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  1. 1 hour ago, StormSurge said:

    The cylindrical building is a home, “The Round House”  It was recently sold & is quite interesting. It’s located on a wonderful spot, right on the southern shore of the island. The tornado moved ashore right at this location.


    The cylindrical building makes me think of The World of Motion at EPCOT just a bit:


  2. WOW this is an incredible post @StormSurge. I'm glad none of the houses hit were yours and that you were safe. Was anybody seriously hurt? We took a direct hit from Hurricane Irma about a year and a half ago, and it's common to see people's roofs still being worked on. Has all the damage on the island been taken care of, or do you still see people fixing up their properties?

    ▶️ This was a great post Matt, especially how you included all of these photos and embedded Tweets. I love seeing these kinds of blog posts go up, completely unrelated to video games but incredible reads that give us great insights into the lives of Members outside of the forums. What are we doing when we're not in the forums talking about old video games? In StormSurge's case, responding to fires and tornadoes. Getting to hear about each others' interests, and in this case seeing StormSurge's life on the island, these are all awesome adventures and seeing them shared in personal blogs is a real treat.

    What was the cylindrical building in the last photo? Looks like that was once a pretty cool looking building.

  3. Great review atarilbc. I've always liked racing games on Atari systems and when I first saw the Jaguar in magazines before it was released I was so excited for games like Checkered Flag and Club Drive. I thought they'd be 10x better than Virtua Racing. Ultimately they were disappointments. Super Burnout I thought was quite good for what it is. To me it almost felt like a Neo-Geo game that you'd find in an arcade, and I always thought the Jaguar would've done quite well in that arena with some impressive 2D games.

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