. Is this a solid opportunity for "Atari" or do you think they're gone bananas? The article below discusses the online gambling project, and the @Atari Creep video gets right to the point: From: CCN This Cryptocurrency Casino Is the Latest Terrible Idea by Atari Atari is trying to launch a casino and a cryptocurrency, along with its new hotel venture. The gaming company has clearly lost its mind. Is there anything that can save this faltering company? https://www.ccn.com/this-cryptocurrency-casino-is-the-latest-terrible-idea-by-atari/
  9. That in-law story at 36:28 was wild hogs. So awesome that you and BTB brought your wives into this challenge. I hope everyone will invite their families to join in on games like this! “You’re telling stories and half paying attention to the game” Man, that’s what nights like these are all about
  10. Thanks for the site shoutout @GRay Defender!
  11. 🤯 How did WB own Atari, DC comics & Looney Tunes, & not see that games can be cartoons & characters

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    2. Justin


      It's not even about "capitalizing on existing ip" with games based on Warner franchises, it's simply how they missed the potential of 8-bit gaming as a platform for characters and storytelling that we saw explode with Super Mario Bros, Zelda, Metroid, etc. Atari had all of the components and nobody put the pieces together.

    3. RickR


      And another thought on this topic.  Atari never followed up properly on the great games they did create.  For example, Adventure is one of my all-time favorite games.  Most gamers of my vintage also love the game.  Yet Atari never followed up on it.  It wasn't until Nintendo "Legend of Zelda" for NES that we saw a real continuation on the theme.  What a waste. 

    4. kamakazi20012


      I often wondered that myself.  There was a LOT they could have done and got something decent out of killing 2 birds with one stone.  They could have used a DC comic series and made an adventure game out of them, they could have had some Looney Tunes characters be in some sort of arcade style game.  There was lots of opportunities.  The only one I seen was the DC comics packed inside some 2600 games but I often wondered why just the 2600 titles?  How come the 5200 and Atari home computer people were not included with that?  I guess we weren't special enough.  😞 

  12. Reading the comments in @Atari Creep 's latest video make me think a lot of us thought this game was awesome when we first played it. When did everybody decide it was bad enough to ruin the game industry?
  13. Anna is a terrific co-host! That's really interesting that even with twins, one kid thinks 2600 Pac-Man is fun and the other doesn't. I always had fun with this game regardless. This was a cool episode to watch, I had never heard that rumor that 2600 Pac-Man was actually still a prototype. I hope you guys had a great Pac-Man Day!
  14. Here's a question for all the original owners who were there on Day 1: Did you think Atari 2600 Pac-Man was bad when you first got it? Was it a huge disappointment out of the box? Or did you enjoy the heck out of playing that game and only later came to realize the rest of the world thought it was bad? Genuinely curious to see if you guys had varying experiences and there was a bit of a "Mandela Effect" going on, or if everybody was on the same page from Day 1 saying "It stinks!"
  15. Hang in there @RickR things will begin to feel normal again before you know it
  16. Lance has always been invited to play in High Score Squad but he's always been busy with things it seems. He's the one guy left on earth who owns almost every single game ever made, hopefully he can join in sometime
  17. Yes I agree. And if we do this I hope this is one Squad Challenge that we could get @Video 61 to join in on.
  18. If we did a board game as a Squad Challenge it would work sort of like 2-Player Battle. Each turn we take we'd just message the other player what our move is, and expect everybody to play honestly.
  19. Thank you kind sir! When everything is 100% resolved with the site we're going to start having a lot of fun getting the word out.
  20. Thank you Rick! Your role as Constable in the chatroom will become very important, and I think we'll start sending out emails this year if that's still something you're interested in helping with.
  21. Hi Everyone, Update The Malware issue has been identified and will be resolved for Summer, and was limited to the side of the site that’s built on WordPress. The Forums are built on a different, more secure and more expensive platform which has continuously proven to be safe and never infected. Moving forward I would like to make better use of the Forums Platform and move away from WordPress. Here's What To Expect Next The Malware issue will be resolved soon, and we will have a fun summer with events and giveaways. I’m excited for what’s to come and I hope you are too! I don’t expect any downtime for the Forums during the maintenance to resolve the site issue. WordPress has not proven to be a very secure platform. In fact Malware has been a growing issue with WordPress and we don’t want to face a security issue like this ever again. You can expect that I’ll be looking at ways to phase out the WordPress side of the site and rebuilding those pages within the Forums platform. I’m also building some big new areas in the Forums that we’ve wanted to do for quite a long time. I’m always looking at new ways to make Atari I/O a more vibrant community and a useful place to visit and spend your time. New Changes There are some other new changes to the Forums I’d like to announce today! Some of the changes I’m holding back on announcing until they’re ready to roll out. It was a bad idea for Atari to announce amazing new vaporware that never saw the light of day, and likewise its best that I build these things first and then show them to you. Some changes we’ve made in the past week include: Simplified Forums Cleaned up the Forums. Made forum descriptions more clear to make it easier to understand what to post and where. Redundant forums were merged and given new titles and descriptions. Let’s keep the Forums clean and simple. Member Blogs We’re placing added emphasis and increased visibility on the Blogs. Members will have additional abilities for blog creation which will be announced soon. Updated Member Ranking System Updated Pac-Man “Fruit” levels achieved at 2600, 5200, and 7800 posts respectively. Updated Revised Badges for Admin and Moderator Roles We've updated our Role Badges to match the fresh new look of the upgraded Forums. Updated Moderator Roles - Introducing a new member group called “Senior Fellow” Our Legacy Moderators who are not active daily in the Forums will be graduating from their roles as Moderators and moving into new, less active roles as Atari I/O Senior Fellows. This includes The Professor, DeLorean, Zontar and Museum Matt, who will all continue to have a hand in the Forums without creating an expectation that they will be active daily in the Forums. New Atari I/O Moderator Gianna We’re welcoming a new Moderator to the Atari I/O family, @Gianna who will be joining us in the Forums to help me out. She will be active in High Score Squad and will be joining us for Wednesday Night Atari Chat occasionally, and you can expect to see her posting throughout the Forums on a consistent basis. She’s a very nice person and I’m sure everybody will like her. BTB and MaximumRD Are Helping Out Too @btbfilms76 and @MaximumRD will also be more active throughout the summer in helping with the site. MaximumRD has created a new Member Blog, which you can see here, and BTB will be more active in the Forums with posting, helping out, and of course creating new episodes of Jag Bar, Lynx Lounge and 7800 Avenue. Atari I/O Moderator Team 2020-2021 Your Atari I/O Moderator team for the 2020-2021 season will be @Justin @btbfilms76 @Gianna and @MaximumRD The most important thing that could help me though is YOU. All of you, being here, making friends, having fun, posting and playing games. You guys are what make this adventure worth it! Best Wishes and stay safe everyone,
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