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  1. It's great to hear that you appreciate E.T. the Atari 2600 game @GRay Defender I love hearing that
  2. On average, how often do you play classic video games? Is it an every day thing for you, or something you have fun with on weekends? Do you spend more time in the forums and collecting than actually playing?
  3. Thinking of something special I need to find and set aside for you.
  4. @GRay Defender you're one of the only classic gamers that I follow on YouTube who is including Book Reviews in your videos. I love that you're doing that and I've enjoyed them very much.
  5. This looks like an amazing book @Greyfox! I'll spread the word about your project across our social media platforms and share the link to your Kickstarter. Nice work!
  6. Happy Easter!

    1. RickR


      Happy Easter to you too, boss. 

    2. greenween


      Happy Easter Justin.

  7. Absolutely. More like this please! 🙌
  8. @StormSurge this has turned into a VERY cool blog. I've really been enjoying reading about your life on the island, fighting fires and discovering a place I never really knew anything about. I've also enjoyed your Instagram too. Very awesome of you to share snippets of your life with us here. 👨‍🚒
  9. Justin


    I'm rooting for him! I'm thrilled this is happening while we're stilly lucky enough to have Alex Trebek as the host of Jeopardy. I hope it stays that way for another 20 years.
  10. lmao good one @Willie!!
  11. @RadioPoultry That game is brutal. It's like you have to get a perfect run, and you keep rerunning it until you get it right. I get stopped out every right there at that ship where you're at. I've been past that level but not recently. Good luck to you!
  12. I think Blazing Lazers was the first TurboGrafx-16 game I ever played too. It was the demo game they had playing in the TurboGrafx kiosk at our Toys R Us. Other shoot 'em ups came along like Soldier Blade that were graphically superior, but Blazing Lazers has always been my favorite to play on that system.
  13. Sure, continues are allowed. It resets your score to 0 though.
  14. Cool scan! I hung onto a few of those brochures, I think I still have them somewhere. Funny you posted this now, yesterday I came across an old newspaper clipping from Friday, May 12, 1995 with a Sega "Head For Saturn" advertisement. This was printed at the bottom of the TV schedule for that night.
  15. GREAT CHOICES!! I second all of those. Blazing Lazers is truly one of my favorite games of all time. Shmups are one of the Turbo's strongpoints. Yes, yes and yes! Neutopia is a favorite of mine on TurboGrafx-16. Admittedly it's a clone of Legend of Zelda, but a good clone. If you loved Zelda on NES and can set aside the clone stigma, Neutopia is a great game. Very well done imo. THANK YOU for sharing this! I love seeing TZD stuff pop up! I have some catalogs and flyers from them that I've been meaning to scan or do something with but haven't gotten around to. Seeing that brochure brought back a lot of memories of being up late summer nights flipping through there picking out games. I used to order from TZD for like 10 years, between 1994-2004. They were great. I in fact do have a time machine, I think I'll be headed back to pick up a stack of Magical Chase and Air Zonk.
  16. My hope would be if Tod could get around to finishing just one of those projects that it would be SwordQuest AirWorld. I don't get the sense that Tod really understands why some gamers disliked his Pac-Man so much and it doesn't seem like his corrections would go above and beyond what the homebrew community has already offered up. Secondly, Tod isn't the original "creator" of Pac-Man, but he is the creator of SwordQuest. SwordQuest was mostly his vision, Tod is still alive and able to complete that vision through AirWorld and I would love to see that happen. Even if it's not the best game ever made, at least that would close out the original SwordQuest series.
  17. I see Earthworm Jim made the list! I'm as excited for that as anything. That's great news that they are adding more games!
  18. Absolutely! I remember seeing those stacked up at Toys R Us when the TurboGrafx-16 was brand new. I thought it was the coolest looking arcade stick at the time. I've always wanted one for the TurboDuo. I may modify one or just use an adapter. Absolutely sexy as hell! The TurboDuo too! TurboDuo had that nice, low-slung look like the Atari 7800 and Neo-Geo. I love it. Good luck! Rooting for you to pick one up soon!
  19. What was the first thing you ever bought on eBay? For me it was an original brochure for the 1981 DeLorean DMC-12. I won the auction in the fall of 1996 and had to create an eBay account just to bid on the item. It was for sale from an older gentleman who lived in Connecticut. This was before PayPal was widely adopted, so payment instructions were to call the gentleman on the phone first, and then send a check or money order in the mail. I won the auction for $30. It seemed like such a big deal at the time. "What if it's a scam?". Sure enough the brochure arrived about a week later in the mail in minty fresh condition and I was thrilled. Then I realized I could buy hard to find Atari games there too. 23 years later here we are.
  20. That screen is super small how can anyone even see that?
  21. Great collection! Blazing Lasers is one of my favorite games of all time. Galaga '90, R-TYPE, Military Madness, Devil's Crush, Raiden, Legendary Axe, Ninja Spirit, each one of those games is reason enough alone to buy a TurboGrafx-16. Great to have another Turbo gamer here in the forums! 🙌
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